BCGS Editor’s Chat – Aug 26, 2013 – 7 pm at

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Join the BCGS Editor’s Chat tonight, August 26th, at 7 pm PDT.

Ask a question about the BCGS journal or website, one of our BCGS projects, or about BC genealogy, or you can comment on genealogy news or a find. During the chats, it’s easy to add links and photos for others to see.

This is a text chat right here on the main home page; no software or headphones are needed. You will be able to type your own message without registering, but if you RSVP / register ahead of time, you will be identified clearly (and you can use an avatar/image to identify yourself).


Why register for your website?

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Whether you are a British Columbia Genealogical Society member or not, you may register on our website for free. (Click the Register button on the lower left hand side of the main page).

This will let you easily add comments on the site and you will be able to update your public profile on this website – add a short bio, and/or your genealogical website info, for instance.

Registering on the BCGS website does not give you access to the Members’ Only Area. If you are a current BCGS member, and would like that access, please contact the Webmasters.

Having a problem? Contact the BCGS webmasters: