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General links for European genealogy and family history research

(see also lists for Eastern Europe and for individual countries)

Note that commercial/$ websites mentioned here usually offer some free information or services.

The European Library, searchable digital collections and catalogues of 48 national libraries in Europe, and links to other libraries and collections:

Europeana, digitized content includes text, images, video and sound:

CenEuroGenWeb, includes Belgium, Denmark, Greenland, Germany, Iceland, Latvia, Liechenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland:

MediterraneanGenWeb, includes Andorra, Azores, Cyprus, France, Gibraltar,
Greece, Italy, Madeira, Malta, Monaco, Portugal, San Marino, Spain, Holy See
(Vatican City):

Gazetteers, burial registry, many other databases, JewishGen:

Articles and links for research in these countries, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland.  ProGenealogists:

Historical maps of Europe, Perry-Castañeda Library, University of Texas at Austin:

Historical Maps of Europe, ReiseNett AS (TravelWeb AS, Oslo):

The Map as History, includes Europe 1815-1914, 1918-1942, 1945 on. Animated maps of the world, some free, most by subscription:

Euratlas, historical maps of Europe, some free, by Christos Nussli:

Curated links to maps, ebooks, etc. Subscription, Genealogical Research Library:

Toporopa, a fun free site with quizzes about European geography and more, by Sonja Snoek:

Displaced Persons’ (DP) Camps (mostly Europe):

Remembrance Day, 2012

War Memorial, Victoria, BC. Postcard.War Memorial, Victoria, British Columbia, Parliament grounds. Postcard; private collection.

Patriotic World War I Postcard, illustrating Allies' flags. Private collection.Patriotic World War I Postcard, illustrating Allies’ flags. Private collection.

For information, including locations and photographs, on British Columbia War Memorials, search the Canadian National Defense Department’s War Memorials database.

The British Columbia War Memorial‘s website has photographs and transcriptions of names from many of BC’s war memorials.

Private Researchers


A number of British Columbia Genealogical Society members will undertake research for a fee, on terms and conditions to be individually arranged. Please note that any arrangements you make with them are entirely your responsibility and the BCGS. does not in any way warrant the quality or correctness of their work.

 Alice Marwood

211 – 14981 – 101A Avenue
Surrey, B C
V3R 0T1

Phone: 604.582.1548


British Columbia Sources, Indians, Ship’s Lists


David Jackson

306-225 E. 13th Street
North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 2L6


Research in Greater Vancouver area.


Betty Allen


Research in Langley and Chilliwack area.


J. Amy Newman

PO Box 54604,
7155 Kingsway,
Burnaby, BC Canada V5E 4J6

Phone: 604.521.3463 (604.521.FIND)

fax: 604.521.3460

toll free: 1.877.521.3463 for callers outside the Vancouver area


Research in Vancouver area; professional heir-tracer. Locate heirs all over North America.


Barbara Jones

2929 West 6th Avenue,
Vancouver, BC V6K 1X4

604. 731.4975


15 Years experience in Genealogy; Researching for probate and family

History in BC, Great Britain.


Celia A. Lewis

2075 W. 48th Avenue,
Vancouver BC V6M 2P4

Phone: 604.996.7335


Research interests: England, Scotland

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