DNA News Update – 23andMe ordered to stop marketing?

Please note the updates to this article below. Revised 12 December, 2013 and 26 November 2013.

DNA news today, 12 December 2013 -. Roberta Estes is now “sounding the alarm”. In her latest article, 23andMe Pulls Affiliate Marketing Program, she is saying that those of us who are 23andMe customers should be copying our “health results, downloading files and contacting your matches to be sure they have your e-mail”. I certainly hope that 23andMe will come out a stronger company – I can’t imagine the genetic genealogy world without them – but save your data.

DNA news today, 25 November 2013 – the United States of America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered 23andMe to stop marketing their Personal Genome Service “until such time as it receives FDA marketing authorization for the device”.  For more about this, see Roberta Estes post at DNAeXplained which includes a copy of the FDA letter from which the above quote is taken. Note that 23andMe has been ordered only to stop marketing. 23andMe recently launched a television advertising series which emphasizes only the medical related aspects of their testing. Perhaps this put a spotlight on the apparently protraced discussions between 23andMe and the FDA?

I recently had a conversation with another BCGS member about a genetic family medical story which we thought would make a good topic for a DNA group meeting. I know there are other members who are interested in genetic family health history, so watch for a meeting notice early in the new year.

Update – 26 November 2013

Roberta Estes has a new article, “Now What? – 23andMe and the FDA” at her DNAeXplained blog with views and advice too about downloading and printing genealogy and health reports – a wise move in any case, I think, and about ensuring contact with those new found, previously long lost cousins.

DNA Group Update – Nov. 2013

Genetic genealogy is an ever changing field. Yesterday’s news from the Family Tree DNA conference is an example of that, but interesting articles and updates to DNA genealogy testing services (and prices) appear regularly.

A few of the more recent articles and links –

First, the biggest news from FamilyTree DNA‘s conference this weekend is the new Y-DNA test available – the ‘Big Y DNA’ test – a full Y sequence test, replacing ‘Walk Through the Y’ testing. This will begin at $695, but previous customers are being offered a reduced price through November. Have a look at Debbie Kennett’s compilation of news about this which was posted yesterday and has links to other articles, and check the FamilyTreeDNA website which should make details public soon. ( If you are a male FamilyTreeDNA customer already, sign in and you may see more now.) If you are on Facebook, check out FamilyTree DNA’s Facebook page.

And, in case anyone thinks DNA testing for genealogy is brand new, FamilyTree DNA announced 10 year DNA Pioneer awards at the conference. More on that at Roberta Estes blog, DNAeXplained. Roberta is one of those Pioneers: http://dna-explained.com/2013/11/10/10-year-pioneers-recognized-by-family-tree-dna/

For anyone wanting to know more about autosomal DNA testing, here are links to a series of 2 recent archived podcasts with CeCe Moore and Shannon Christmas.These are archived from the ‘Research at the National Archives & Beyond’show with Bernice Bennett on BlogTalkRadio.

For those following  the identification of Richard III in England, there is an article in the most recent issue of the Society of Genealogists’ journal, Genealogists’ Magazine,  “Medieval DNA In Action: Richard III And The Family of Anne Spooner” by John Ashdown-Hill. Since there is a Canadian connection, this will be of interest to many here. Read this journal at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library [942 GM V31 #3 Sep/13, pages 91-97].

The UK Personal Genome Project  is underway.  Read more about this project and its implications in this BBC article, “Massive DNA volunteer hunt begins” by James Gallagher, posted 6 November, 2013: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-24834375

Hoping to find your Irish ancestors and family connections with DNA? See the on-line articles and videos from last month’s Genetic Genealogy Ireland conference in Dublin.

The National Geographic’s Genographic Project has dropped the price for its ancient DNA Geno 2.0 testing for a limited time to $159.95: https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/

DNA News Update posted by M. Diane Rogers, British Columbia Genealogical Society DNA Group facilitator. Comments and news on genetic genealogy and DNA happenings are  welcome here. Watch for information soon on upcoming BCGS DNA Group meetings for 2014.

DNA Research – Genographic Project Chat – Sept. 13, 2013

Watch a live chat about the National Geographic Project with Dr. Spencer Wells here, Friday, 13 Sept. 2013 – 9 am in most of BC – 9 am PDT.

National Geographic is offering anyone interested in ancient genetics a chance to ask questions directly to The Genographic Project and its leader, Dr. Spencer Wells, in a live Twitter chat on September 13 at 12pm ET.

Dr. Wells will be tweeting from his own twitter handle @spwells and participants may ask questions using the hashtag #NatGeoLive

For those not on Twitter, BCGS will show the chat feed here at BCGS.ca on the right side of the BCGS home page.  For more information about the chat and the National Genographic, see the National Geographic website.

DNA Group News – August 2013

Roberta Estes has written a 4 part DNA series for the National Genealogical Society, “DNA Testing For Genealogy 101 – What Can It Do For You?”. She’s now added links to each of her articles at her blog, DNAeXplained – Genetic Genealogy, along with a list of the topics covered – from the basics for Y-DNA and mitochondrial and autosomal DNA testing to looking at results.

And for those interested in the United Kingdom’s newest royal, “Y-DNA of the British Monarchy”,  is a new article in the free on-line genetic genealogy journal, Surname DNA Journal.