DNA Group Meeting Notes – Nov 24, 2012

A good meeting yesterday! Thanks everyone for attending. Here are the promised links and notes on a few things we covered.

Follow this link for a copy of the BCGS – Genetic Genealogy Handout (from April 2012).  This link is also posted on the BCGS Education Handouts page. One thing has changed – the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation sold its databases and testing company to Ancestry.com. For information about Sorenson (especially important if you contributed DNA to the Sorenson databases), see this previous DNA Group News article. And Ancestry.com is now offering new DNA genealogy testing, but not yet in Canada.

The DNA testing companies we talked about included:

FamilyTree DNA – tests on sale till 31 December 2012: http://www.familytreedna.com

23andMe – for health and genealogy DNA testing: https://www.23andme.com

National Geographic – new Gene 2.0 testing for deep ancestry:  https://genographic.nationalgeographic.com/

The ‘Smith and Jones’ article I recommended reading is at Roberta Estes’ blog, DNAeXplained.

and Genome BC  has a good Education section which may be of interest: http://www.genomebc.ca/education/education-overview/

For those interested particularly in British Isles and Ireland DNA research, here are some links to projects and sites discussed.

The new book, Britain Begins by Barry Cunliffe (October 2012) is worth a read. Here is one review by Francis Pryor at In the Long Run.

People of the British Isles Project: http://www.peopleofthebritishisles.org

Irish DNA Atlas Project: http://www.familyhistory.ie/index.php/en/component/content/category/90-irish-dna-atlas-project

Scotland’s DNA, University of Edinburgh: http://www.orcades.ed.ac.uk/news.html

And Tyrone Bowes’s 3 websites:  English Origenes: http://www.englishorigenes.com , Scottish Origenes: http://www.scottishorigenes.com and Irish Origenes: http://www.irishorigenes.com

And lastly, here is a website link to Anna Hepburn, the actor who recently performed her play ‘Mary Queen of Scots: The Last Letter’ for Simon Fraser University’s Scottish Studies Department: http://www.annahepburn.com  (A great performance – if you’re interested in Scottish history, and you get a chance to see this play, do go – even if you’re not sure you’re related.)

M. Diane Rogers, BCGS DNA Group Facilitator

BCGS DNA Group Meeting, Nov 24, 2012, Surrey BC

There will be a BCGS DNA group meeting at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library, 1 pm, Saturday, Nov 24th, 2012.

Bring your DNA successes and your questions. Refreshments. The BCGS Walter Draycott Library is at Unit 211, 12837 – 76th Avenue, Surrey, BC. For a map and other information, please follow the Library link above.

Contact M. Diane Rogers for more information.


News on a change to Ancestry.com’s DNA testing services

For those hoping to benefit in the future from Ancestry.com’s family tree databases and new DNA testing and ‘member matching’, be sure to read this news from Ancestry today. In 2013, Ancestry will be giving customers access to their raw testing data – as most in the genealogy DNA community have been asking for.


Watch for news of a BCGS DNA group meeting soon. Comparing DNA genealogy tests and services from different companies is important.

BCGS DNA Group News

Since its beginnings in 1999, many BC Genealogical Society members have participated in the pioneering Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF) DNA testing programmes.  SMGF founder James LeVoy Sorenson died in 2008, and earlier this year SMGF’s databases and the associated testing company GeneTree were acquired by Ancestry.com.

SMGF has said that updates to the SMGF on-line DNA and pedigree databases are being discontinued as of this month, July 2012. In the DNA-genealogy community, it’s being recommended that anyone with data in those SMGF and Genetree databases should download their own results and reports now. The GeneTree.com website will only be accessible till 1 January 2013, although apparently the SMGF website will continue.

“Status of the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, SMGF, genetic genealogy DNA Databases and GeneTree” by Steven Perkins, On-line Journal of Genetics and Genealogy, 2 June 2012.

“Latest News from Sorenson Genealogy Foundation and GeneTree” Your Genetic Genealogist, 11 July 2012.

Ancestry.com’s announcement about the DNA database purchase, May 2012.

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