BCGS E-newsletter Nov. 2013 – available now

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The BCGS E-newsletter, The Offspring, for November 2013, is available now to read and download free from the BCGS website. (.pdf format)

This issue includes information on a wide range of genealogical topics, including World War I Centenary events and projects scheduled for 2014.

Victory Square, Vancouver, BC, 19411941 recruiting station at Victory Square in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

City of Vancouver Archives photograph, AM54-S4-: Mil P265.

BCGS Editor’s Chat – Aug 19, 2013 – 7 pm at

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Join the BCGS Editor’s Chat this Monday night, August 19th, at 7 pm PDT.  **Note that the August chat time has been changed.** There will not be a chat August 26th, as the Editor is taking some family time for a happy occasion.

Ask a question about the BCGS journal or website, one of our BCGS projects, or about BC genealogy, or you can comment on genealogy news or a find. During the chats, it’s easy to add links and photos for others to see.

This is a text chat right on the main home page; no software or headphones are needed. You will be able to type your own message without registering, but if you RSVP / register ahead of time, you will be identified clearly (and you can use an avatar/image to identify yourself).


The BCGS Offspring E-newsletter is back

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The BCGS quarterly e-newsletter, The Offspring, is back. Look for the latest issue on the BCGS Publication Archives page.

The BCGS Offspring Vol 4 No 1 Spring 2013

Thank you to Rob Whitlock for his assistance with the new Offspring.

We hope that members and others will send in their research tips, short stories or news for future issues. Please contact the BCGS Editor: or by mail, c/o the Society’s address below.

Book Reviews, New Books

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The latest book reviews published in The British Columbia Genealogist, December 2011, Volume 40 #4 were very favourable. The books reviewed were:

Erin’s Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada to 1863 by Terrence M. Punch (Genealogical Publishing Company, 2010).
“A useful index that will lead you to these new sources.”

A Canadian Heraldic Primer
by Kevin Greaves, illustrated by Bruce Patterson and Gordon Macpherson (Heraldry Society of Canada, 2000).
“A serious and complicated topic is written about in an entertaining manner…”

Both these books will be available at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library very soon.

The British Columbia Genealogist often features a column with the BCGS Editor’s picks from recent books on British Columbia and Canadian history and genealogy.

In the December 2011 issue, the British Columbia books mentioned were:

The Chuck Davis History of Metropolitan Vancouver by Chuck Davis (Harbour Publishing, 2011).

Lillian Alling: the journey home by Susan Smith-Josephy (Caitlin Press, 2011).

The Third Crop: A personal and historical journey into the photo albums and shoeboxes of the Slocan Valley 1880s to early 1940s by Rita Moir (SonNis Press, 2011).

Undesirables: White Canada and the Komagata Maru: An Illustrated History by Ali Kazimi (Douglas & McIntyre, 2011).


Extensions, a novel by Myrna Day set on Vancouver Island, BC (NeWest Press, 2011)

Victorian Pharmacy: Rediscovering Forgotten Remedies and Recipes by Jane Eastoe (Anova Books-Pavilion imprint, 2010).

More information

For the full reviews and more about the BC books, see the December 2011 issue of The British Columbia Genealogist. To submit a book for review, please contact the BCGS Book Review Co-ordinator.

BC Pioneer Register – index update 2005-2011

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BC Pioneer Register Index 2005-2011

The index below includes names mentioned in the BC Pioneer submissions published in the British Columbia Genealogist from 2005 to 2011. These can be seen either at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library in Surrey, BC, or by contacting the BCGS BC Research Committee.

The BC Pioneer Register submissions up to 2004 are indexed in the BCGS publication, Pioneer Register. This is available at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library or a copy can be purchased through the BCGS Publication Committee.

For more information about the BC Pioneer Register project, please see the main BC Pioneer page.

Sept 20051890sVancouver, Sumas Mountain, Straiton Straiton, Thomas BellMay, Mary Ellen / Durbeck, Hilda2628
Sept 20051895Vancouver, Sumas Mountain, Straiton May, Mary Ellen "Nell"Straiton, Thomas Bell2628
Sept 20051890sVancouver Wadds. George2628
Sept 2005By 1892McNyter, C.Z. D.2628
Sept 2005StraitonStraiton, Douglas2628
Sept 2005StraitonStraiton, Arthur2628
Sept 20051891Vancouver MacDonald, William SeamanLogan, Katherine Steel "Kate"2490
Sept 2005By 1893Vancouver Logan, Katherine Steel "Kate"MacDonald, William Seaman2490
Sept 20051891Vancouver MacDonald, AngusThompson, Margaret Isabell "Belle"2490
Sept 20051891Vancouver Thompson, Margaret Isabell "Belle"MacDonald, Angus2490
Dec 20051862VictoriaHolmes, Helen Vandeleur1442
Dec 20051850sVictoria, Fort Langley, Fort KamloopsSimpson, George Stuart1442
Dec 20051853VictoriaLeigh, William1442
Dec 20051815Fort St. James, Fort Langley, VictoriaYale, James Murray1442
Dec 20051871New WestminsterOvens, ThomasRowe, Ruth Suannah1470
Dec 2005c. 1858Salt Spring IslandRobinson, Henry W. Nolan, Margaret / Anderson, Narcissa Jane1635
Dec 2005c. 1858Salt Spring IslandNolan, MargaretRobinson, Henry W. 1635
Dec 2005Salt Spring IslandAnderson, Narcissa JaneRobinson, Henry W. 1635
Dec 2005Antisell, Evans PermerDagan, Gladys Evelyn "Nadine"1635
Dec 20051896Victoria, Mount Lehman, VancouverDagan, Gladys Evelyn "Nadine"DayanAntisell, Evans Permer / Thomson, Wilford Ernest1635
Dec 2005By 1881Victoria, Salt Spring Island, Dayan, David Horace RobertDaganRobinson, Margaret1635
Dec 2005Salt Spring IslandRobinson, MargaretDayan, David Horace Robert1635
Dec 2005By 1867Salt Spring IslandNorton, JohnLouisa / Robinson, Annie1635
Dec 2005By 1867Salt Spring IslandLouisa Norton, John1635
Dec 2005Salt Spring IslandRobinson, AnnieNorton, John1635
Dec 2005By 1871Salt Spring IslandBittancourt, Estaino JosephRobinson, Mary1635
Dec 20051858Salt Spring IslandRobinson, MaryBittancourt, Estaino Joseph1635
Dec 2005Mount Lehman, VictoriaThomson, Albert OtisHogg, Marguerite Daisy1635
Dec 2005Hogg, Marguerite DaisyThomson, Albert Otis1635
Dec 2005Mount LehmanThomson, Arthur R.1635
Dec 2005Mission, Mount Lehman,KamloopsThomson, Mildred ElizabethHaywood-Farmer, Stewart Frank1635
Dec 2005Mount LehmanThomson, Thomas EdgarHogg, Rose1635
Mar 20061878VictoriaKettle, William HenryPerrin, Eliza Martha "Liza"3596
Mar 2006VictoriaPerrin, Eliza Martha "Liza"Kettle, William Henry3596
Mar 2006Vancouver Mahon, EdwardRebbeca Caroline Julia "Lilette"3606
Mar 2006Vancouver Rebbeca Caroline Julia "Lilette"Mahon, Edward3606
Mar 2006Vancouver, ChilliwackDempster, William ArnoldRounsefell, Mary Chipman3606
Mar 2006Vancouver, Chilliwack, ClayburnRounsefell, Mary ChipmanDempster, William Arnold3606
Mar 20061893Vancouver, VictoriaRebbeck, James KnightD'Abbadie, Emily Caroline Elizabeth3606
Mar 2006Vancouver, VictoriaD'Abbadie, Emily Caroline ElizabethRebbeck, James Knight3606
Jun 20061886New Westminster, Coquitlam, Harrison MillsKilby, ThomasFinlay, Eliza Anne3460
Jun 20061888New Westminster, Coquitlam, Harrison MillsFinlay, Eliza AnneTompkins / Kilby, Thomas3460
Jun 20061890sNew Westminster, South Cariboo, Harrison MillsKilby, ActonBarton, Jessie Isabella3460
Jun 20061896Clinton, Vancouver, Merritt, BurnabyBarton, Jessie IsabellaKilby, Acton3460
Jun 20061890Clinton, Vancouver Cunningham, Margaret Beaton Barton, Tom 3460
Jun 20061872Polly's Lake, VancouverBarton, Tom Cunningham, Margaret Beaton 3460
Jun 20061880CaribooCunningham, John3460
Dec 20061871Cariboo, Vancouver, Ladysmith, Comox ValleyPritchard, James Archibald "Archie"Cameron, Margaret 'Maggie"3371
Dec 20061880sComox ValleyCameron, Margaret 'Maggie'Pritchard, James Archibald "Archie"3371
Jun 2008South VancouverPederson, Jens PeterLauritsdatter, Lauritsen, Margrethe
Jun 2008South VancouverLauritsdatter, Lauritsen, MargrethePederson, Jens Peter
Jun 20081894-1897MidwayJohnston, EdwardWallace, Catherine4913
Jun 20081894-1897MidwayWallace, CatherineJohnston, Edward4913
Mar 20101888Vancouver Robertson, HarvieTaylor, Hattie4474
Mar 20101888Vancouver Taylor, HattieRobertson, Harvie4474
Sept 20101853Fort Victoria, Esquimalt, Saanich, SaanichtonSimpson, HenryButton, Adelaide5181
Sept 20101853Fort Victoria, Esquimalt, Saanich, SaanichtonButton, AdelaideSimpson, Henry5181