Looking for Help with Genealogy in the Classroom?

Are you a teacher? Thinking about September already? And about adding some genealogy and family history to your classes?

The March 2012 issue of the NGS Magazine (National Genealogical Society- USA) has a nice article about the Victoria (BC, Canada) Genealogical Society’s “Genealogy in the Classroom” feature on the VGS website: www.victoriags.org 

Read this at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library. (Call # 929 NGSN V38#1 Jan/Mar. 2012)

Activities for students, forms and Teachers’ Notes and lesson guides are all included -along with games and videos. These resources will be good for home schoolers and for those genealogists and family historians wanting to encourage younger genealogists in the family too.

For the VGS webpages and for other activities, family tree charts, etc. meant for the young, check out the links in the BCGS ‘Genealogy for Children and Teens’ section.

Can I search for my ancestors on your Database for free?

I found your site today, and am curious as to whether I can search for my ancestors on your database without becoming a member. If I cannot, can you refer me to a similar organization which is free. I have many distant relatives in your area, and I do not live in your immediate area. My ancestors came from England, and settled in the US and Canada. Thank you for your time. Continue reading