Can I search for my ancestors on your Database for free?

I found your site today, and am curious as to whether I can search for my ancestors on your database without becoming a member. If I cannot, can you refer me to a similar organization which is free. I have many distant relatives in your area, and I do not live in your immediate area. My ancestors came from England, and settled in the US and Canada. Thank you for your time. Continue reading

Where can I park my car at the BCGS Library & Resource Centre?

The BCGS has three parking stalls in front of the Unit, and one numbered stall (#211) near the 76th Ave. main entrance to the complex. Otherwise, parking is on the shoulders of either 76th Ave. or 128th Street subject to any municipal restrictions.

The roadway on the North side of our unit is a fire lane and cars parked there or in front of other units in the complex are subject to tow-away.