Robert D. Watt to speak on Heraldry, October 12, 2011

Robert D. Watt, first Chief Herald of Canada will be speaking on heraldry at the BCGS General Meeting, 12 October 2011 7:30 pm. Free; Edmonds Community Centre, Burnaby, BC.


Coat of Arms of CanadaCoat of Arms of Canada, courtesy of sczon of Vancouver, BC.

Heraldry is one of the most beautiful of our inheritances from Europe. It has been strongly linked with genealogy and the history of families for more than 800 years. But it is not well understood or widely understood by family historians, many of whom, feel that their surname must link them with a “family crest”.

Robert Watt, who was appointed as the first Chief Herald of Canada when the Canadian Heraldic Authority was created in the Office of the Governor General on 4 June 1988, headed the development of the Canadian heraldic system for the next 19 years until he retired on 26 June 2007. He will speak about how heraldry began, what it was like originally, what it has evolved into today, how it is regulated in Canada, how to find out if you are actually entitled to a lawful coat of arms and how you can start your own heraldic tradition and provide a unique visual symbol to celebrate the culmination of years of careful genealogical research.

His talk will be illustrated and he will provide a brief bibliography and information on where to find top quality heraldic information on the internet. As well, he will provide information of membership and publications of the Royal heraldry Society of Canada, which has an active B C Yukon Branch.

Robert D. Watt, LVO, AIH, FRHSC, FHS, Hon. Fellow Heraldry
Society of England

Rideau Herald Emeritus, Citizenship Judge

Robert Watt was born in Picton, Ontario in 1945. He served as first Chief Herald of Canada from 1988 to 2007. Previously he was City Archivist in Vancouver, and then Curator of History and Director of the Vancouver Museum. He was appointed a Lieutenant in the Royal Victorian Order in 2008 and is an Académicien of l”Académie international d’héraldique, a Fellow of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada and the Heraldry Society of Scotland and an Honorary Fellow of the Heraldry society of England. He is married to Alison J. ( Logan) Watt, former Secretary to the Board of Governors and the Senate of Simon Fraser University. They have two children; Michael A. L. Watt and Catherine N.L. Connell.

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