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Korean Genealogy and Family History Links

Korean Genealogy, guide, tutorials, discussion. Jason Howard: http://koreangenealogy.org

FamilySearch Wiki, South Korea: https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/South_Korea and North Korea: https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/North_Korea>/a>

FamilySearch collections currently including, Korea, Collection of Genealogies, 1500-2012: https://familysearch.org/search/collection/1398522 and FHL Korean Book List: https://familysearch.org/learn/wiki/en/FHL_Korean_Book_List

Korean Genealogical Table, on-going collection of genealogical information and records, Jon’gyeong’gak, the Academy of East Asian Studies in Sung’kyun’kwan University: http://jokbo.skku.edu/ENG/intro/introduction.jsp>/a>

Mark Peterson, various videos, Summer School, On Korean Genealogy Books, On the Structure of Korean Genealogy, YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=korean+genealogy+mark+peterson

Minchung Sinmun (Minjoong Shinmoon), published in Toronto from 1979 to 1993. Multicultural Canada: http://www.multiculturalcanada.ca/

Korean Settlement in Canada, Edmonton Korean Community Centre Foundation: http://ekccf.ca/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=77&Itemid=88

TORONTO WAS AWESOME: Korea Town and the History of Koreans in Toronto, Toronto Is Awesome. August 20, 2013 by Joel Levy: http://www.torontoisawesome.com/the-city/history-the-city/toronto-was-awesome-korea-town-and-the-history-of-koreans-in-toronto>

Korean Town Hosts Heritage Walk, Swept, 26 May 2013: http://sweptmedia.ca/2013/05/26/korea-town-hosts-heritage-walk/



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