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Worldwide Naming Pattern and Practices


A Guide to Names and Naming Practices [International], posted on the Financial and Banking Information Infrastructure Committee (FBIIC) website (.pdf file):

Law Enforcement Guide to International Names, Regional Organized Crime Information Center, United States, 2010:

Various Country and Ethnic Naming Customs by Gary T. Horlacher (Info for Africa – Ghana, Nigeria; Brazil; German – Schleswig, Ostfriesland, Westfalen; Jews; Latin America (Hispanic); Scandinavia – Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden), – article now available at the Internet Archive:

Chinese and Other Asian Naming Systems (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnam, Cambodia, George J. Leonard:

Geographic or Country Specific

Period Arabic Names and Naming Practices by Da’ud ibn Auda (David B. Appleton), 2003 (an update to an older article):

England – Onomastics Family Naming Patterns, Tom Doherty:

England – Cornwall, Family Naming Patterns, Cornwall Online Parish Clerk:

German Naming Customs, Riepe Roots:

Traditional Irish naming patterns by Eneclann expert, Fiona Fitzsimons, Blog:

Mexico – Description of Naming System, University of Florida and Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan, 1999:

Norwegian Naming Patterns, Johan I. Borgos: ( See also link to Farm Names)

Portuguese Naming Traditions and How They Affect Us, Cordeiros Genealogy:

Scottish Forename Variants and patterns, Scotland’s People:

Englishised names? Naming patterns amongst ethnic-Chinese Singaporeans by Peter K W Tan:

Swedish Names and Naming Practices, SweGGate:

United States – 18th Century PA German Naming Customs, Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.:

Urhobo Names and Their Meanings by Aruegodore Oyiborhoro, ED.D., F.A.A.A., Urhobo Historical Society, Nigeria, Urhobo Waado :

Welsh Patronymics,


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