BCGS Film-Fiche Catalogue

The newest films at the BCGS are from the British Library’s Haldimand Papers. These are from the Vancouver Branch, United Empire Loyalist’s Association of Canada’s collection, recently donated to the BCGS Walter Draycott Library.

The film-fiche collection includes some British Columbia newspapers, Canadian census, Ontario marriages, British cemetery recordings, birth and marriage indexes and much more. The Library has film-fiche readers and a scanner for members and visitors to use. For more information about researching at the BCGS Library, please follow this link.

BCGS Film-Fiche Catalogue

1 AUSTRALIA Death Index 1873 - 1894 Fiche
2 AUSTRALIA Marriage Index Brides 1884-1893 Fiche
3 AUSTRALIA Marriage Index Bridgrooms 1884-1893 Fiche
4 AUSTRALIA QUEENSLAND BRISBANE Death Index Brisbane 1874-1894 Fiche
5 AUSTRALIA QUEENSLAND Death Index Queensland 1895-1899 Fiche
6 AUSTRALIA QUEENSLAND Death Index Queensland 1897-1899 Fiche
7 AUSTRALIA QUEENSLAND BRISBANE Marriage Index Brisbane 1856-1873 Fiche
8 AUSTRALIA QUEENSLAND BRISBANE Marriage Index Brisbane 1874-1885 Fiche
9 AUSTRALIA QUEENSLAND BRISBANE Marriage Index Brisbane 1886-1893 Fiche
10 AUSTRALIA QUEENSLAND Marriage Index Queensland 1894-1897 Fiche

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