2017 BCGS Seminar – Resounding Success

The ‘word on the street’ is that our 2017 Seminar was a success. Many thanks to our speakers – Dave Obee, Susanne Sulzberger, Claire Smith-Burns, Mary Read, and Xenia Stanford.

Many thanks to the participants for attending, and for the Seminar Team for all their assistance. Special thanks to our Ticket Seller, Susan Snalam!

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Education Coordinator for the BCGS, as well as the Irish Group Facilitator. Been a member of the BCGS since 1973. Some surnames: Hamalock (Manitoba/Ukraine); Williams (Kilkenny, Ireland & Pembrokeshire, Wales; Robinson (Antrim, Ireland); Room (Liverpool, Lancashire, England); McQueen (Lanarkshire, Scotland); Brown (Airdrie, Lanarkshire, Scotland) - Volunteer with the Sea Island Heritage Society, Richmond, BC, Canada

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