Salt Lake City – Annual BCGS Research Trips

Annual Salt Lake City Utah, Fall Research Trips

Annually the BCGS sponsors field trips to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Usually there are two groups scheduled for October-November.

For this year’s research trip details, contact the organizers by e-mail:

Members share their research experiences and expertise while away, and often later report on their research finds in the BCGS journal and at meetings.

Waiting for the Trax, Salt Lake City, Utah, BCGS Research Trip, 2009Waiting for the Trax, Salt Lake City, Utah, BCGS Reseach Trip, 2009.

See BCGS members’ recommended Utah Links for information on researching at the Family History Library in Salt Lke City and for researching family in Utah.

BCGS researchers – originally called the Salt Lake City Trippers – have been visiting Salt Lake City, Utah, USA to since 1975. That year the group of 8 took the bus – at $58 return – and their hotel rooms were then only $10-15 a night.

This slide show shows photos from the second “organized” BCGS Salt Lake City trip in 1980. By then, the group flew – the bus just took too long leaving people only 2 days to spend in the Family History Library.

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