Recent Book Reviews – “The British Columbia Genealogist”

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This page lists recent reviews of books and other genealogical and family history related publications published in The British Columbia Genealogist. Included for each is a snippet from each review and links to the publisher or author. For the full reviews, see the appropriate issue of the journal, or contact the BCGS Editor.

2012 Book Reviews -The  British Columbia Genealogist

Raincoast Chronicles Fourth Five - book coverRaincoast Chronicles Fourth Five: Stories and History of the BC Coast, Howard White, Editor (Madeira Park, BC: Harbour Publishing, 2012. First published 2005).

“Those not familiar with Raincoast Chronicles (such as myself) will certainly be impressed by the breadth and variety of this beautiful paperback edition….”

Reviewed June 2012, full review, page 69

The Complete Beginner's Guide to Genealogy, the Internet, and Your Genealogy Computer Program - book cover.The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Genealogy, the Internet, and Your Genealogy Computer Program by Karen Clifford, A.G (Baltimore, USA: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2011, updated edition. First published in 2001.).

“Primarily written for Americans, Karen Clifford’s book is a textbook to help beginners to genealogical research gain an understanding of the specific vocabulary of the genealogist, and to learn the methodology of sound research.”

Reviewed March 2012, full review, page 27.

2011 Book Reviews, The British Columbia Genealogist

Erin's Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada to 1863, Volume IV - book cover.Erin’s Sons: Irish Arrivals in Atlantic Canada,Volume IV by Terrence M. Punch, FRSAI (Baltimore, USA: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2010).

“As in the earlier books in this series, the lists of names are extracted from many sources which we on the West Coast may not be aware of. A useful index that will lead you to these new sources.”

Reviewed December 2011, full review, page 164.


A Canadian Heraldic Primer - book cover.A Canadian Heraldic Primer by Kevin Greaves, illustrated by Bruce Patterson and Gordon Macpherson (Ottawa: Heraldry Society of Canada, 2000).

“Anyone wishing to design a Coat of Arms would do well to read this book before embarking on this most exacting of tasks, and keep it on hand during the process.”

Reviewed December 2011, full review, page 164.



Westmorland Hearth Tax, edited by Colin Phillips, Catherine Ferguson and Andrew Wareham (British Record Society and Cumberland and Westmorland Antiquarian and Archaeological Society, 2009).

“In the past, access to these [Westmorland Hearth Tax records] has been restricted to copies of the originals and the odd transcription. This volume provides an excellent introduction to the tax and has tables, maps and the lists.”

Reviewed June 2011, full review, page 78.

Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations 1650-1775 by David Dobson, Second Edition (Baltimore, USA: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2010).

“Finding an ancestor’s listing in the approximately 3,800 names in this book would be a genuine boon to family research leading one back to a specific area of Scotland or a starting point in North America.”

Reviewed June 2011, full review, page 78-79.

Genealogy At A Glance: Scottish Genealogy Research by David Dobson (Baltimore, USA: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2011).

“This useful guide, a folded, 4-page laminated sheet, starts from the perspective of a descendant of an emigrant Scot and their first question: when, why and to where did they emigrate?”

Reviewed March 2011, full review, page 29 .

Genealogy and the Law in Canada by Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson (Toronto: Dundurn Press, 2010).

“All in all, this is a very informative book for professional and amateur genealogists researching Canadian families.”

Reviewed March 2011, full review, page 30.

2010 Book Reviws,The British Columbia Genealogist

National Burial Index for England and Wales, 3rd Edition (Rochdale, UK: Federation of Family History Societies, 2010).

“This is an extremely useful resource for researchers but is should be remembered that the index is an abbreviated finding-aid which leads researchers to an original source which should then be checked….Included with the index is mapping software that interacts with the data and displays parishes covered by the burial index.”

Reviewed September 2010, full review, pages 126-127.

Genealogical Standards of Evidence: A Guide for Family Historians by Brenda Dougall Merriman (Toronto: Dundurn Press, 2010).

“This book should whet your appetite to find out more on the topic. The quality of your research will improve.”

Reviewed September 2010, full review, page 127.

Conserving, Preserving, and Restoring Your Heritage: A Professional’s Advice by Kennis Kim (Toronto; Dundurn Press, 2010).

“This is an excellent book, clearly written, easy to read and certainly one that I will put on my bookshelf and frequently take down to consult. It was truly exciting to read a book by someone who knows her vast topic so thoroughly, and conveys the information so well.”

Reviewed June 2010, full review, page 79.

Parish Registers – A History and A Guide by Stuart A. Raymond (Bury, Lancashire, England: The Family History Partnership, 2009).

“The aim of this book is not only to outline [English and Welsh parish register] history, where they can be found, and how to use them, but also what pitfalls to look out for.”

Reviewed March 2010, full review, page 36.

The Rise of Jewish Life and Religion in British Columbia, 1858-1948 by Cyril E. Leonoff, Volume XXVIII, The Scribe (Vancouver: Journal of the Jewish Historical Society of BC, 2008).

“…a comprehensive exploration of the history of the Jewish community in BC. Many well- known (and less well known) colourful figures of BC lore are described in detail…”

Reviewed March 2010, full review, page 36.

Quicksheet: Citing Databases & Images by Elizabeth Shown Mills (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2009).

“Convenient for desktop use at home or in the library, this new Quicksheet….demonstrates how to note common sources…arranged in the standard format.”

Reviewed March 2010, full review, page 37.

Jewish Ancestors? A Guide to Reading Hebrew Inscriptions and Documents by Rosemary Wenzerul (London, England: Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain, 2005).

“A very practical book, well organized and illustrated with sketches and photographs.”

Reviewed March 2010, full review, page 37.

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