Most Improved Genealogists

Since 2004, the BCGS has held an annual Most Improved Genealogist Contest. Many of the entries have then been published in the Society’s journal, The British Columbia Genealogist.

The Winners of the BCGS Most Improved Genealogist for 2017 – are Linda Drake and Jack McGee! Watch for their stories in the March 2018 issue of The British Columbia Genealogist.

Linda Drake and Jack McGee, BCGS Most Improved Genealogists for 2017. Photographs courtesy M. Diane Rogers, taken at the December 2017 BCGS Meeting in Burnaby.



1ST PLACE – Chris Hay

His submission titled, “Family History Revealed After 240 Years” is about his uncovering of the story of his Loyalist ancestor, Major Richard Witham Stockton, Chris’s fifth great grandfather.

2ND PLACE – Marianne Coté-Malley

3rd PLACE – Marnie Thomson

The winners’ submissions were published in the March, 2017 issue of The British Columbia Genealogist.


1ST PLACE – Barbara Nielsen

2ND PLACE – Colin Clark

3rd PLACE – Judith Ueland

4TH PLACE – Sharon Clayton

The winners’ submissions are to be published in the March, 2016 issue of The British Columbia Genealogist.


BCGS Most Improved Genealogists for 2015: Shown – Sharon Clayton, Judith Ueland and Colin Clark.

BCGS Membership and Journal Volunteers. Photographers: Judith Ueland and Erika Williams.


How to Enter

All BCGS members are eligible to enter. Just submit your report, publication, website information, family tree charts, etc. to the BCGS Education Committee by the November General Meeting night to be eligible for that year’s contest. Contact Eunice Robinson, BCGS Education Chair, for more information.

BCGS Most Improved Genealogist 2012 - Richard Murray with Eunice Robinson, BCGS Education Chair.BCGS Most Improved Genealogist 2012, Richard P. Murray, with Eunice Robinson, BCGS Education Chair, just after the presentation at the BCGS Christmas Social in December 2012 in Burnaby.

Mr. Murray’s entry was published in The British Columbia Genealogist’s March issue in 2013.

Eunice Robinson, BCGS Education Chair, presenting Elvin Meyers, Most Improved BCGS Genealogist, 2010 with his Award certificate.Elvin Meyers, above, the BCGS’s Most Improved Genealogist for 2010, with Eunice Robinson, BCGS Education Chair.

Elvin’s winning article, “Edgar and Ethel”, was published in the December 2010 issue of the BCGS journal.


Photographs courtesy BCGS member George Caldwell.


BCGS Most Improved Genealogist Winners, 2004 on

2004UJIMOTO, Mary JaneFirst PlaceMar-05341
2005PARKINSON, SimoneFirst PlaceDec-05344
2005HONATZIS, LorraineSecond PlaceDec-05344
2005CHRISTIE, ElizabethThird PlaceDec-05344
2006KIDWELL, JaniceFirst PlaceMar-07361
2006HASSALL, JudySecond PlaceMar-07361
2006ELDER, MarianThird PlaceMar-07361
2006KERN, AnnFourth PlaceMar-07361
2006SNALAM, SusanHonourable MentionMar-07361
2006WHITE, JanetHonourable MentionMar-07361
2006WATTS, GordonHonourable MentionMar-07363
2006CALDWELL, GeorgeHonourable MentionMar-07363
2006INGRAM, FrancesHonourable MentionMar-07361
2006SCOTT, JuneHonourable MentionMar-07361
2006GAUNTLEY, JuneHonourable MentionMar-07363
2007SAINSBURY, TonyWinnerMar-08371
2007GLASS, Angus1st Runner UpMar-08371
2007NICHOLS, Mabel2nd Runner UpMar-08371
2007SMITH, LornaHonourable MentionMar-08372
2007HASSALL, JudyHonourable MentionMar-08372
2008SMITH, BrendaWinnerMar-09381
2008HASSALL, Judy1st Runner UpMar-09381
2008JENSEN, Brenda2nd Runner UpMar-09381
2009MARWOOD, AliceFirst PrizeMar-10391
2009FERRER, BillSecond PrizeMar-10391
2009WHITE, JaniceThird Prize
2009BOYD, EvelynFourth Prize
2010MEYERS, ElvinFirst PrizeDec-10394
2010DRAKE, LindaSecond PrizeDec-10394
2010MAITLAND, LindaThird PrizeDec-10394
2011MAGEE, CathyFirst PrizeMar-2012411
2011CLAYTON, BillSecond PrizeMar-2012411
2011LAWRENCE, CathyThird PrizeMar-2012411
2011KING, SherryFourth PrizeMar-2012411
2012MURRAY, Richard P. First PrizeMarch 201342
2013COTÉ-MALLEY, Marianne First PrizeMarch 201443
2013 MURTSELL, LindaSecond PrizeMarch 201443
2013LAWRENCE, CathyThird PrizeMarch 201443
2013ANDERSON, George G.Fourth PrizeMarch 201443
2014THOMSON, MarnieFirst PrizeMarch 201544
2015NIELSEN, BarbaraFirst PrizeMarch 201645
2015CLARK, ColinSecond PrizeMarch 201645
2015UELAND, JudithThird PrizeMarch 201645
2015CLAYTON, SharonFourth PrizeMarch 201645
2016HAY, ChrisFirst PrizeMarch 201746
2016COTÉ-MALLEY, MarianneSecond PrizeMarch 201746
2016THOMSON, MarnieThird PrizeMarch 201746

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