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From time to time, with permission from the authors, BCGS education, Special Interest Group and other handouts will be posted here. These handouts are usually in .pdf format. To download the free Adobe Reader programme, go to

Some of the BCGS Special Interest Groups have their own web pages where there may be links to information, handouts, etc.

Quebec Group
Scandinavian Group
Vancouver Genealogy Group (at

2017 – 2018


BCGS European Group LInks – August 2018 by M. Diane Rogers, from meeting notes. Download .pdf file.

DOUKHOBOR-IMMIGRATION-AND-SETTLEMENT, CANADA, 1898-1976 by Brenda Smith. Download .pdf file.

UKRAINIAN GENEALOGY by M. Diane Rogers. NOTE – this is a 2017 draft. New info welcomed. Download .doc file.

“First Steps in European Research – or for a European Do-Over” by M. Diane Rogers Download .docx file. For other formats, contact the BCGS webmaster.

2014 Handouts, BCGS

Genealogy and Family History Get Social with Celia Lewis and M. Diane Rogers, Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch, 2 June 2014.

BCGS English Group Session – April 9, 2014. How Henry Parker’s Bankruptcy Helped My Family History Research by M. Diane Rogers. (Watch for an update to this handout soon.)

BCGS English Special Interest Group Session – January 8, 2014. Pre-1837 English Records by Rob Whitlock.

2013 Handouts, BCGS

Writing the Family Story with Eunice Robinson and Judith Ueland, November 19, 2013 at Vancouver Public Library. (.pdf handout, book & website list, notes)

Medals handout by Bill Clayton, about caring for and researching military medals, from his BCGS Remembrance meeting talks, November 13, 2013

Cemetery Research for Family History by Lorraine Irving and M. Diane Rogers, October 21, 2013 at Vancouver Public Library. (.pdf format)  For volunteers who may be able to help with cemetery lookups and photographs, check out Generous Genealogists and Genealogy Karma (Mocavo) and the RAOGK Group on Facebook (Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness).

Finding Your Roots 2013 Seminar handouts

Genetic Genealogy with M. Diane Rogers

British Columbia Walter Draycott Library

Introduction to Scottish Genealogy handout by George Caldwell, for his presentation at Vancouver Public Library, July 11, 2013.

Genealogy in England handouts, at Vancouver Public Library, April 17, 2013 with Judith Ueland and Lorraine Irving.

DNA Group, April 2013 with M. Diane Rogers. See the DNA Group Discussion article for a link to the .pdf DNA Group Update handout with additional notes and links relating to the discussion.

English Group, April 2013 – Apprenticeship talk with Susan Snalam.  Download the BCGS-English Group-Apprenticeship talk-slides .pdf format.

Postcard Craze talk with M. Diane Rogers, March 2013,  Please refer to the article on Postcards and Genealogy by M. Diane Rogers in The British Columbia Genealogist, September 2011, Volume 40 #3, pages 104-108. An abbreviated version is on-line at the Vancouver BC Postcard Club’s website, as published in its September 2012 newsletter, Postview.

2012 Handouts, BCGS


CNIB session, 22 November, 2012 Vancouver – 3 handouts; all .pdf files. To obtain these in another format, please contact the Webmaster:

BCGS Pedigree Chart

BCGS Family Group Record

BCGS Chronological Chart

BCGS_War-of-1812_Handout, Judith Ueland and M. Diane Rogers, November 2012. (.pdf file)

Handouts from Finding Your Roots Family History Seminar, October 13, 2012


Little Used English Sources for Genealogy, Peter Whitlock (.pdf file)

Irish Beginners Genealogy, Eunice Robinson (.pdf file)

Irish Advanced Genealogy, Eunice Robinson (.pdf file)

Local History for Genealogists, Eunice Robinson (.pdf file)

Eunice Robinson is the President of the Sea Island Heritage Society:  The Society’s next AGM and Open House is 11:00 am to Noon, Saturday November 24, 2012 at the Sea Island Community Hall, 7140 Miller Road, Richmond, B.C. See the Sea Island website for details.

Scandinavian-Nordic Genealogy, M. Diane Rogers (.pdf file)

In addition, here is the link to the Scandinavian Y-DNA project at Family Tree DNA which was mentioned during the questions.  If you are interested in attending the BCGS DNA Group meeting, November 24, 2012, please see this link.

The next BCGS Scandinavian Group meeting is Saturday, October 20, 2012 at the Scandinavian Community Centre in Burnaby, BC. See the BCGS Scandinavian Group page here.


FamilySearch Genealogy Research, M. Diane Rogers, at the October 10, 2012 General Meeting in Burnaby.

Scottish_Maps by George Caldwell for the BCGS Scottish Genealogy Group, Wednesday, August 9, 2012 in Burnaby.

Irish_Genealogy by Eunice Robinson, Monday, June 4, 2012 at VPL Central Branch Library, Vancouver.

Genealogy in Scotland, Scottish_Sources_2012 by George Caldwell, Tuesday, May 8th at VPL Central Branch, Vancouver.

Additional links mentioned during the talk or question period –

Maps of Scotland, National Library of Scotland:

British Newspaper Archive:

Genealogy and Family History, Library and Archives Canada:

Immigrants at Grosse-Île (Canada) database:

In Quarantine: Life and Death on Grosse Île, 1832-1937:

April 2012 Dave Obee Seminar

For Dave Obee’s recommended links for his presentations, see two of his websites:

Go to for links for both ‘The Great Canadian Census Quiz’ and ‘The Geography of Genealogy’:

For his Canadian Census links, go to the Census section at, Dave’s listings of the very best Canadian genealogy links sorted by region and category:

Genetic Genealogy

The BCGS Boutique has great genealogy books for sale. Among them is The Genes in Your Genealogy by Sherilyn L. Bell and Constandina N. Arvanitis (Ajax, Ontario:Book 10, Heritage Productions, 2001). This is a very good, and readable, introduction to genetic genealogy and will be of special interest to those interested in their family’s medical family history.

Genetic Genealogy-2012 handout by M. Diane Rogers for her presentation at the BCGS seminar, 14 April 2012 in Burnaby.

APRIL 2012

How should History Influence our search for our Ancestors? handout (.pdf) for the talk by Susan Snalam for the BCGS English Group.

2011 Handouts


Researching Your Scandinavian Ancestors with M. Diane Rogers at Vancouver Public Library.
Co-sponsored by the British Columbia Genealogical Society and Vancouver Public Library.  Scandinavian-Nordic On-Line Genealogy Research  and the BCGS Scandinavian Special Interest Group brochure. Next Scandinavian group meeting, November 26, 2011, 1 pm at the Scandinavian Community Centre in Burnaby.  The Scandinavian Genealogy Group is co-sponsored with the Scandinavian Cultural Society.  Next BCGS Downtown Group meeting, 1pm November 8th in the Central Branch, Vancouver Public Library  Atrium near Blenz.


From the Finding Your Roots Family History Seminar, October 15, 2011

BCGS Walter Draycott Library brochure (printable, as inserted in the society’s journal, June 2011).

The Walter Draycott Library has many of the suggested resources for the Maritimes and Atlantic Canada.Check the library catalogues from the BCGS database page.

Constructing a Family History in the Maritimes and Atlantic Canada, courtesy Judith Ueland

Nova Scotia and New Brunswick Genealogy Resources, courtesy G. Morse.

“THE MYTH OF THE FAMILY CREST” with Robert D. Watt, 12 October 2011, BCGS Speaker.  

Heraldry Web Sources handout.  Contact Mr. Watt through Eunice Robinson, eunice @ (remove the spaces around the @)

Pictured: A Canadian Heraldic Primer by Kenneth Greaves. BCGS Walter Draycott Library 929.6’971GRE

Guest Speaker: Robert D. Watt, LVO, AIH, FRHSC, FHS, Hon. Fellow Heraldry Society of England, Rideau Herald Emeritus, Citizenship Judge | Juge de la Citoyennete Citizenship and Immigration Canada | Citoyenneté et Immigration Canada

Heraldry is one of the most beautiful of our inheritances from Europe. It has been strongly linked with genealogy and the history of families for more than 800 years. But it is not well understood or widely understood by family historians, many of whom feel that their surname must link them with a ” family crest”.

Robert Watt, who was appointed as the first Chief Herald of Canada when the Canadian Heraldic Authority was created in the Office of the Governor General on 4 June 1988, headed the development of the Canadian heraldic system for the next 19 years until he retired on 26 June 2007. He will speak about how heraldry began, what it was like originally, what it has evolved into today, how it is regulated in Canada, how to find out if you are actually entitled to a lawful coat of arms and how you can start your own heraldic tradition and provide a unique visual symbol to celebrate the culmination of years of careful genealogical research.

His talk will be illustrated and he will provide a brief bibliography and information on where to find top quality heraldic information on the internet. As well, he will provide information of membership and publications of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada, which has an active B C Yukon Branch.

Robert Watt was born in Picton, Ontario in 1945. He served as first Chief Herald of Canada from 1988 to 2007. Previously he was City Archivist in Vancouver, and then Curator of History and Director of the Vancouver Museum. He was appointed a Lieutenant in the Royal Victorian Order in 2008 and is an Académicien of l”Académie international d’héraldique, a Fellow of the Royal Heraldry Society of Canada and the Heraldry Society of Scotland and an Honorary Fellow of the Heraldry Society of England. He is married to Alison J. ( Logan) Watt, former Secretary to the Board of Governors and the Senate of Simon Fraser University/ They have two children; Michael A. L. Watt and Catherine N.L. Connell

July 2011

Click here for the BCGS 2011 Library Week Handouts

Ancestry Library Edition

Irish Research

May 2011

Researching your British Columbia Ancestors with M. Diane Rogers at Vancouver Public Library. Co-sponsored by the British Columbia Genealogical Society and Vancouver Public Library.

April 2011

Genealogy in Ireland with Eunice Robinson at Vancouver Public Library. Co-sponsored by the Vancouver Public Library (VPL) and the BCGS.

    BCGS Irish Group brochure.

    Vancouver Public Library – VPL Irish research guides and links (2009)

    Vancouver Public Library – VPL social Lists – look for an Irish research websites list and an Irish research book lists – with links to VPL catalogue.

February 2011

Computer Group Session, 9 February 2011

Legacy genealogy software, Marianne Soltau and M. Diane Rogers

Note: The Learn Legacy Video Training CDs will be in the BCGS Walter Draycott Library collections soon.

At this session, we briefly discussed on-line backup services, like Carbonite and Mozy. And also DropBox which is useful for keeping data up to date between computers, or sharing with others, or personal convenience, as well as for backup. (If interest, on-line backup options could be a topic for a future session.)

2010 Handouts

November 2010

Military Records Session, November 10, 2010

Scottish Regiments, George Caldwell

Canada – Attestation Papers and Service Files, George Caldwell

Australia and New Zealand Military Records, M. Diane Rogers

October 2010


Save the date for next year’s seminar –  Saturday, 15 October 2011.

Analyzing Historical Photographs, M. Diane Rogers with Image Analysis Form

British Columbia Genealogical Society – Walter Draycott Library, M. Diane Rogers

Ontario Ancestors, Judith Ueland

Scottish Family History Research for Beginners, Chris Longley

July 2010

Click here for the 2010 BCGS LIBRARY WEEK handouts

– including

Irish 1901/1911 census on-line

Useful Websites for English Genealogy

National Burial Index (NBI) for England & Wales

– Canadian Genealogy

GRL.COM – Genealogical Research Library website – Canadian genealogy & more

Godfrey Memorial Library website,

United States Group – websites website – USA genealogy

Scandinavian On-line Genealogy Research

Australian and New Zealand Newspapers On-line

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