Irish Lending Library File List

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1General Topic Index
2Publication - "Irish Baptist Historical Society Journal"
3Publication - "Ulster Local Studies", journal of the Federation
4County Antrim
5County Cork
6County Clare
7County Londonderry
8County Tyrone
9Research Papers - Ireland
10North Munster
11County Donegal
12County Waterford
13County Limerick
14County Dublin
15County Down
16Wills/Probate Records
17County Armagh
18County Mayo
19Topographical & Land Records
20Publication - "North Irish Roots"
21Publication - "All Ireland Heritage"
22Book - "Irish Genealogy a Record Finder"
23Book - "Dougherty Family"
24County Fermanagh
25Civil Registration
26Publication - Ulster Historical Foundation - "Familia"
27Other Irish Surnames Being Researched
28Ireland - Public Record Office - Dublin
29County Cavan
30County Galway
31County Kerry
32County Kildare
33County Kilkenny
34King's County
35County Leitrim
36County Longford
37County Louth
38County Meath
39County Monaghan
40Queen's County
41County Roscommon
42County Carlow
43County Sligo
44County Tipperary
45County Westmeath
46County Wexford
47County Wicklow
48Publication - "Irish Family History"
49Publication - "Picture Past, August 1940 Hutton's National Weekly"
50Book - "A History of the Parish of Ardstraw West & Castlederg"
51Ireland - General, booklets, pamphlets, brochures
52Ireland - Book Lists
53Griffiths Valuation - County Dublin
54Publication - "Journal of the South Derry Historical Society"
55Ireland - LDS Research Information
56Publication - "Journal of the Upper Ards Historical Society"
57Book - "Rath National School 1857-1984"
58Publication - "Irish Family Links- Irish Genealogical Association
59Irish Pedigrees
60Magazine - "Benbradagh"
61Publications - "Ireland's Own"
62Article - "The Dispossessed Landowners of Ireland, 1664"
63Ireland - How To Articles
64Publication - "The Irish Genealogist" - Irish Genealogical Research Society
65Article - "Irish Economic & Society History" (as held by UBC Library) - Irish Manuscripts Commission Survey of Business Records
66Migration Articles
67Book - "Handbook on Irish Genealogy"
68Passenger Lists
69Publication - "Irish Geography" - UBC
70Publication - "Irish Historical Studies" - Irish Historical Society & Ulster Society for Irish Historical Studies
71Ulster Folk & Transport Museum, Holywood, Co. Down
72Military Research
73Newspaper - "The Northern Whig", Belfast - Birth, Marriage & Death announcements
74Article - "Spinning Wheel Premium Entitlement Lists"
75Gravestones of Ulsterman - ex-Ireland
76Information - Methodist Church
77Publication - "Irish Economic & Social History"
78Publication - "Irish Historical Studies"
79Palatines in Ireland
80Irish in Canada
81Irish Tombstone Inscriptions
82Newspaper - "Irish Echo"
83Information - Roman Catholic Church
84Information - Church of Ireland
85Publication - "The Irish Ancestor"
86Irish in Australia
87Irish in the United States
88Irish Genealogical Project
89BCGS Members Personal Irish Library Lists
90Article - "Ulster-American Folk Park, Omagh"
91Irish in France
92Articles - Leinster
93Article - "Marriage Licenses from the Diocese of Ossory 1739-1804"
94Huguenots in Ireland
95Articles - "Extracts of Births, Marriages & Deaths in Ramsay's Waterford Chronicle" - Irish Genealogist
96Irish Origins - Addresses
97Quakers in Ireland
98Presbyterians in Ireland
99Publication - "Eirephile"
100Irish Researchers/Research Services
101Irish Newspapers
102Ireland - PRO London
103Irish Pedigrees
104Irish Research Centres/Historical Socieites
105Irish Genealogical Society, MN, USA (Publication - "Septs")
106Maps - Ireland
107Publication - "The Midlands"
108Irish Family Names
109Linen Hall
111Irish Libraries
112Irish in Bermuda
113Publication - "Irish Roots"
114Publication - "Irish Link"
115Protestants in Ireland
116Irish in South America
117Irish in England & Wales
118Irish in Mexico
119Irish Seminars/Conferences (past, present & future)
121Irish in Spain
122Article - "Extracts in Waterford Herald", Irish Genealogist
123Publication - "The Irish Sword"
124Newspaper - "The Anglo-Celt"
125Irish Heritage Association
126Publication - "The Clogher Record:
127Book - "North Antrim Families" by T.J.G. Bennett
128Irish in the West Indies
129Publication - "The Irish at Home and Abroad"
130Public Record Office of Northern Ireland
131The Irish Potato Famine
132Irish in Scotland
133Irish Census
134Photographs/Postcards of Ireland
135Irish Estate Records
136National Library of Ireland
137Irish in New Zealand
138Publication - "Journal of the British Isles FHS of Los Angeles"
139Irish Genealogical Research Society
140Irish American Heritage Center, Chicago, Illinois
141Scots Irish
142Anglo Irish Group (Liverpool FHS)
143Pensions & Annuities
144Irish History
145Hospital/Medical/Doctor Records
146The Tithe Applotment Records
147Civil Registration
148Ordnance Surveys/Surveyors
150Irish Parliament
151Irish in Gibralter
152Griffith's Valuation
153Irish on the Isle of Man
154Irish in South Africa
155Irish Masonic Records
156Publications - "Septs" Irish Genealogical Society
157Publication - "Journal of the Craigavon Historical Society" - Armagh
158Publication - "Old Kilkenny Review"
159Ulster Records/Research
160Irish Websites Resources
161Irish Police Records
162Irish Voting Lists/Registers/Freeholders
163The Ireland Householders Index
164Subsidy Rolls
165Irish Manuscripts Commission

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