Mitochondrial DNA test on sale – only to April 1, 2014

FamilyTree DNA will have its Full Sequence Mitochondrial (MtDNA) Test (or upgrades) on sale for a few days only, starting 28 March 2014.

Genetic genealogist CeCe Moore has an article today about this which includes some thoughts on benefits of MtDNA testing for genealogists.

Family Tree DNA Announces the March mtDNA Madness Sale – The Benefits of Full Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing

While MtDNA is not the first testing recommended for genealogy, you may (like me) ‘just want to know’, or you may have some special research reasons for testing.

To learn more, read FamilyTree DNA’s guide - Understanding Your mtDNA Full Sequence Results

Diahan Southard gave a talk at Rootstech 2014 - Magnifying your Maternal Line With Mitochondrial DNA. This was not filmed but her handout is on-line which has some hints. Look for “Session: RT1218 - RT1218_Southard.pdf” on this Rootstech 2014 Syllabus page or in the Syllabus .zip file if you’ve already downloaded it.


BCGS 2012 Seminar – Dave Obee’s links and Genetic Genealogy Handout posted

Links to Dave Obee’s websites are posted on the BCGS Education Handouts page now as a convenience to those attending the BCGS 2012 Dave Obee Seminar.

The Genetic Genealogy – 2012 handout for the presentation by M. Diane Rogers at the BCGS Seminar 14 April 2012 has been posted on the BCGS Education Handouts page. This is a .pdf file.

(Post edited 15 May 2012 – adding Dave Obee’s links.)