BCGS Research Tip – April 2013

The BCGS Members’ Tip for April is:

Share your strays!

If you have information or photographs about people who don’t (yet?) seem to fit into your family tree, share this with others by posting in your genealogical society’s on-line or published queries, on Rootsweb or other bulletin boards, or on specialized websites, like ‘Dead Fred’ for photographs.

Mr. and Mrs. John Cassidy, Ontario, Canada.

Mr. and Mrs. John Cassidy; photograph taken at Brantford, Ontario, Canada.


You will likely make another genealogist very happy and you may in turn receive that ‘lost link’ that will let you place the stray in relation to your own family or your family’s stories.

And an extra tip – to add a query to this BCGS website or to a BCGS publication, please contact