BCGS Canada Group – British Columbia Research

BCGS Canada Group – British Columbia Research

Here are the links to newer and useful British Columbia websites and news mentioned at the Canada Group’s July meeting.



In partnership with the Centre for Indo Canadian Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley, the Museum sponsored consultations in June, 2016 in Abbotsford and Prince George with members of BC’s Punjabi communities – a “first step in the creation of a provincial Punjabi legacy project that preserves and shares community history”.

Latest version of the Museum’s e-newsletter, Curious, is on Chinese Legacy Initiatives.

If you are or might be related to Captain James Cook – his wife Elizabeth Batt’s dessert china set was recently acquired from the City of Victoria.

The Museum’s Transcribe web project launched in 2015 –

And the Museum’s (rotating) 100 Objects of Interest website. From John Lennon’s limousine, a yellow bellied sea snake, Vancouver Island treaties, a Harlequin romance, a flapper dress, a Kwagu’ł ceremonial curtain by Mungo Martin, to Yukon Joe’s diary (1946-1961).

About the Royal BC Museum
The Royal BC Museum explores the province’s human history and natural history, advances new knowledge and understanding of BC, and provides a dynamic forum for discussion and a place for reflection. The museum and archives celebrate culture and history, telling the stories of BC in ways that enlighten, stimulate and inspire. Looking to the future, the Royal BC Museum will be a refreshed, modern museum, extending its reach far beyond Victoria as a world-class cultural venue and repository of digital treasures.


Chinese Canadian Artifacts Project, University of Victoria and the BC Museums Ass’n.:

See also The West Beyond the West: and Memory BC:


British Columbia History, 1923-2007 – issues of this BC Historical Federation publication are on-line free:

Open Collections, University of BC. Historical books, photographs, BC newspapers: See also UBC Circle for publications of UBC personnel and partners. Includes theses and dissertations:

Facebook Genealogy Groups:

Genealogical and Historical Groups / Pages on Facebook (in English). This is a “267-page PDF List of 9,000+ Genealogy Links on Facebook”, updated May 2016, by Katherine R. Willson: