BCGS Publication Archives

A Bit of BCGS History

Since 1971, the British Columbia Genealogical Society has been continuously issuing  British Columbia genealogy and history related publications.

How to find BCGS Publications or Order Copies

Some of these are now out of print, although many, for example, the various British Columbia cemetery listings, have been reissued and are again available for sale. Check our list of new and in print BCGS publications in the members section.

Those publications no longer for sale are available to read in the BCGS Walter Draycott Library. If you are not able to visit the Library, inquire at your local library or genealogical society as many libraries and genealogical societies have these in their permanent collections.

If you are unable to find a copy of a BCGS publication locally, our BC Research Committee will let you know if the publication has been reissued, or will provide you with a copy of an older article or listing for a nominal fee.

The British Columbia Genealogist

The British Columbia Genealogist, a quarterly journal, is a membership benefit and since the BCGS exchanges journals with hundreds of genealogical societies, you may be able to read it near to home. Follow the link above to read more about this journal and its indexes.

The BCGS Offspring [ISSN 1918-2724 ]

The BCGS Offspring e-newsletter was published quarterly and is free on-line (.pdf files). For more information, please contact the BCGS Editor. To copy or quote, etc., see The Fine Print below.

The Offspring, May 2014, Vol 5 #1 

The Offspring Vol 4, No. 2, Winter 2013

The Offspring Vol 4, No 1, Spring 2013

The BCGS Offspring e-newsletter was previously published on-line from 2007 to 2008 and brought members and friends of the BCGS up to date news of B.C.G.S. activities & genealogical information from around the world.

Issues are available here downloadable freely as .pdf files.


The Fine PrintYou may forward this newsletter on to friends or groups or quote from it for personal /research use, provided that the copyright statement below is included with any copy or quotation. No reproduction of any kind is permitted for commercial use. Limited copying for personal or non-profit profit group is permitted provided that this full copyright statement is included with any copies or quotations.

Example – Copyright: British Columbia Genealogical Society © 2013 The Offspring, Vol 4 #1, Spring 2013.

For permission for any other use, contact the BCGS Editor: Editor @ or by mail c/o the Society.