Genealogy Computer Programme Tip – and a Poll

Genealogy Computer Programme Tip – and a Poll

The BCGS MAC/Reunion Group meeting discussion in Burnaby Wednesday, 8 August 2012 included a great tip from Bill Clayton, the MAC group facilitator, useful for both MAC and PC users – a look at the Genealogy Tools website run by Ben Sayer. His site has comparison charts of genealogy computer programmes showing all their features,  And he has news, reviews and instruction screencasts for both MAC and PC genealogy programme users, and a free e-newsletter too.

Another interesting topic brought up during the session was a question about the number of genealogy programme files that researchers usually maintain. For your own families, do you enter all in one file, or do you separate your spouse’s family from yours, or your mother’s family line from your father’s, or?

Here’s a little poll. Feel free to comment if the poll answers don’t fit your situation. There is  a blank answer box though for you to fill in your own response.

For example, I keep two family files for known relatives – one for almost ‘everyone’ and one for those from my husband’s family who are all of Swedish descent. Seemed easier to work on them that way as the research process for me is not the same. Now that more is available for free or through Ancestry for Sweden, my research processes are changing though, so I may merge them soon. I also have a file for my great grandmother’s not quite and not yet proven White families though. I hope for a breakthrough there soon, and then I will merge them into one big happy family.

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