Genealogy for Children and Teens – Links

Genealogy for Children and Teens – Links

For the Younger Genealogist

The Victoria Genealogical Society of British Columbia, Canada has a new book for young genealogists and a section on its website for youth, including ‘Genealogy in the

CanadaGenWeb For Kids Project:

Youth Corner, Canadian Genealogy Centre – revised, January 2009:

WorldGenWeb For Kids:

Family Tree Kids, “Family Tree Magazine” and Tamagochi:

Grow A Tree on-line or download, Family Ties, PBSKids:

Heraldry for Kids, Royal Heraldry Society of Canada:

Generations, by Jennifer Holik-Urban. Books and ideas on teaching genealogy to Grades 1-3, Grades 4-8 and High School.  Generations blog:

Legacy Project, ‘Across Generations’, activity guides & ideas for family history related projects (and more):

Kids & Teens, Links from Cyndi’s List:

Printable family trees for younger genealogists

La Société de Généalogie des Cantons de L’Est, Free charts, some in French, including one for maternal/paternal lines and several good for children. All 8 1/2×11, pdf format (From the home page, go to the’Tutoriels’ page, then click ‘Tableaux à télécharger’):

Misbach Free Genealogy Charts, including a few for children:

Your Family Tree or Family Orchard (for parents’ & step parents’ families) – based on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, also has international flags and other images for children to use on charts or other creations.

Genealogy for Kids, Kids’ Turn Central. Free teddy bear trees:

Free family tree charts from Kimberly Powell; two are interactive – type the information right into the chart.

Free printable family trees with birds, picture frames, etc. Includes a family tree for adoptees. (Download and print for free; customizable pay versions and CDs available):

Free family tree charts and other forms. Includes charts for adoptive and step families. “Family Tree Magazine”:

‘Tigger’ family trees, especially for children, based on The Tigger Movie: Family Tree,

Fiction for Children and Young Adults

Genealogical Fiction List, including books for Children and Young Adults, Historical Fiction, Mysteries and Non-fiction, Julian W. Lowenstein Genealogy Department, Archive Center of Florida and Local History (.pdf format):  

Genealogy for Children and Teens – Links

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