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"BARQUE TORY" by Alice Marwood8514Summer 1972Yes
"Big Country"121234December 1994No
100 Mile House Cemetery Records & Cemetery1232February 1974Yes
1791 Dublin Directory (a continuation)2324August 1973Yes
1791 DUBLIN DIRECTORY (a continuation)622February 1973Yes
1791 DUBLIN DIRECTORY (a continuation)1123May 1973Yes
1791 DUBLIN DIRECTORY (a continuation)921November 1972Yes
1791 THE DUBLIN DIRECTORY by James Douglas Anderson10614Summer 1972Yes
17th Century handwriting128134December 1984Yes
1860 Victoria Directory (a continuation)124August 1973Yes
1881 Canadian Census2852Summer 1976Yes
1886 Courtenay District Voters' List50132June 1984Yes
1891 B.C. Census Index Completed39351March 2006No
1891 Census Index from Rootsweb 5324December 2003No
1901 British Census Vouchers84332June 2004No
1901 British Census Vouchers112343September 2005No
1901 Census of Canada- British Columbia project140263September 1997No
1910 Aviation Pioneers 19302441975Yes
1911 Canadian Census187284December 1999No
1911 Canadian Census - CP Railway Crews142343September 2005No
1911 CanadIan Census lndexing Continues38351March 2006No
1911 Census Petition151283September 1999No
1911 Census, Mission, B.C.—CROKE, BATE90352June 2006No
1925 Model T Ford51322June 2003No
1945 Query, Vancouver—BARNES67352June 2006No
1999 Cemetery Tours - Mountain View Cemetery188274December 1998No
20 Ways to avoid Grief When Researching4171March 1988No
200th Anniversary of the Selkirk Settlers to Belfast, PEI37322June 2003No
24th of May. Vancouver, 1907 — FIELDS, WILLSON43351March 2006No
25 th Anniversary Mugs100262June 1997No
2nd Pomeroy Family Gathering45291March 2000No
4th Annual Tn Stake Family History Center Seminar89292June 2000No
8th Annual Tri-Stake Seminar133333September 2004No
929 and CS Are Fine But Where Do You Go From There?31421975Yes
A Book of Interest - Virginia104233September 1994No
A Brief Overview of Genealogical Source Citations62282June 1999No
A British Columbia Research Department Report - Nakusp253Autumn 1976Yes
A British Columbia Success Story2171March 1988No
A calendar of Saint’s Days19111Spring 1982Yes
A Canadian Armorial1471 , 2Spring & Summer 1978Yes
A Case Study in British Military Records-Trooper Alfred Edward Filling .88163September 1987No
A Celtic Connection18241March 1995No
A Chilcotin Manuscript1934August 1974Yes
A Chilcotin Manuscript....the continuation2735November 1974Yes
A Coming Event - Vancouver Institute17341March 2005No
A Disastrous Marriage122134December 1984Yes
A Family History Reconstructed From Wills:Thomas Awmack of Sandhutton .....13141March 1985No
A Fun-Fun-Fun Job in the Offing (volunteer needed)34291March 2000No
A God-sent Land2141March 1985No
A God-sent Land, Part II34142June 1985No
A God-sent Land, Part III66143September 1985No
A God-sent Land, Part IV (Conclusion)94144December 1985No
A House Called "Elworth" (Bateman family)63232June 1994No
A Latin Family Tree106153September 1986No
A Legacy in Cardboard86104Winter 1981Yes
A Letter To Home.24211March 1992No
A Link with the Canadian Pacific Railway by Michael D'Arcy25192June 1990No
A List of Residents of New Westminster supporting W.J. Armstrong. as a Candidate for the Provincial Legislature138224December 1993No
A Long Term Query!7973 , 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
A Look at Some Border Entries 134293September 2000No
A Mid-Argylll Contract of Fosterage: 165592114December 1982Yes
A Misspelled Name143343September 2005No
A Pair of Socks30323September 2003No
A Pioneer Story61212June 1992No
A Poem - Grandma200264December 1997No
A Recap of Ken Aitkens Session in September, 200416341March 2005No
A Sad Accident58292June 2000No
A Scottish Clan Project1031November 1973Yes
A Soldier's Grave38261March 1997No
A Stray from Harrison Co., Mississippi16231March 1994No
A Tribute to Dr. Margaret Ormsby15231March 1994No
A Trip into History by Joan D. Moore2201March 1991No
A Visit with Our Eldest Member1952Summer 1976Yes
A Week at Library & Archives Canada 84332June 2004No
A Woman Lost in Time, the life and times of Sara Ann McLagan, Part Two .......65242June 1995No
A Woman Lost in Time: The life and times of Sara Ann McLagan, Part One .......29241March 1995No
A Word About Spanish Names48132June 1984Yes
Abbot * Abbot - A Selected List - East Bergholt Burial Register 1813-18629441975Yes
Abraham & Nancy Huck - A Surrey Pioneer Family5883Fall 1979Yes
Accepted Standards of Conduct for Family History Researchers75252June 1996No
Ackerman/Upsdell Family Bible5221March 1993No
Acquisitions & Exchanges26441975Yes
Acquisitions and Exchanges2535November 1974Yes
Acquisitions and Exchanges29421975Yes
Acquisitions and Exchanges21431975Yes
Acquisitions and Exchanges3741Winter 1975Yes
Acquisitions at Cloverdale Library179304December 2001No
Acronyms, i.e., GRO 39322June 2003No
Act Anent Murthering of Children29182June 1989No
Addenda to the List of Royal Engineers (Sappers)123164September 1987No
Additional Fiche - B.C.G.S. Resource Centre43271March 1998No
Additional Fiche in BCGS Resource Center128283September 1999No
Additional Fiche in BCGS Resource Center - November 13, 1997 ..180264December 1997No
Additional Fiche in BCGS Resource Centre80272June 1998No
Additional Fiche in BCGS Resource Centre Aug. 5, 1998143273September 1998No
Additional Fiche in the BCGS Resource Center - Feb. 19, 199950281March 1999No
Additional Fiche in the BCGS Resource Centre185284December 1999No
Additional Fiche in the Waiter Draycot Library 29311March 2002No
Additional Fiche in the Walter Draycot Library24291March 2000No
Additional Fiche in the Walter Draycot Library68302June 2001No
Additional Fiche in the Walter Draycot Library, 1 June 200269312June 2002No
Additional Fiche in Waiter Draycot Library, Aug. 19, 2000 133293September 2000No
Additional Fiche in Waiter Draycot Library, Aug.15, 2001 152303September 2001No
Additional Fiche in Walter Draycot Library167294December 2000No
Additional Microfiche in BCGS Resource Centre78262June 1997No
Additional Microfiche in Bcgs Resource Centre - 6 August 1997133263September 1997No
Additional Microfiche in BCGS, Resource Centre - 6 August 1997 *Corrections* and Additional Information180264December 1997No
Additional Microfiche in the Walter Draycot library87292June 2000No
Additional Microfiche in the Walter Draycott Library                172314December 2002No
Additional Microfiche in Waiter Draycot Library 42301March 2001No
Additional Microfiche in Waiter Draycot Library, 1 December, 2001171304December 2001No
Additional Microfiche in Walter Draycott Library114313September 2002No
ADDITIONS to LIBRARY1511Fall 1971Yes
ADDITIONS TO OUR FILES2821November 1972Yes
Adopted in British Columbia: Woman Hunts for Birth Family .8181March 1989No