Journals, Newsletters & Magazines

If you are looking for the newsletters and journals we issue, you can find them here.  This page is about our holding of outside publications.

The BCGS Walter Draycott Library has a large collection of genealogically related periodicals (serials) from around the world – journals, newsletters and magazines published by other genealogical and historical societies, groups and institutions. You may search a sample of the Library’s serial catalogue below.

Periodicals are listed by their Dewey call number, but you may search in the table below to see all the periodicals for a country or topic.

This collection is added to monthly, so this web catalogue won’t be quite up to date.  As well, it is only a sample.  And journals are now electronic and available in the Paid Members section.  Contact the Library for updated information.

The BCGS is always interested in adding to this collection and participates in many exchanges with other groups. Contact the Library if you are interested in donating current or older journals, etc. or if your group would like to exchange publications with the BC Genealogical Society.

BCGS volunteers suggest interesting articles from new publications and these notes are published quarterly in the BCGS journal, The British Columbia Genealogist as ‘Gleanings’.

Year# of PermitName of OwnerAddress
19041John BamsleyVictoria
19042Capt. J. W. TroupVictoria
19043W. M. Le Poor TrenchSaanich
19044Dr. E C HartVictoria
19045Geo. Collins47 Henry St. Victoria
19046B. T. RogersVancouver
19047W.D. HaywoodVancouver
19048C. CockingVancouver
19049E. S.(?) WilbandVancouver
190410Wm. RalphVancouver
190411R. T. ButchartVictoria
190412R. D. McPhailVancouver
190413A. E. ToddVictoria
190414W. C. ToddVictoria
190415W. V.? A. FentonVancouver
190416O. T. SwitzerAtlin
190417R. J. JamisonVancouver
190418John WilliamsVancouver
190419M. HutchisonJohn (Joan) St. Victoria
190420James StarkVancouver
190421Gerald WilliamsVernon
190422W. J. Fenton and J. McIntyreVancouver
190423W. W. SpinksVernon
190424Geo. P. WernerVernon
190425A. J. GarescheVictoria
190426E.S.J. McClintockArmstrong
190427T. N. FletcherArmstrong
190428H. F. DittbermerVancouver
190429Dr. H. N. RiggsVancouver
190430Dr. A. J. GarischeVictoria
190431C. H. RobsonNew Westminster
190432Ed. P. ColleyVictoria
190533James DickNanaimo
190534J. D. QuinnNanaimo
190535J. G. BurnhamNanaimo
190536Geo. McDonaldVancouver
190537J. N. FisherVictoria
190538John A. Hall142 Katherine St., Victoria
190539Fred MooreCarr t., Victoria
190540D. BoscowityUnion Club, Victoria
190541A. ToddVictoria
190542N. C. Todd218 Johnson St., Victoria
190522W. & A. Fenton & J. M. McIntyreVancouver
190543Vancouver Automobile & Bicycle Coy.Vancouver
190544Geo. F. Davies
190520Jas. StarkVancouver
190545E. LangworthyVictoria
190546Wm. HuntVancouver
1905D. R. KerVictoria
1905R. F. VerrendenVictoria
190547Chas. H. BarkerNanaimo
190548Jas. E. BarnesVancouver
190515W. & A. FentonVancouver
19056B.T. RogersVancouver
190549W. L. ChallonerVictoria
190550F. A. StewartVancouver
190551C. C. CarpenterVernon
190521G. WilliamsVernon
190524G. P. WernerVernon
190552D. H. BaleLeighton Rd., Victoria
190552aF. W. StevensonVictoria
190553Wm. ScottVernon
190554?Jas. HowardVancouver
190554J. E. Barrett & Co.Vancouver
190555Jas. HowardVancouver
190556J. Reigheubach & Co.New Westminster
190557Fredk. MooreVictoria
190558J. A. SaywardVictoria