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British Columbia Genealogical Society

Irish Interest Group

Index of Lending Library

Prepared by Eunice Robinson
Coordinator, Irish Interest Group

Originally in January 2003

BCGS Irish Lending Library Cabinet


When I became Coordinator of the Senior Irish Interest Group in 1985, I inherited several folders of information on Ireland. Over the years, this collection grew and in October 1986, the Lending Library was born. This collection now fills 4 file file drawers with over 160 separate folders.


Anything of interest and Irish is added to the collection. There may be photocopies of parish records, maps, copies of Griffith’s Valuation, census, tombstone records, lists of Irish books, and how-to articles. New additions are welcomed and appreciated.


The Index is arranged numerically, however, within the first 47 folders, alphabetically by County. As new folders are required, these are added to the end of the list.

Search the Irish Lending Library file list index here.

The next part is the indexing of the items held in the individual folders. As new information is added to a folder, it is also added to the folder index sheet. If there is too much for one folder, then there will be a second folder.

Search the Irish Lending Library folder list index here.

At the top of this folder index sheet is the County and the folder number for easy location of the folder in the file boxes.

Some of the entries may have Dewey Decimal numbers next to them. This will indicate information was found in the Family History Library in Salt Lake City or any other library using the Dewey Decimal system. If the item was located under a Library of Congress number, that will be given as well.

Next to each entry is a two-letter code. This indicates what kind of information the record is:

AR – Article
BO – Book
BR – Brochure
CE – Census
EI – Emigration List
EX – Extract from Source / Portion of
GR – Griffith’s Valuation
IN – Information Sheet / Advertising
LS – Lists Whole
LT – Letter/Correspondence
MA – Magazines (or)
MA – Map
MI – Microform (fiche or film)
NE – Newspaper
PH – Photographs/Postcards
PR – Parish Register
PU – Publication or Journal
TO – Tombstone Inscriptions

The third column contains a brief description of the indexed items.

The Lending Library is for members of the British Columbia Genealogical Society who have Irish roots. The purpose is to gather as much information as possible on a specific Irish county, Irish topic or Irish records collection gathered into a folder and indexed. BCGS Irish Group members may borrow these folders to read through at their leisure and return.

Out-of-town members (or Affiliate members) may write to the Irish Group, c/o the Society to have a folder searched. Please send two (2) current postage stamps along with your request to the address below. Non-members may request a search by enclosing two (2) postage stamps (any country) and $2.00 (or currency of the country) with the request.

Anyone wishing a hard copy of the Index Listing, please send $5.00 Canadian to:

The British Columbia Genealogical Society
C/o Eunice Robinson, Irish Group Coordinator
P.O. Box 88054, Lansdowne Mall
Richmond, BC V6X 3T6 Canada.

The Index is also freely downloadable here as the Irish Lending Library – BCGS.pdf file.

Eunice Robinson
Coordinator, Irish Interest Group
Coordinator, Education Committee, BCGS