There is an old saying, “May you live in interesting times”. There is no doubt that things may be too interesting now and
in the near future. Our personal worlds are becoming virtual worlds. Let’s hope and work toward making our world open
to everyone again.

The AGM is over and just as your Board and all the volunteers want to get down to work, we have to keep our distance.
This too, will change with time.

The AGM was a very quiet affair for the most part. All the positions were filled by acclamation – perhaps a first for BCGS.
There was a very good and respectful discussion about raising our membership fees starting next year. The motion to
increase the BCGS membership fees to $65 for full members was approved by a very wide margin following the

Spring is always a starting point for so many activities, but this year “Mr Covid‐19” has given us other things to do. The
BCGS Genealogical Library is closed until further notice. Workshops, chats and special interest group meetings are also
suspended until further notice. And, of course, no monthly membership meetings.

This does not mean that nothing is happening. There is work going on on your behalf behind the scenes and over the
internet. Work is continuing on the website under the coordination of Ann Buchanan and a volunteer team of programmers
through the Mastercard Cares program.

Much work has been done in the Library over the last few years under the direction and watchful eyes of Past President,
Eunice Robinson and our Library Administrator, Corrine Jubb. The number of people coming into the library has increased
about 7% per month, each month over the last couple of years. The chats and special interest groups have more attendees
each month and are now able to enjoy live and recorded seminars on the new 65” TV.

I am looking forward to when we will be able to return to using our much upgraded library and all the resources in the
library. Did you know that we have newsletters and journals from about 85 other genealogy organizations in our digital
library? Something to look forward to in the (near) future.