Message from the President – February

Message from the President – February

Last month I was blessed to receive this most amazing family information for one of my connected lines.

The former ‘keeper of stuff’ was downsizing, but fortunately, the family knew of my interest in‘​the dead people​”, and gave it all to me rather than throw it out! What a treasure trove of old photos– many with names written on the backs – so I’ve spent a lot of time this past month scanning and writing up those family stories.  Just about finished.  Then we had a tremendous snowfall; well, for this part of the world anyway.

So this actually kept me at home. I was able to sort through several files that hadn’t seen light of day for quite a while. Guess what I found!!!

These finds have now been dutifully scanned, identified and filed in an appropriate binder or drawer.  It has been suggested that we set smaller goals for ourselves so that when they are achieved, we feel a great sense of accomplishment. This is much easier for me to do than to make Big New Year’s Resolutions, which manage to escape me during week two!

So consider picking one of your families and reviewing your research to-date, and then see what new records have been released, or which family member needs a gentle reminder of a promise made to share old photos. Is there someone you have been meaning to visit – call them up and make a date. By the end of this year, you should have been able to review at least 10 family lines!  And, if you have any families that arrived in British Columbia 1925 and earlier, consider writing them up in our ​Pioneer Registry​. Forms are available, just email​ and I’ll be happy to send them to you.

So, Happy Valentine’s Day and happy researching!