BCGS Member Interests

BCGS Members’ Surname Interests

This BCGS Member’s Interest database includes family names being researched by members of the society, with a view to connecting with other researchers of the same family within the locality and period specified.

See also Members’ Websites, and Members’ Research and Indexing Projects for other members’ interests.

Contacting BCGS Members

To contact a BCGS member with similar surname/place name interests, copy & paste their e-mail address into your e-mail program. If you find a name interest that does NOT have a email address listed, e-mail the BCGS Membership Committee with the Name Interest, Location and period, if given, to and ask for contact information.

Updating the BCGS Member’s Interests database

If you are a BCGS member and wish to add / remove names or make changes, please go to our BCGS Member Surname Interest Update form or contact the BCGS Membership Committee.

BCGS Members Interests

wdt_ID NameInterest Location Period Email Member Name
NameInterest Location Period Email Member Name