British Home Children; British Child Migrants – Links

British Home Children; British Child Migrants – Links

Canadian and International Home Children and historical child immigration/migration schemes

British Home Children Advocacy & Research Association:

British Home Children in Canada includes free download of Perry Snow’s 2017 edition of Neither Waif Nor Stray:

Home Children, 1869-1930, Library and Archives Canada. Databases and other information. Includes child immigration:

The Golden Bridge – Scottish child emigration, 1869 to 1939): Institute for Research and Innovation in Social Service:

Home Children Project, British Isles Family History Society of Greater Ottawa (BIFHSGO):

Young Immigrants to Canada, Marjorie P. Kohli:

Home Children, Carol Russell, TweetyBird’s Genealogy:

*Child Emigration”, Your Archives, National Archives of the UK:

Home Children, Olive Tree Genealogy:

*Child emigration to Canada” podcast with Roger Kershaw, and “Out of the Way of Mischief” with Briony Paxman. The National Archives of the UK. Listen or download:

“Thy Children Own Their Birth: Diasporic genealogies and the descendants of Canada’s Home Children” by Andrew Morrison, 2006. PhD dissertation, University of Nottingham, England. Full text available on-line:


Library and Archives Canada – inbound passenger lists, Home Children Database, copies of Inspection reports of the Immigration Branch Central Registry (1892-1946) and the Juvenile Inspection Reports (mainly 1920s – see index on TweetyBird Genealogy), and also the Middlemore Home records (see BIFHSGO website for index). See also the Orders-In-Council database for workhouse reports, home applications, etc. (Searchable – some content digitized, some must be viewed on site or copies ordered. For searches, try orphan, inspection of children, pauper children, workhouse(s), or the name of a home or person, e.g. Barnardo, Birt):

Archives of British Columbia – various records of Fairbridge Farm Schools in BC, for example, administration 1935-1961 – case files of “student trainees”, pages from punishment book (1944-46 Cowichan Station), files of the Fairbridge Alumni Association and the Old Fairbridgian Association (1935-51). Also copies of some federal files.

See the publications of each group involved, for example, the Canadian Barnardo magazine “Ups and Downs” (see TweetyBird Genealogy for a list of known copies. Many were transcribed and submitted to the BHC e-mail list.) and the Fegan’s Homes newsletters Information from both the Ups and Downs and the Fegan’s “Home Links” are being added to LAC’s Home Children database.

“Child Emigration”, Merseyside Maritime Archives & Library, Information Sheet #10: ASC 0&serStr=&pgeInt=1&catStr=

Cyndi’s List, Home Children and Child Migrants:

For more historical information, see various reports concerning home children on microform from (previously the Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions). A few available free at Early Canadiana Online, for instance, “Canadian homes for London wanderers” by Annie Macpherson (original – London: Morgan, Chase & Scott: [1870?] ):

Facebook Groups – British Home Children Advocacy & Research Association; Families of British Home Children/British Child Migrants; Reclaim Our British Home Children.

British Home Children email list, Rootsweb, “for anyone who has a genealogical interest in the 100,000 British Home Children – alleged orphans – who were emigrated to Canada by 50 child care organizations 1870-1948.”:


Child migration to Australia (Fact sheet 124), National Archives of Australia:

On their own – Britain’s child migrants, message board for 2010 exhibition, Australian National Maritime Museum: