Links – Handy Genealogy Aids and Tools

Links – Handy Genealogy Aids and Tools

Handy Links to Genealogy Aids, Tools and Calculators

Calendars, Date Calculators

Tombstone Birthday Calculator, OVS – Genealogy. Calculates birth date from death date and age on tombstones or death certificates or obituaries.

Rosetta Calendar. Scott E. Lee. Converts Gregorian, Julian and Hebrew dates.

For more calendar and conversion links, see Cyndi’s List – Calendars and Dates

Miscellanous Calculators, including birthdates, cousins, Soundex for genealogy

Genealogy Calculators and Utilities, Age, Birthdate & Cousin calculators, Soundex and Metaphone calculators, and more at Ancestor Search. [Soundex is a phonetic coding system used to group together surnames that sound alike (as pronounced in English), but have variant spellings. Metaphone is an improvement on Soundex which takes into account some other languages, and ‘common’ non-English terms and family names.]

One Step Webpages, Stephen P. Morse. Language and calendar calculators and converters, relationship and Ahnentafel calculators, Phonetic matching and Soundex generation, and much more. [An Ahnentafel lists direct ancestors and numbers them sequentially.]

Measurement Calculators

Metric, Imperial and US conversion calculators,

Australian converters for cooking, driving, measurement, even paper sizes.

Measurement Converters for Mass and Weight (Metric, Avoirdupois (U.S.), Troy, Apothecaries, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, old French, old Russian, ancient Greek and Roman, Biblical, etc.); Distance and Length (Metric conversion, British Imperial and U.S., old Russian, old French, old Spanish, Japanese, Thai, ancient Greek and Roman, nautical, typographical, astronomical, etc.); Capacity and Volume (Metric conversion, U.S., British Imperial, Japanese, Thai, old French, old Russian, ancient Roman, Biblical, etc.); Area ( Metric conversion, British and U.S., Japanese, Chinese, Thai, old French)  – and many more,

For more on weights and measurement, see Cyndi’s List – Weights and Measures

Currency Converters

Currency Converter (current only),

Historical currency conversion (US, Britain, some others), Economic History Association.

Name Variants

For more info on Soundex, and also other sound based name conversions (Reverse Soundex, NYSIIS, Daitch–Mokotoff Soundex or D–M Soundex, and Metaphone, see Wikipedia’s Soundex article.

Translation/Pronunciation Tools

Tip – Check to see if your favourite browser or other programmes have translation plug-ins or apps. (like Chrome).

14 languages – charts with Common genealogy words, wownloadable and printable. Relatively Curious:

Babylon, Bing, and Google (in alphabetical order) all offer free translations. There are various apps for mobiles or browsers. Have another favourite? Let us know by e-mailing:

Bing Translator. Text and web pages:

Google Translate. Text and web pages:, audio/pronunciation guide. Search or browse for words or submit new ones; contribute an audio file yourself:

Pronounce Names, the Dictionary of Name Pronunciation – look up or submit an audio file for a name, and/or request a name be included:

Hear Names, Elizabeth Bojang: