Mapping Software – Links

Mapping Software – Links

Mapping Software –  Genealogy

GenMapUK, for UK distribution mapping. Also UK surname atlas based on 1881 census:

AniMap – USA, The Gold Bug, County Boundary Historical Atlas for Windows:

Map My Family Tree, Progeny:

Ancestral Atlas:

Using Mapping Software on-line with Google Maps: and Google Earth:

DIY Historical Map Overlays in Google Earth by Kimberly Powell,

Geolocate your Pictures of Headstones and Memorials on Google Maps, Jean Yves Baxter, GeneaNet:

Animaps, for use with Google Maps:!home

FamilySearch: What’s New: Map Your Ancestors:

Google Earth for Genealogy Video, free class, with Lisa Louise Cooke:

Tour Your Childhood Home with Google and Google EarthLisa Louse Cooke:

Google and Maps for Genealogists: Tracking Where You’ve Been Using Google Maps and other apps on research trips, by Miryelle Resek:

Do you use other favourite map tools and apps? Do let us know in the comments.