Medieval Genealogy – Links

Medieval Genealogy – Links

Links to Medieval Genealogy Resources

“Can I research back into the Middle Ages?” by James Tanner, Genealogy’s Star, Saturday, September 27, 2014:

Medieval and Early Modern Family History guide, The National Archives of the UK (TNA):
– Search also for other TNA guides to medieval documents and topics.

Medieval and Early Modern Sources Online (MEMSO), subscription site and e-books, medieval and early modern period for Britain (c. 1100-1800). Tanner-Ritchie Publishing:

Gazetteer of Markets and Fairs in England and Wales to 1516, outlines 2,400 places, 2,600 markets, 3,000 fairs, indexes of persons and institutions involved. Centre for Metropolitan History:

Foundation for Medieval Genealogy, journal and membership content. Also open content and projects, including these – Medieval Lands by Charles Cawley,  German Landed Gentry by Regina Hoffmann and Corrections to ‘Domesday People’ & ‘Domesday Descendants’:

People of Medieval Scotland, 1093-1314 (PoMS). See the glossary and database tutorial:

The Breaking of Britain project, Cross Border Society and Scottish Independence, 1216-1314, University of Glasgow, Lancaster University, University of Edinburgh & King’s College London:

Medieval English Towns, Stephen Alsford. See the links section for resources for towns outside England as well:

Early English Manor roll collection Harvard University Library, 170 court-rolls, account-rolls, and other documents from various manors, ranging in date from 1282 to 1770, finding aid and digitization project:

The Pipe Roll Society, for documents of medieval English government before 1350. See the Publications page and its link to those rolls that are digitized and available free at (the Internet Archive) or the Anglo-American Legal Tradition website:

The Soldier in later Medieval England Project, ICMA Centre & University of Southampton, Muster Roll Database, 94,962 service records from The National Archives (TNA), years 1369 – 1453:

Anglo-American Legal Tradition, digitized documents from The National Archives of the UK (TNA), O’Quinn Law Library, University of Houston Law Center:

Taxatio Database, England and Wales, from the Taxatio Ecclesiastica Angliae et Walliae Auctoritate Papae Nicholai IV (Record Commission, 1802) and some additional sources. University of Sheffield:

Medieval Criminals and the Law, podcast, The National Archives UK (TNA):

Domesday Book guide, The National Archives UK (TNA):
– See also The Domesday Book Online:  and Domesday Reloaded, BBC project, 1986:

Open Domesday, free online copy of Domesday Book. Search for Domesday places by name or postcode. Gives information on each place and shows colour image of the relevant section or page from the Domesday Book. Site by Anna Powell-Smith; data created by Professor J.J.N. Palmer and a team at the University of Hull, England:

Mapping the Medieval Countryside digital edition of the medieval English inquisitions post mortem c. 1236 to 1509 (ongoing project). These recorded lands held at their deaths by tenants of the crown:

“Noble Family Histories Demystified: The German and Austrian Example” by Glen Covert,

Resources for Medieval British Isles Families, Gary T. Horlacher, ProGenealogists:

Medieval Names Archive, links to documented lists of medieval individuals:

Spanish, Portuguese, and Basque Names, Medieval Names Archive, links to a wide array of medieval and early sources of individuals’ names::

Royal Descent, Descendants of Edward I of England. Brad Verity:

Medieval, Cyndi’s List: