Russia – Links

Russia – Links

General links for Russian genealogical and family history research (Now Russian Federation)

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How to Research Genealogy in Russia by Lisa A. Alzo, December 18, 2013, Family Tree Magazine:

Russian records & research aids, FamilySearch:
Russia, research lessons, including an introduction and lessons on reading Russian documents:

Russia, FamilySearch wiki:

Finding Lost Russian and Ukrainian Family, Vera Miller:

A Dictionary of Period Russian Names (and some of their Slavic roots) Being a compilation of over 25,000 Russian names Taken from period sources by Paul Wickenden of Thanet, Society for Creative Anachronism Inc.:

Names Among the Doukhobors, Russia-Canada. Also Russian terms, etc.:

All Russia Family Tree:

The Archives of Russia:

State Archives of the Russian Federation:

Links re Russian language, archives, history. School of Russian and Asian Studies, California:

Russian heroes of the First World War, searchable:

Maps of Russia, Retromap:

Historical Maps of Russia, Edumaps:

Russian Genealogy & Family History, incl. Russian Consular Records 1898-1922 / Likacheff-Ragosine-Mathers (LI-RA-MA) Collection, links, etc. Library and Archives Canada:

American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, ancestral surname charts available:

German-Russians on the Canadian Prairie, Germans from Russia Heritage Collection:

Russian Mennonite Emigration to Canada, Mennonite Archival Image Database:

Jewish genealogy, Eastern Europe, JewishGen: