Search Engines – Links

Search Engines – Links

Internet Search Engines

A selection of search engines dedicated to searching for specific interests or key words. Each has its own unique method of searching, storing and displaying website addresses (URLs) for search purposes.

Google:, Canadian Edition:


Duck Duck Go:

Yahoo:   Yahoo, Canadian Edition:

Excite  search engine & directory:

Other Engines: meta searches and special-purpose search tools.

Dogpile, meta search, gives results from several search engines at once – including Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask:

Yippy (formerly Clusty), searches search engine for ‘deep web’ results :, one of (or the) first meta-search engines (1996), originally Canadian:


Wolfram Aphra, an ‘answer engine’ – answers factual queries by computing the answer from structured data. (Needs an up to date browser):

Twitter Search:

Acronym Finder, for abbreviations, acronyms, initialisms and :

Search Engine Colossus,  search engines for 311 countries and territories:

The Wayback Machine, at, search for websites and pages no longer on the ‘Net. 150 billion web pages archived from 1996 to now:

Ask, search engine and new* ask questions for real people to answer:

More Information On-line

The 10 Best Search Engines of 2015, Paul Gil,

Research Buzz – a BCGS webmaster favourite –  “news about search engines, digital archives, online museums, databases, and other Internet information collections since 1998”:

CyndisList, Search Engines, links to information and to search sites:

For news about search engines, see Search Engine Land:

And two more more helpful tools – if you find a site referenced but it doesn’t seem to be working, try

Is It Down For Everyone or Just Me? to check if the website is really down for everyone (or if it might be you):

And, if it seems to be truly ‘down’ or worse, gone altogether, copy the URL, then go to the WayBack Machine to see if there are archived copies of the website or page that you can view: