Lebanon – Links

Lebanon – Links

 Lebanon Genealogy and Family History

“Researching Your Lebanese or Syrian Ancestry” by Sandra Hasser Bennett, Genealogy Today: http://www.genealogytoday.com/family/syrian/

 “How to Trace Genealogy in the Middle East or Eastern Europe” by Anne Hart, (originally at www.allvoices.com), Assyrian International News Agency, 2010: http://www.aina.org/ata/20101028214412.htm [See her book also – Tracing Your Baltic, Scandinavian, Eastern European, and Middle Eastern Ancestry Online.]

“Middle Ground: tracing Arabic ancestors in Syria, Lebanon and throughout the Middle East” article by Brad Crawford, Family Tree Magazine (USA), February 2007.

Lebanese-Genealogy, Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lebanese-Genealogy/363583063737966

Lebanon Genealogy Forum, Genealogy.com: http://genforum.genealogy.com/lebanon/all.html

Nami Jafet Memorial Library, American University of Beirut, Lebanon: http://www.aub.edu.lb/ulibraries/Pages/index.aspx

“Approaching Lebanese History: Archives and Sources for Modern Lebanese History” with Graham Pitts and Chris Gratien, Ottoman History Podcast, No. 99, March, 30 2013: http://www.ottomanhistorypodcast.com/2012/03/lebanon-archive-sources-modern-mandate.html

National Archives, Lebanon: http://www.can.gov.lb/

Lebanese Emigration Research Center, Notre Dame University, Kesrwan, Lebanon: http://www.ndu.edu.lb/lerc/aboutus.htm

Ministry of Tourism, Lebanon: http://mot.gov.lb/AboutLebanon

Search Your Middle Eastern and European Genealogy: In the Former Ottoman Empire’s Records and Online by Anne Hart, (ASJA Press, 2004).

FamilySearch.org, very few books/records, but some family histories: https://familysearch.org/wiki/en/Lebanon_Genealogy

DNA project – for Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, and Jordon, Family Tree DNA: http://www.familytreedna.com/public/Lebanon-Syria-DNA/

“Jews of Lebanon, History and Records” by Alain Farhi, IAJGS Conference 2012: http://www.farhi.org/Documents/The%20Jews%20of%20Lebanon.htm

Historical and Modern Maps

Lebanese Gazetteer, Falling Rain Genomics Ltd.: http://www.fallingrain.com/world/LE/

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection, Cartography Associates: http://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/view/search/where/Lebanon?q=lebanon&sort=Pub_List_No_InitialSort,Pub_Date,Pub_List_No,Series_No

The Perry-Castañeda Map Collection, University of Texas Libraries: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/lebanon.html