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Volhynia, a site about research for the area now in the northwest corner of Ukraine (known in German as Wolhynien), Dave Obee: ww.volhynia.com

Volhynia.org, German Baptists, Donald N. Miller: http://www.volhynia.org

“Your Ancestors In Volhynia and Poland from 1700 to 1900: How They Got There and How They Lived” by William Remus, FEEGS Conference, 2009. pdf: http://www.sputtr.com/read/your-ancestors-in-volhynia-and-poland-from-1700-to-1900-how–d41d.html?f=1qeXpurpn6Wih-SUpOGunKmnh8Xe69eUqdPT19zi49jojc7aj8zU4NDe3tvKjtXU2Y2129vX09iIy-Lh1o6lnaWdheDelpatmJWqkrHd64ajm5OOqumfpaKH1pSk4a6bqKeH1OPq


Go to this search of Sputtr.com for more articles: http://www.sputtr.com/volhynia

“Volhynian Legacy” by Irmgard Hein Ellingson, FEEFHS Journal, Vol. IX, 2001:

Galizien German Descendants, maps, research guide: http://www.galiziengermandescendants.org Includes index to 1939 resettlement records (EWZ records): http://www.galiziengermandescendants.org/BDC_Files/index.htm

See also the Society for German Genealogy in Eastern Europe: https://www.sggee.org

War Documents, Odessa Library, German-Russian Genealogical Library: http://www.odessa3.org/collections/war

Germans in Russia and other C.I.S. States, Jerry Frank: http://www.genealogienetz.de/reg/ESE/russia.html

For C.I.S. states, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commonwealth_of_Independent_States

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