“The British Columbia Genealogist” – Table of Contents Index

The BCGS quarterly “The British Columbia Genealogist” – Table of Contents Index

This database has a list of article titles from the Table of Contents of all issues of  “The British Columbia Genealogist” published by the BCGS since 1971, when the Society was created. Since 2005, the main surnames mentioned in articles are included in this searchable index.

See also the beta Index to many of the individual indexes compiled by a member and published in the BCGS journal from 2004 on. Contact the Society’s BC Research Committee for more information if you find a family name.

Articles from the years 1971 to 1984 were indexed by BCGS volunteers and the data is also in this database. If you see results of your search in the far right hand column in this table, the Yr-Vol-No column, this is from one of the journals that have been indexed.

Obtaining issues of “The British Columbia Genealogist”

All issues of the quarterly are available for viewing at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library and Resource Centre in Surrey; copies of most issues may be purchased. See our BCGS price list. In many cases, copies of individual articles are also available. Contact the BCGS editor: editor@bcgs.ca

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"BARQUE TORY" by Alice Marwood8514Summer 1972Yes
"Big Country"121234December 1994No
100 Mile House Cemetery Records & Cemetery1232February 1974Yes
1791 Dublin Directory (a continuation)2324August 1973Yes
1791 DUBLIN DIRECTORY (a continuation)622February 1973Yes
1791 DUBLIN DIRECTORY (a continuation)1123May 1973Yes
1791 DUBLIN DIRECTORY (a continuation)921November 1972Yes
1791 THE DUBLIN DIRECTORY by James Douglas Anderson10614Summer 1972Yes
17th Century handwriting128134December 1984Yes
1860 Victoria Directory (a continuation)124August 1973Yes
1881 Canadian Census2852Summer 1976Yes
1886 Courtenay District Voters' List50132June 1984Yes
1891 B.C. Census Index Completed39351March 2006No
1891 Census Index from Rootsweb 5324December 2003No
1901 British Census Vouchers84332June 2004No
1901 British Census Vouchers112343September 2005No
1901 Census of Canada- British Columbia project140263September 1997No
1910 Aviation Pioneers 19302441975Yes
1911 Canadian Census187284December 1999No
1911 Canadian Census - CP Railway Crews142343September 2005No
1911 CanadIan Census lndexing Continues38351March 2006No
1911 Census Petition151283September 1999No
1911 Census, Mission, B.C.—CROKE, BATE90352June 2006No
1925 Model T Ford51322June 2003No
1945 Query, Vancouver—BARNES67352June 2006No
1999 Cemetery Tours - Mountain View Cemetery188274December 1998No
20 Ways to avoid Grief When Researching4171March 1988No
200th Anniversary of the Selkirk Settlers to Belfast, PEI37322June 2003No
24th of May. Vancouver, 1907 — FIELDS, WILLSON43351March 2006No
25 th Anniversary Mugs100262June 1997No
2nd Pomeroy Family Gathering45291March 2000No
4th Annual Tn Stake Family History Center Seminar89292June 2000No
8th Annual Tri-Stake Seminar133333September 2004No
929 and CS Are Fine But Where Do You Go From There?31421975Yes
A Book of Interest - Virginia104233September 1994No
A Brief Overview of Genealogical Source Citations62282June 1999No
A British Columbia Research Department Report - Nakusp253Autumn 1976Yes
A British Columbia Success Story2171March 1988No
A calendar of Saint’s Days19111Spring 1982Yes
A Canadian Armorial1471 , 2Spring & Summer 1978Yes
A Case Study in British Military Records-Trooper Alfred Edward Filling .88163September 1987No
A Celtic Connection18241March 1995No
A Chilcotin Manuscript1934August 1974Yes
A Chilcotin Manuscript....the continuation2735November 1974Yes
A Coming Event - Vancouver Institute17341March 2005No
A Disastrous Marriage122134December 1984Yes
A Family History Reconstructed From Wills:Thomas Awmack of Sandhutton .....13141March 1985No
A Fun-Fun-Fun Job in the Offing (volunteer needed)34291March 2000No
A God-sent Land2141March 1985No
A God-sent Land, Part II34142June 1985No
A God-sent Land, Part III66143September 1985No
A God-sent Land, Part IV (Conclusion)94144December 1985No
A House Called "Elworth" (Bateman family)63232June 1994No
A Latin Family Tree106153September 1986No
A Legacy in Cardboard86104Winter 1981Yes
A Letter To Home.24211March 1992No
A Link with the Canadian Pacific Railway by Michael D'Arcy25192June 1990No
A List of Residents of New Westminster supporting W.J. Armstrong. as a Candidate for the Provincial Legislature138224December 1993No
A Long Term Query!7973 , 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
A Look at Some Border Entries 134293September 2000No
A Mid-Argylll Contract of Fosterage: 165592114December 1982Yes
A Misspelled Name143343September 2005No
A Pair of Socks30323September 2003No
A Pioneer Story61212June 1992No
A Poem - Grandma200264December 1997No
A Recap of Ken Aitkens Session in September, 200416341March 2005No
A Sad Accident58292June 2000No
A Scottish Clan Project1031November 1973Yes
A Soldier's Grave38261March 1997No
A Stray from Harrison Co., Mississippi16231March 1994No
A Tribute to Dr. Margaret Ormsby15231March 1994No
A Trip into History by Joan D. Moore2201March 1991No
A Visit with Our Eldest Member1952Summer 1976Yes
A Week at Library & Archives Canada 84332June 2004No
A Woman Lost in Time, the life and times of Sara Ann McLagan, Part Two .......65242June 1995No
A Woman Lost in Time: The life and times of Sara Ann McLagan, Part One .......29241March 1995No
A Word About Spanish Names48132June 1984Yes
Abbot * Abbot - A Selected List - East Bergholt Burial Register 1813-18629441975Yes
Abraham & Nancy Huck - A Surrey Pioneer Family5883Fall 1979Yes
Accepted Standards of Conduct for Family History Researchers75252June 1996No
Ackerman/Upsdell Family Bible5221March 1993No
Acquisitions & Exchanges26441975Yes
Acquisitions and Exchanges2535November 1974Yes
Acquisitions and Exchanges29421975Yes
Acquisitions and Exchanges21431975Yes
Acquisitions and Exchanges3741Winter 1975Yes
Acquisitions at Cloverdale Library179304December 2001No
Acronyms, i.e., GRO 39322June 2003No
Act Anent Murthering of Children29182June 1989No
Addenda to the List of Royal Engineers (Sappers)123164September 1987No
Additional Fiche - B.C.G.S. Resource Centre43271March 1998No
Additional Fiche in BCGS Resource Center128283September 1999No
Additional Fiche in BCGS Resource Center - November 13, 1997 ..180264December 1997No
Additional Fiche in BCGS Resource Centre80272June 1998No
Additional Fiche in BCGS Resource Centre Aug. 5, 1998143273September 1998No
Additional Fiche in the BCGS Resource Center - Feb. 19, 199950281March 1999No
Additional Fiche in the BCGS Resource Centre185284December 1999No
Additional Fiche in the Waiter Draycot Library 29311March 2002No
Additional Fiche in the Walter Draycot Library24291March 2000No
Additional Fiche in the Walter Draycot Library68302June 2001No
Additional Fiche in the Walter Draycot Library, 1 June 200269312June 2002No
Additional Fiche in Waiter Draycot Library, Aug. 19, 2000 133293September 2000No
Additional Fiche in Waiter Draycot Library, Aug.15, 2001 152303September 2001No
Additional Fiche in Walter Draycot Library167294December 2000No
Additional Microfiche in BCGS Resource Centre78262June 1997No
Additional Microfiche in Bcgs Resource Centre - 6 August 1997133263September 1997No
Additional Microfiche in BCGS, Resource Centre - 6 August 1997 *Corrections* and Additional Information180264December 1997No
Additional Microfiche in the Walter Draycot library87292June 2000No
Additional Microfiche in the Walter Draycott Library                172314December 2002No
Additional Microfiche in Waiter Draycot Library 42301March 2001No
Additional Microfiche in Waiter Draycot Library, 1 December, 2001171304December 2001No
Additional Microfiche in Walter Draycott Library114313September 2002No
ADDITIONS to LIBRARY1511Fall 1971Yes
ADDITIONS TO OUR FILES2821November 1972Yes
Adopted in British Columbia: Woman Hunts for Birth Family .8181March 1989No
Advertisements56261March 1997No
Advertising2335November 1974Yes
Advertising150194December 1990No
Advertising150214December 1992No
Advertising119223September 1993No
Advertising145234December 1994No
Advertising.231March 1994No
Advertising127254December 1996No
Advertising36251March 1996No
Advertising203264December 1997No
Advertising108262June 1997No
Advertising201274December 1998No
Advertising113272June 1998No
Advertising162273September 1998No
Advertising197284December 1999No
Advertising114282June 1999No
Advertising55281March 1999No
Advertising163283September 1999No
Advertising106292June 2000No
Advertising52291March 2000No
Advertising219304December 2001No
Advertising107302June 2001No
Advertising59324December 2003No
Advertising91312June 2002No
Advertising55322June 2003No
Advertising259321March 2003No
Advertising143313September 2002No
Advertising194334December 2004No
Advertising55331March 2004No
Advertising134333September 2004No
Advertising34341March 2005No
Advertising111342June 2005No
Advertising147343September 2005No
Advertising197344December 2005No
Advertising51351March 2006No
Advertising102352June 2006No
Advertising152353September 2006No
Advertising 154293September 2000No
Advertising 50301March 2001No
Advertising 163303September 2001No
Advertising 43323September 2003No
Advertising 95332June 2004No
Advertising                  202314December 2002No
Advertising.159244December 1995No
Aids for German-Russian Research5993Autumn 1980Yes
Aids in Determining Correct Dates53142June 1985No
Alexander Kilgour Biographical Sketch261Spring 1977Yes
Alexander Kilgour Extracts from Letters461Spring 1977Yes
Alfred deRupe Taylor, A Personal History44232June 1994No
All Hallow’s Eve, Lancashire, England110353September 2006No
Allison Family Cemetery2641Winter 1975Yes
Alternate Sources for Monumental Inscriptions5181March 1989No
Alternative to Salt Lake or Overseas159314December 2002No
An Early Attempt to Register Vital Statistics17421975Yes
An Index to The Book of Trades or Library of Usef ul Arts 1 81 1 & 1 81 8, Volumes 1, 2, & 3 47301March 2001No
An Old Gulf lsland's Voters List, 1886 (reprint)196304December 2001No
Ancestry.com now available at Vancouver Public Library system15341March 2005No
And the Winner Was?28341March 2005No
Anderson or Seton - What's In A Name!117234December 1994No
Anglo-indian Legacy 211294December 2000No
Angus Baxter 1912-2005184344December 2005No
Annapolis Royal & Area Genealogical Centre Announcement78262June 1997No
Annual BCGS Salt Lake City Trip141273September 1998No
Annual General Meeting Nominations166274December 1998No
Annual General Meeting Nominations166304December 2001No
Annual General Meeting Nominations2324December 2003No
Annual General Meeting Nominations138334December 2004No
Annual General Meeting Nominations146314December 2002No
Annual General Meeting Nominations 2001 158294December 2000No
Annual General Meeting Nominations, 8 March 2000167284December 1999No
Annual General Meeting, Nominations163264December 1997No
Annual Report - B.C. Research209321March 2003No
Annual Report - B.C. Research2331March 2004No
Annual Report 2002 for Fundraising211321March 2003No
Annual Report 2003 for Fund Raising3331March 2004No
Annual Reports: Cemetery Committee Report 41301March 2001No
Annual Reports: Corresponding Secretary's Report 38301March 2001No
Annual Reports: Hospitality Report 39301March 2001No
Annual Reports: President's Report 36301March 2001No
Annual Reports: Publicity Report, Special Projects Report  40301March 2001No
Annual Reports: Treasurer's Report 37301March 2001No
Another Book Review105292June 2000No
Another Slant on a Salt Lake Trip189304December 2001No
Apelrod97262June 1997No
Appeal for Undated Photographs39351March 2006No
Appointment158273September 1998No
Archive CD Books66312June 2002No
Archive CDBooks Canada88332June 2004No
Archives of Richmond, B.C159273September 1998No
Armstrong - Spallumcheen Cemetery (conclusion)6111Spring 1982Yes
Armstrong - Spallumcheen Cemetery (cont'd)90104Winter 1981Yes
Armstrong - Spallumcheen Cemetery (continued)59103Autumn 1981Yes
Armstrong-Spallumcheen Cemetery,Armstrong, B.C.35102Summer 1981Yes
Arrivals in Vancouver, May-June 18869151March 1986No
Articles of Interest in our Resource Centre108282June 1999No
Assistance for Researchers of the 1881 Census for B.C.80104Winter 1981Yes
Audio Tapes in the BCGS142273September 1998No
August 2002 General Meeting142313September 2002No
Autobiography of Jacob Loewen231November 1973Yes
Autobiography of Peter A Loewen, Conclusion3071 , 2Spring & Summer 1978Yes
Autobiography of Peter A, Loewen written in Manitoba in 1895& translated in 1972 by his grandson, Frank Loewen Epp - a continuationof the Autobiography of Jacoh Loewen which appeared in the BCGSquarterly of Volume 3, No, 1, s 2 to 51764Winter 1977Yes
B.C. Briefs2111Spring 1982Yes
B.C. Civil Registration (Vital Records)117254December 1996No
B.C. Coroners Indexing Project118353September 2006No
B.C. Electric Company Records (update)60212June 1992No
B.C. Electric Company Records by L.Irving63194December 1990No
B.C. Electric Company Records by Lorraine Irving8201March 1991No
B.C. Government Employees in 1876: An Index17131March 1984Yes
B.C. High School Pupils, 1901-190274163September 1987No
B.C. Land Registration Until 187082123September 1983Yes
B.C. Magistrates, 1858-188338132June 1984Yes
B.C. October Meeting Silent Auction 115303September 2001No
B.C. Probates on Microfilm117254December 1996No
B.C. Research Annual Report10341March 2005No
B.C. Research Centre101262June 1997No
B.C. Research Committee Queries1461Spring 1977Yes
B.C. Research- Special Projects16251March 1996No
B.C. Research- The Pioneer Register129234December 1994No
B.C. Research -The Pioneer Register.15251March 1996No
B.C. Research-The Pioneer Register110243September 1995No
B.C. Resource Centre Information116272June 1998No
B.C. Revenue Collectors, 1901-190258162June 1987No
B.C. School teachers and Pupils, 1882-188399153September 1986No
B.C. School Trustees and Donors, 1882-1883154154December 1986No
B.C. Strays in Manitoba74143September 1985No
B.C. Strays in Washington State .71113Autumn 1982Yes
B.C. Villains in 1879: An Index106134December 1984Yes
B.C.G.S. 2007 Membership Dues & Renewals122353September 2006No
B.C.G.S. 25 th Anniversary Book100262June 1997No
B.C.G.S. at Richmond Heritage Week13351March 2006No
B.C.G.S. BC Research Annual Report28351March 2006No
B.C.G.S. Boutique Annual Report30351March 2006No
B.C.G.S. Cemetery Committee News158344December 2005No
B.C.G.S. Contact information.353September 2006No
B.C.G.S. Education Committee Report29351March 2006No
B.C.G.S. Education Schedule177344December 2005No
B.C.G.S. Education Schedule35351March 2006No
B.C.G.S. Fundraising Annual Report30351March 2006No
B.C.G.S. Library Annual Report31351March 2006No
B.C.G.S. Library Information156353September 2006No
B.C.G.S. Library Report143353September 2006No
B.C.G.S. Master Card Index Sources127164September 1987No
B.C.G.S. Membership Renewal Reminder181344December 2005No
B.C.G.S. Most Improved Genealogy Contest150344December 2005No
B.C.G.S. Special Interest Group Facilitators36351March 2006No
B.C.G.S. Special Interest Group, Facilitators Contacts.353September 2006No
B.C.G.S. Volunteers Honoured .4351March 2006No
B.C.G.S. Walter Draycott Library71352June 2006No
B.C.G.S. Website-Members Interests; E-newsletter BC Pioneers139353September 2006No
B.C.'s Residents 188272113Autumn 1982Yes
B.C.'s Residents, 188298114December 1982Yes
B.C.'s Residents, 188213121March 1983Yes
Babcock Bible49252June 1996No
Babcock Bible--Further News17261March 1997No
Background from a Book A Review89233September 1994No
Bagrie Kin12241March 1995No
Baldwins of Ontario & B.C. - Appendix 'F'148224December 1993No
Baptismal Records - Abbot, Abbott, Mann1671 , 2Spring & Summer 1978Yes
Barker and Langston Family Records84163September 1987No
Barlow Family Bible15131March 1984Yes
BARQUE "COWLITZ" by John Cass212Winter 1971/72Yes
BC Books68352June 2006No
BC Church Registers - Blakeburn, B.C. Coal Mine Disaster (burial list, Princeton Cemetery).....{1973/3/1}
BC Church Registers - List of Church Registers in the Provincial Archives.Victoria.....{1971/1/1}
BC Church Registers - Parish Register - St John the Divine. Derby (Yale). B.C. (18591903).....{1971/1/2,4}
BC Electric Smoker, Vancouver, 1920131353September 2006No
BC Genealogical Events, BCGS Education & Facilitators.352June 2006No
BC History - A Chilcotin Manuscript.....{1974/3/4,5}
BC History - British Columbia's Mining Casualties.....{1980/9/1,2,3,4} {1981/10/1,2 }
BC History - Chilliwack, B.C., 1891.....{1979/8/1}
BC History - Granite Creek - From Gold Town to Ghost Town.....{1971/1/1}
BC History - Hedley, B.C......{1976/5/1}
BC History - Nakusp, B.C......{1976/5/3}
BC History - Richmond, Delta, Surrey - 1879-1979.....{1979/8/3}
BC History - Smithers, B.C......{1977/6/2}
BC History - Some Notes on Gabriola island - Its Early History and the Edgar Family.....{1980/9/2}
BC History - Some of Richmond's pioneers.....{1973/2/2}
BC History - Sooke Harbour, Vancouver Island: A Brief Sketch (*).....{1983/12/4}
BC History - The B.C. provincial police 1858-1950.....{1981/10/1}
BC History - The Bridge River Valley.....{1974/3/3}
BC History - The Cariboo.....{1974/3/2}
BC History - Union City & Colliery, Vancouver Island, 1882.....{1978/7/ 3/4}
BC Inventors Granted U.S.A. Patents, 19295351March 2006No
BC Miscellaneous - 1986 Courtenay District Voters' List (*).....{1984/13/2}
BC Miscellaneous - An Early Attempt to Register Vital Statistics.....{1975/4/2}
BC Miscellaneous - Aviation Pioneers 1910-1930.....{1975/4/4}
BC Miscellaneous - B.C. Briefs - Extracts from the BCGS Newspaper Index Program.....{1982/11/1}
BC Miscellaneous - B.C. Government employees in 1876: An index (*).....{1984/13/1}
BC Miscellaneous - B.C. Land Registration until 1870 (*).....{1983/12/3}
BC Miscellaneous - B.C. Magistrates, 1858 -1883 (*).....{1984/13/2}
BC Miscellaneous - B.C. Strays in Washington State.....{1982/11/3}
BC Miscellaneous - B.C. Villains in 1879: An index (*).....{1984/l3/4}
BC Miscellaneous - B.C.’s Residents, 1882 (*).....{1983/12/1}
BC Miscellaneous - B.C.'s Residents, 1882.....{1982/11/3,4}
BC Miscellaneous - Clock & watchmakers & Allied workers in B.C.,1700-1900.....{1978/7/ 1/2}
BC Miscellaneous - Comox Electors 1874-1894 (includes corrections to 1886 Courtenay District Voters List) (*).....{1984/13/3}
BC Miscellaneous - Early Council Meetings at Surrey.....{1982/11/2}
BC Miscellaneous - First Victoria Directory. 1860.....{1976/5/4}
BC Miscellaneous - Genealogy of KL-AP-A-LA-NO (*).....{1983/12/4}
BC Miscellaneous - Letter From Fraser's River (1859).....{1982/11/3}
BC Miscellaneous - Marriage in B.C., 1877.....{1982/11/3}
BC Miscellaneous - Monument, Stanley Park, Vancouver (list of 8 victims of ship collision).....{1974/3/3}
BC Miscellaneous - New Westminster May Queens 1870-1955.....{1977/6/4}
BC Miscellaneous - Oblate Geographical Names in B.C......{1973/2/3}
BC Miscellaneous - Original Crown Grants Extant for Denman a Hornby Islands, B.C......{1977/6/2,3}
BC Miscellaneous - Our Tenth Birthday - February 1961 (RCGS).....{1981/10/1}
BC Miscellaneous - Patients in B.C. Hospitals, 1878: An Index (*).....{1983/12/3}
BC Miscellaneous - Pioneers of Denman Island.....{1978/7/3/4}
BC Miscellaneous - Read Island School Teacher - 1926 Style.....{1982/11/4}
BC Miscellaneous - Residents of Alert Bay, B.C., 1934.....{1978/7/3/4}
BC Miscellaneous - Scottish Rite Membership List -1922 (Victoria & Vancouver areas).....{1973/3/1}
BC Miscellaneous - Some Oblate Souvenirs in British Columbia.....{1973/2/4}
BC Miscellaneous - Surrey - Dates in Our History.....{1979/8/3}
BC Miscellaneous - Surrey Reeves 1880-1956.....{1979/8/3}
BC Miscellaneous - The Directories of British Columbia (including 1890 Victoria & Esquimalt Telephone Directory).....{1976/5/3}
BC Miscellaneous - The Registration of Births, Marriages & Deaths Act, British Columbia, 1812.....{197515/4}
BC Miscellaneous - The Royal Engineers.....{1973/2/3}
BC Miscellaneous - The Royal Hospital, Victoria - First 21 deaths, 1858-1860 (*).....{1983/12/4}
BC Miscellaneous - The Victoria Police Departaent 1902.....{1982/11/4}
BC Miscellaneous - Victoria Marriages 1886.....{1982111/3}
BC Miscellaneous - Victoria Post Office - list of letters, 1861.....{1982/11/2}
BC Research:- Update on the Book Indexing Programme148273September 1998No
BCGS “Most Improved” Contest139343September 2005No
BCGS 1st Annual Spring Faire, 23 March 2002101302June 2001No
BCGS 30th Anniversary Celebration 138293September 2000No
BCGS Boutique131333September 2004No
BCGS Boutique9323September 2003No
BCGS Cemetery / Publicatlon Committee News85352June 2006No
BCGS Cemetery Transcriptions72342June 2005No
BCGS Class Schedule - General Meetings3322June 2003No
BCGS Class Schedule Aug 2004-Dec 200498333September 2004No
BCGS Education Committee14324December 2003No
BCGS Fall Course Schedule53312June 2002No
BCGS Fall Course Schedule126313September 2002No
BCGS Fall Course Schedule - Education Committee Events 157303September 2001No
BCGS Family History Tour to England & Scotland, Oct. 5-21 7301March 2001No
BCGS General Meeting Education Schedule116303September 2001No
BCGS General Meetings & Special Meeting Notice for August 2006.55352June 2006No
BCGS Gift Certificates 158303September 2001No
BCGS Goes Green 159294December 2000No
BCGS Irish Trip - March 2003123313September 2002No
BCGS Library Acquisitions Annual Report 20034331March 2004No
BCGS Library Needs More Duty Volunteers142343September 2005No
BCGS New Members, Changes of address, etc183304December 2001No
BCGS Price List131333September 2004No
BCGS Public Relations Committee Report79352June 2006No
BCGS Publications for Sale178264December 1997No
BCGS Regular Meeting Classes148314December 2002No
BCGS Resource Center Acquisitions41281March 1999No
BCGS Resource Centre Acquisitions, Oct. 21, 1999183284December 1999No
BCGS Salt Lake Trip123313September 2002No
BCGS Silent Auction & Book Sale Held October 2001 Meeting190304December 2001No
BCGS Spring Fayre, March 2002:- *Reminder Notice, *Coming Events195304December 2001No
BCGS Surname Book Deadline 88332June 2004No
BCGS Volunteer Appreciation91352June 2006No
Beecher Campbell Research182264December 1997No
Beginner Classes at Walter Draycot Library 17311March 2002No
Beginners - Questions & Answers - Sept. 23, 200193302June 2001No
Beginning Research on French-Canadian Ancestors46162June 1987No
Beginning Research on French-Canadian Ancestors-Errata98163September 1987No
Belated Baptisms24251March 1996No
Beniston Family History2281March 1999No
Betty Lickiss - In Memoriam.332June 2004No
Bibles - LOVETT AND COOKE16221March 1993No
Bigelow Family Reunion148334December 2004No
Bill 43- Vital Statistics Amendment Act, 200486332June 2004No
Bingo 132293September 2000No
Biographical Resources At The Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, Volume Two10323September 2003No
Biographies - Abraham & Nancy Muck - A Surrey Pioneer Family.....{1919/8/3}
Biographies - Alexander Kilgour - A Biographical Sketch.....{1977/6/1}
Biographies - Autobiography of Jacob Loewen (including genealogy of Peter A. Loewen).....{1973/3/1} {1977/6/4} {1978/7/ 1/2}
Biographies - Barker family Records.....{197716/3}
Biographies - Biographies - The Huscrofts of the Creston Valley.....{1976/5/1}
Biographies - Biographies - The McClughan Family.....{1977/6/3}
Biographies - Blanche Pipe, Burnaby Pioneer (*).....{1983/12/2}
Biographies - Early History of the Burnaby Family of leicestershire, England.....{1975/4/4}
Biographies - Frederick William Laing - The Man & the Monument (includes list of B.C. Districts & list of settlers 1858-71).....{1916/5/1,2}
Biographies - Robert Dunsmuir- An Exercise in Genealogical Reconstruction.....{1981/10/2}
Biographies - The Date and Place of Robert Dunsmuir's Birth.....{1981/10/4}
Biographies - The Edgar Family (see B.C. History - Gabriola Island).....-
Biographies - The Vancouver-Van Coeverden Controversy.....{1975/4/1,2,3}
Birth Certificate-Shiels.74252June 1996No
Births, Deaths & Marriages from Amherstburg. Echo Pertaining to B.C. ............116234December 1994No
Births, Kamloops, B.C. March 1911 ROSS126353September 2006No
Births, Marriages & Deaths from the Fort Steele Prospector82223September 1993No
Bits from other Journals - check them out52281March 1999No
Blackjack MacDonnell by Barbara Rogers11204December 1991No
Blaine Cenotaph - Blaine, Washington, U,S.A.19431975Yes
Blakeburn, B.C. Coal Mine Disaster Records1731November 1973Yes
Blanche Pipe, Burnaby Pioneer35122June 1983Yes
Bland - in the West?105233September 1994No
Blind Bay Cemetery, Blind Bay7773 , 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
Blount Family Bible12141March 1985No
BMD Certificates 152303September 2001No
Boal Chapel Volunteer Needed88332June 2004No
Bob Dahling - In Memoriam89332June 2004No
BOOK LIST by Mrs. Pamela Shields7413Spring 1972Yes
Book Reports72212June 1992No
Book Reports125224December 1993No
Book Reports42222June 1993No
Book Reports9221March 1993No
Book Reports106223September 1993No
Book Reports38232June 1994No
Book Reports5231March 1994No
Book Reports87243September 1995No
Book Reports10251March 1996No
Book Reports77253September 1996No
Book Reports7261March 1997No
Book Reports59292June 2000No
Book Reports59312June 2002No
Book Reports66332June 2004No
Book Reports 163294December 2000No
Book Reports 112293September 2000No
Book Reports 33301March 2001No
Book Reports:..1) Directory of Canadian Records & Manuscript Repositories .2) Jaarboek, Centraal Bureau Voor Genealogie3482Summer 1979Yes
Book Review2624August 1973Yes
Book Review3101Spring 1981Yes
Book Review103114December 1982Yes
Book Review - "William Schurman Loyalist and His Descendants"1533May 1974Yes
Book Review - Saltfleet Then and Now5373 & 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
Book Review - The Canadian Genealogical Handbook971 & 2Spring & Summer 1978Yes
Book Review: Letters from the Front6483Fall 1979Yes
Book Review:- Mabinogi an Clem1481Spring 1979Yes
BOOK REVIEWS3022February 1973Yes
Book Reviews16421975Yes
Book Reviews3431975Yes
Book Reviews7584Winter 1979Yes
Book Reviews.84Winter 1979Yes
Book Reviews8384Winter 1979Yes
Book Reviews9284Winter 1979Yes
Book Reviews7193Autumn 1980Yes
Book Reviews391Spring 1980Yes
Book Reviews3192Summer 1980Yes
Book Reviews9694Winter 1980Yes
Book Reviews33102Summer 1981Yes
Book Reviews97104Winter 1981Yes
Book Reviews69113Autumn 1982Yes
Book Reviews47112Summer 1982Yes
Book Reviews120124December 1983Yes
Book Reviews48122June 1983Yes
Book Reviews20121March 1983Yes
Book Reviews84123September 1983Yes
Book Reviews62132June 1984Yes
Book Reviews111144December 1985No
Book Reviews57142June 1985No
Book Reviews87143September 1985No
Book Reviews161154December 1986No
Book Reviews66152June 1986No
Book Reviews23151March 1986No
Book Reviews111153September 1986No
Book Reviews64162June 1987No
Book Reviews29161March 1987No
Book Reviews99163September 1987No
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Book Reviews165344December 2005No
Book Reviews6351March 2006No
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Book Reviews10323September 2003No
Book Reviews for the Walter Draycott Library153334December 2004No
Book Reviews 138303September 2001No
Book Reviews 14311March 2002No
BOOK. REVIEWS2062Summer 1977Yes
Books at University of B.C96292June 2000No
Books Available at University of British Columbia1224August 1973Yes
Books for Sale861Spring 1977Yes
Brenton Family Bible21151March 1986No
Brian W. Hutchison Genealogical Scholarship144334December 2004No
Brian W. Hutchlson Scholarship44351March 2006No
Britannia Library Talk94332June 2004No
British Columbia Biographical169264December 1997No
British Columbia Cemeteries20211March 1992No
British Columbia Children, Photographs, 192914351March 2006No
British Columbia Genealogical Society 1971-1990200274December 1998No
British Columbia Genealogist in the News15324December 2003No
British Columbia Genealogy Society Privacy Policy100333September 2004No
British Columbia in 190195272June 1998No
British Columbia in 190144271March 1998No
British Columbia in 190137281March 1999No
British Columbia Research Before Civil Registration162314December 2002No
British Columbia Strays, Deaths Reported150353September 2006No
British Columbia Teachers' Institute 188643193September 1990No
British Columbia Vital Registrations’ Release, January 1, 200483332June 2004No
British Columbia’s Mining Casualties Part 35293Autumn 1980Yes
British Columbians Aboard the Empress of Ireland on May 28, 191412341March 2005No
British Columbians All12221March 1993No
British Columbia's Mine Disasters - Index50102Summer 1981Yes
British Columbia's Mining Casualties1191Spring 1980Yes
British Columbia's Mining Casualties, Part 2..4292Summer 1980Yes
British Columbia's Mining Casualties, Part 48894Winter 1980Yes
British Columbia's Mining Casualties, Part 58994Winter 1980Yes
British Columbia's Mining Casualties, Part 64101Spring 1981Yes
Brown Family Bible93233September 1994No
Bulletin Exchange1824August 1973Yes
BULLETIN EXCHANGE222February 1973Yes
BULLETIN EXCHANGE2721November 1972Yes
BURIALS - ST. JOHN THE DIVINE CHURCH by Gay Curran Husband9614Summer 1972Yes
Burn Family, Vancouver query192334December 2004No
Burnaby hen has long ride, 1927 HAYWARD120353September 2006No
Burnaby South, B.C., High School Students, 1930's & World War II178344December 2005No
Burr Family 5th Annual Reunion138263September 1997No
Burr Family Bible33241March 1995No
Calling all Irish Researchers159314December 2002No
Camp McKinney Cemetery, Camp McKinney, B.C.381Spring 1979Yes
Campbell River District Museums59132June 1984Yes
Can You Spare Two and One Half Hours for Your Society 116293September 2000No
Canada Wide Health and Medical Archives Telephone Info. Network125254December 1996No
Canada-Wide Health & Medical Archives Telephone Info. Network74252June 1996No
Canadian Census Campaign Update193334December 2004No
Canadian Census Records May Shed Light on Criminal Ancestors in BC .129343September 2005No
Canadian Descendants of Robert Irwin of Artimford, Aberdeenshire 152283September 1999No
Canadian Expeditionary Force 19171071 , 2Spring & Summer 1978Yes
Canadian Loyalist McTaggart Family - Bay of Quinte1633May 1974Yes
Canadian Pacific to Europe Allan Line, SS Grampian Passenger List70302June 2001No
Canadian Poets26231March 1994No
Canadian Soldier's Burial, Epping, Eng.120234December 1994No
Canadian Strays in Australia46122June 1983Yes
Canadian Strays in Scotland68123September 1983Yes
Canadian Vital Statistics Information178274December 1998No
Canadian World War 1 Graves, Bramshott Churchyard119303September 2001No
Candish/Lockley Family Record99133September 1984Yes
Capt. John McDale Cavin and wife Sarah Cogswell91272June 1998No
CARD INDEX FILE (cont. from 21)3323May 1973Yes
Cariboo Teamsters105262June 1997No
Carpenter Family Bible77113Autumn 1982Yes
CARR FAMILY BIBLE662Summer 1977Yes
Carter Family Bible.139244December 1995No
Cdn. & U.S. Census Records on CD Rom142313September 2002No
CDs at Walter Draycot Library162314December 2002No
Cemeteries in Whonnock (a review) 160303September 2001No
Cemeteries  Cemeteries!103342June 2005No
Cemetery Committee 2003 Annual Report4331March 2004No
Cemetery Committee Report 199756271March 1998No
cemetery Committee, Year End Report 2002210321March 2003No
Cemetery Links: Pioneer Cemetery at Ft. Langley, St. George, Anglican Church, British Columbia, Canada 162303September 2001No
Cemetery of Temiskaming (Ontario)120234December 1994No
Cemetery on the Range, Midway, B.C.2582Summer 1979Yes
Cemetery Transcriptions - "Memorial park" Cenotaph, Ladner.....{1973/2/3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - 100 Mile House Cemetery Records & Cemetery.....{1974/3/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Allison family Cemetery. Allison Ranch, Princeton.....{1975/4/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Armstrong-Spallumcheen Cemetery, Armstrong.....{1981/10/2,3,4} {1982/11/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Blaine Cenotaph, Blaine. Wa. U.S.A......{1978/7/ 3/4}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Blind Bay Cemetery, Blind Bay.....{1976/7 3/4}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Bowen Island Cenotaph, Snug Cove. Bowen Island.....{1973/2/4}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Camp McKinney Cemetery, Camp McKinney.....{1979/8/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Cemetery at Yale.....{1972/2/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Cemetery on the Range. Midway.....{1979/8/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Cenotaph Inscriptions, Richmond.....{1973/2/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Clinton Cemetary, Clinton.....{1974/3/3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Coldstream municipal Cemetery, Coldstream.....{1980/9/3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Deroche Cemetery, Deroche.....{1973/2/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Dougan family Cemetery, Cowichan Bay.....{1977/6/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Faber Family Cemetery. Alberni.....{1975/4/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Fairview Cemetery. Osoyoos.....{1971/1/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Forest Grove Cemetery, Forest Grove.....{1974/3/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Forest View Cemetery. Pender Harbour.....{1977/6/4}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Granite Creek Cemetery. Coalmont.....{1971/1/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Hazelmere District Cemetery, Surrey.....{1973/2/3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Hedley Cemetery. Hedley.....{1976/5/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Hedley Cenotaph.....{1974/3/3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Hemlock Valley Road Cemetery. Harrison.....{1972/2/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Holy Cross Cemetery, Lang Bay.....{1974/3/5}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Kamloops Cemetery, Kamloops.....{1973/3/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Kleindale cemetery, Pender Harbour.....{1977/6/4}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Lac La Hache Cemetery Register & Plot Map.....{1974/3/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Lansdowne Cemetery, Armstrong.....{1980/9/1,2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Lone Butte Cemetery. Lone Butte.....{1976/5/3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Maple Cemetery, East Arrow Park (*).....{1983/12/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows Cenotaph. Haney.....{1974/3/4}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Midway Cemetery, Midway.....{1979/8/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Mill Bay United Church. Island Highway. Mill Bay.....{1975/4/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Mount Cartier Cemetery, Revelstoke.....{1975/4/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Mountain View Cemetery. Vancouver (random).....{1971/1/1,4} {1972/2/1,2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Moyie Cemetery, Moyie.....{1971/1/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Nanaimo Pioneer Cemetery (*).....{1983/12/ 2,3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Oblate Cemetery. Mission.....{1976/5/3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Oliver Cemetery, Oliver.....{1977/6/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Osoyoos Cemetery, Osoyoos.....{1972/1/3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Pioneer Park Cemetery, Vernon.....{1978/7 1/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Powell River & District Cenotaph, Powell River.....{1973/3/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Princeton Cemetery - Memorial Cairn, Princeton.....{1973/2/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Quadra Street Cemetery, Victoria.....{1971/1/2,3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Rabbitt Family Cemetery, Princeton.....{1973/2/4}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Recorded Cemeteries in British Columbia.....{1980/9/3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Removals to Revelstoke Cemetery from Mount Cartier.....{1979/8/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Researching Cemeteries and Granite Creek Revisited.....{1975/4/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Riverbend Cemetery, Alberni.....{1977/6/3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Roll of Honour (1914-I8), Parksville.....{1973/2/4}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Savona Cemetery. Savona.....{1974/3/3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Seaview Cemetery, Gibsons.....{1980/9/4} {1981/10/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Sechelt Memorial Cemetery, Sechelt.....{1973/3/1}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Shawnigan Lake Cemetery, Shawnigan Lake.....{1976/5/4}
Cemetery Transcriptions - St. Andrew’s Anglican Church Cemetery, Cowichan Station.....{1975/4/4}
Cemetery Transcriptions - St. Andrew's Anglican Church Memorial Garden. Langley.....{1975/4/3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - St. Francis Xavier Catholic Cemetery, Mill Bay.....{1974/3/3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - St. Luke's Anglican Church, Victoria.....{1974/3/4,5}
Cemetery Transcriptions - St. Mary's Anglican-United Church Cemetery. Sorrento.....{1978/7 3/4}
Cemetery Transcriptions - St. Oswald’s Anglican Church Cemetery. Port Kells.....{1975/4/3}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Tappen Cemetery, Tappen.....{1975/4/2}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Tulameen Public Cemetery, Tulameen.....{1973/2/4}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Ucuelet Cemetery, Ucuelet.....{1973/2/4}
Cemetery Transcriptions - Westminster Abbey Cemetery, Mission.....{1973/2/4}
Cemetery Walking Tours47291March 2000No
Cenotaph of Hedley, B.C121333September 2004No
Census Bicentenary in Britain 211294December 2000No
Census of the Catholic Congregation of Preston, 1810 and 1820 (Book) 20231March 1994No
Center for Scottish Studies120333September 2004No
Central Branch, Vancouver Public Library144263September 1997No
Centre for Research in Information Studies143263September 1997No
Change of Address176284December 1999No
Change of Email Address?196284December 1999No
Changes and Corrections93262June 1997No
Changes of Address, etc181284December 1999No
Changing of the Guard198274December 1998No
Charitable Donations 153293September 2000No
Charles. Henry Fletcher & wife Mary Greenwood89272June 1998No
Chart No. 2 ... Draycot "Worthies"156244December 1995No
Chilliwack High School Annual, June 1922181284December 1999No
Chilliwack High School Grads124254December 1996No
CHILLIWACK, B C, 1891 -..Licensed Druggists1081Spring 1979Yes
CHILLIWACK, B C, 1891 -.Births, Deaths & Marriages681Spring 1979Yes
CHILLIWACK, B C, 1891 -.History of Pioneers & Business Men1181Spring 1979Yes
Chilliwack: B, M, D9294Winter 1980Yes
Christmas 1868 and January 1869, Nanaimo, B.C.149334December 2004No
CHURCH REGISTERS in the Provincial Archives, Victoria, B.C1611Fall 1971Yes
Citizenship Records: An Alternate Source31131March 1984Yes
City of Richmond (B.C.)Archives143224December 1993No
Clan MacArthur147194December 1990No
Clan MacArthur147214December 1992No
Clan McLeod Visitor53322June 2003No
Clan McNicol100262June 1997No
Clans of Ireland Ltd104272June 1998No
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Clinton Cemetery1733May 1974Yes
Clock & Watchmakers in B C3571 , 2Spring & Summer 1978Yes
Cloverdale Branch Acquisitions163314December 2002No
Cloverdale Branch, Surrey Public Library, books recently received                            22291March 2000No
Cloverdale Library Acquisitions81302June 2001No
Cloverdale Library Resources16211March 1992No
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Commissioners and Pilots, Vancouver District 70 - 1879 to 191665262June 1997No
Committee Reports are Due173284December 1999No
Committee Reports Reminder167304December 2001No
Comox Electors 1874 - 189476133September 1984Yes
Computer Column34183September 1989No
Computer Notes30182June 1989No
Computerizing Ross Bay Cemetery Records by Tony Lavin4204December 1991No
Connections in Llanfairfechan, Wales?125353September 2006No
Consanguinity, Affinity & Kindred117213September 1992No
Conservation by David Jackson60194December 1990No
Cook Family Bible732February 1974Yes
Cookbooks and Genealogy191344December 2005No
Cooke Family Bible, Melita, MB219321March 2003No
Coombes-Roberts of Vancouver and Yorkshire80272June 1998No
Cooney Family Cemetery, Tranquille, BC79312June 2002No
Coroner's Records, Another Source93243September 1995No
Correction - Book Review-Hampshire136244December 1995No
Correction & Additions to 2004 BCGS Nominations55331March 2004No
Correction from March 2005130343September 2005No
Correction- Trethewey158244December 1995No
Corrections Notice- Embree Article16231March 1994No
Corrections to Name Interests199264December 1997No
Corrections—from March, 200668352June 2006No
Corresponding Secretary's Report 199536251March 1996No
County Clare by Bill Davis7203September 1991No
Court Grants 2 Divorces, B.C. 1945 — CARR HARRIS, ROWE, REICHELT61352June 2006No
Crossing the Atlantic1251Spring 1976Yes
Current Family Record159154December 1986No
D.N.A. Story147334December 2004No
David Dodding Family Bible119254December 1996No
David Porter's Comrades9084Winter 1979Yes
Davis Family Bible49132June 1984Yes
Death and Dying in 187025322June 2003No
Death's Doings - Callam32261March 1997No
Dec 2002 Christmas Meeting (BCGS)38322June 2003No
Delta Museum and Archives7684Winter 1979Yes
Delta’s Official Honour Roll - 194613291March 2000No
Derivation - The Game of the Name15241March 1995No
DEROCHE CEMETERY322February 1973Yes
Dewey Decimal System 9291441Winter 1975Yes
Dewolf / Strong Family Records25161March 1987No
Diary Account of Mr. Alexander Callam on the Occasion of his Immigration from Scotland, 183217261March 1997No
Diary of a Journey - Lanarkshire to San Francisco43102Summer 1981Yes
Diary of a Journey - Lanarkshire to San Francisco67103Autumn 1981Yes
Diary of a Journey - Lanarkshire to San Franoisco98104Winter 1981Yes
Diary of a Journey (Concluded)30112Summer 1982Yes
Diary of a Journey (continued)11111Spring 1982Yes
Diary of Anne Jane Meharg McMaster2131March 1984Yes
Diary of Nellie Tilt122333September 2004No
Did Grandpa Own A Dog?2482Summer 1979Yes
Did Your Anccstor Homestead in the Railway Belt(continued)42242June 1995No
Did Your Ancestor Come Over to England with William the Conqueror?47281March 1999No
Did Your Ancestor Homestead in the B.C. Railway Belt2221March 1993No
Did Your Ancestor Homestead in the B.C. Railway Belt (A continuation from Vol. 30, No. 2) 110303September 2001No
Did Your Ancestor Homestead in the Railroad Belt (continued) .........................82243September 1995No
Did Your Ancestor Homestead in the Railway Belt30232June 1994No
Did Your Ancestor Homestead in the Railway Belt165264December 1997No
Did Your Ancestor Homestead in the Railway Belt59262June 1997No
Did Your Ancestor Homestead in the Railway Belt111263September 1997No
Did Your Ancestor Homestead in the Railway Belt118273September 1998No
Did Your Ancestor Homestead in the Railway Belt (continuation)2261March 1997No
Did your Ancestor Homestead in the Railway Belt (continued)70233September 1994No
Did Your Ancestor Homestead in the Railway Belt (continued)122244December 1995No
Did Your Ancestor Homestead In the Railway Belt (continued)2241March 1995No
Did Your Ancestor Homestead in the Railway Belt?39322June 2003No
Did Your Ancestor; Homestead in the Railway Belt (continued)110234December 1994No
Did Your Ancestors Homestead in the B.C. Railway Belt2211March 1992No
Did Your Ancestors Homestead in the B.C. Railway Belt 8301March 2001No
Did your ancestors Homestead in the B.C. Railway Belt?12203September 1991No
Did Your Ancestors Homestead in The B.C. Railway Belt? (continued)50212June 1992No
Did Your Ancestors Homestead in the Railway Belt122224December 1993No
Did your Ancestors Homestead in the Railway Belt83223September 1993No
Did Your Ancestors Homestead in the Railway Belt2231March 1994No
Did Your Ancestors Homestead in the Railway Belt90254December 1996No
Did Your Ancestors Homestead in the Railway Belt38252June 1996No
Did Your Ancestors Homestead in the Railway Belt62272June 1998No
Did your Ancestors Homestead in the Railway Belt2271March 1998No
Did your Ancestors Homestead in the Railway Belt83312June 2002No
Did Your Ancestors Homestead in the Railway Belt2251March 1996No
Did Your Ancestors Homestead in the Railway Belt - a continuation53331March 2004No
Did Your Ancestors Homestead in the Railway Belt 198294December 2000No
Did Your Ancestors Homestead in the Railway Belt 91332June 2004No
Did your Ancestors Homestead in the Railway Belt?54302June 2001No
Did Your Ancestors Homestead in the Railway Belt?126313September 2002No
Did your ancestors homestead in the Railway Belt?33323September 2003No
Directions for Library and Archives Canada129333September 2004No
DNA Holiday (reprint)18341March 2005No
Do You Have Saxon or Celtic Feet’131333September 2004No
Do You Know Who They Are?161283September 1999No
Do You Know? - Facts & Fun - Salt Lake Trip187304December 2001No
Do You Recognize Any of These Men?58324December 2003No
Document - Alberta Interest and Photo - Kenora, Ontario Interest125254December 1996No
Donald (Dan) McIntosh130234December 1994No
Don't Forget Yourself21231March 1994No
Dorothy Edna Borland, Where Are You?99243September 1995No
Dougan Family Cemetery - Cowichan Bay, B.C.1961Spring 1977Yes
DoYou have a Glassmaker in Your Ancestry43232June 1994No
Dr. William Moiris and wife Rachel Seidelman90272June 1998No
Draycot Collateral Knighthoods115243September 1995No
Draycot Families 1026AD to 1956 AD115243September 1995No
Draycot Knighthoods55242June 1995No
Duties of 1st Vice President139334December 2004No
Duties of Corresponding Secretary139334December 2004No
Duties of Library Administrator140334December 2004No
Duties of Recording Secretary139334December 2004No
Duties of the 1st Vice President 3324December 2003No
Duties of the Corresponding Secretary3324December 2003No
Duties of the Library Administrator 4324December 2003No
Duties of the Recording Secretary3324December 2003No
E.J. TRONSON142224December 1993No
Early Council Meetings at Surrey, B.C.50112Summer 1982Yes
Early Emigrants from Newfoundland to British Columbia85302June 2001No
Early History of the Burnaby Family of Leicestershire, England18441975Yes
Eaten by Sharks off the Japanese Coast’238321March 2003No
Edmonds Centre re Equipment103282June 1999No
Education Committee Events 49301March 2001No
Education Report207321March 2003No
Education Schedule141334December 2004No
Education Schedule 58332June 2004No
Education Schedule, Speakers & Trips7331March 2004No
Edward Martin was a Bargelya Knave...response to query70262June 1997No
Edward Martin was a Bargelye Knave14261March 1997No
Edwards Family Bible733May 1974Yes
Electors of Strabane (Ulster), 187950152June 1986No
Elizabeth LaPointe, New Canadian Director, ISFHWE12351March 2006No
Endnotes by Barbara Rogers42193September 1990No
England's Victoria Company History books 157303September 2001No
English Comedy in the Scottish Coalfields?481Spring 1979Yes
Entertainment 2002 Books for Sale 161303September 2001No
Enumerators for the 1901 Census of B.C.92272June 1998No
Errata- The Irish Times, Thursday, February 4, 186917241March 1995No
Erratum: B.C. Provincial Museum& B,C, Archives ..62152June 1986No
Errors in the March 2003 Journal15322June 2003No
Escort Service in England for genealogy106272June 1998No
Estates, B.C. 1920117353September 2006No
Even a Smith can be Found90312June 2002No
Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody96272June 1998No
Excerpt from the Brigade99333September 2004No
Excerpt from the Edwin John Walkinshaw Diary13231March 1994No
Excerpts from the Daily Colonist, New Westminster101233September 1994No
Excerpts from the Heralds' Visitations, 15338161March 1987No
Exchange Journals in the Walter Draycott Library158334December 2004No
Exchanges & Acquisitions232February 1974Yes
Exchanges and Acquisitions2634August 1974Yes
Exchanges and Acquisitions2633May 1974Yes
Exchanges and Acquisitions1131November 1973Yes
Executive of the British Columbia Genealogical Society161Spring 1977Yes
Exerpt71212June 1992No
Exhibition, New Westminster, 1907 FOSTER, JOHNSON121353September 2006No
Extract from Diary of Edward White (1822 - 1872), one of a Group of Four Wesleyan Missionaries Sent to British Columbia 1859178314December 2002No
Extracts from the Burnaby Post Newspaper43232June 1994No
Extracts from the Nanaimo Free Press1035November 1974Yes
Extracts from the Victoria Colonist2741Winter 1975Yes
Extracts from the Victoria Colonist for the year 18621761Spring 1977Yes
Ezra Ward Udy & wife Mary Agnes (Gray)131234December 1994No
Fairbanks, Charles - Aston, Warwickshire, England105272June 1998No
FAIRVIEW CEMETERY by Mrs. Pamala M. Field1612Winter 1971/72Yes
Fairview High School Reunion 26311March 2002No
Families Lennox, Patience, Leippi, McAdam and Nichol (not related)21241March 1995No
Family Bible - Bevan/Johnstone153273September 1998No
Family Bible - Wilson? 15301March 2001No
Family Bibles4673 , 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
Family Bibles - A Keefer Bible Record.....{1977/6/2}
Family Bibles - Banks/Tweedle/McNally Family Bible (*).....{1983/12/4}
Family Bibles - Barlow Family Bibles (*).....{1984/13/1}
Family Bibles - Candish/Lockley Family Record (*).....{1984/13/3}
Family Bibles - Carpenter Family Bible.....{1982/11/3}
Family Bibles - Carr Family Bible.....{1977/6/2}
Family Bibles - Cook Family Bible.....{1974/3/2}
Family Bibles - Davis Family Bible (*).....{1984/13/2}
Family Bibles - Draper/Brown rasily Bible.....{1978/7/ 3/4}
Family Bibles - Edwards Family Bible.....{1974/3/3}
Family Bibles - Francis/Liddell Family Bible (*).....{1984/13/2}
Family Bibles - Glenn/Guthrie Family Bible (*).....{1983/12/3}
Family Bibles - Harden Family Bible (*).....{1983/12/4}
Family Bibles - Marwood Family Bible.....{1978/7 3/4}
Family Bibles - Moore Family Bible.....{1973/2/2}
Family Bibles - Pegg Family Bible (*).....{1983/12/1}
Family Bibles - Radden/Laskey/Davis Family Bible (*).....{1983/12/2}
Family Bibles - Stewart Family Bible (*).....{1983/12/4}
Family Bibles - Thomas Penn Bible.....{1978/7 3/4}
Family Bibles (DeBeck. Tremaine. Witts. Dunbar. Burr & Ellison).......(Book -Knott)127214December 1992No
Family Bibles: Harden, Stewart, Banks/Tweedle/McNally .104124December 1983Yes
Family Friends by Peter Whitlock9202June 1991No
Family Hisfory Resources: Western Canada2121March 1983Yes
Family History Resources: Western Canada39122June 1983Yes
Family History Resources: Western Canada69123September 1983Yes
Family History Resources: Western Canada (Conclusion)111124December 1983Yes
Family Photographs by Vona Smith4201March 1991No
Family Record - Amelia Welles & Memoirs of Amelia Welles Washburn ...........101223September 1993No
Family Research; an Insurance Letter to a Widow by Joan Violet Fishleigh ..13204December 1991No
Family Reunions13204December 1991No
Family Reunions 158303September 2001No
Famous Last Words & Epitaphs12351March 2006No
Farm Life42212June 1992No
Farmers Directory, Ontario 189013351March 2006No
Favourite Computer Programmes25351March 2006No
Favourite Computer Programmes78352June 2006No
Favourite Websites40351March 2006No
Favourite Websites126353September 2006No
Federation of Family History Societies' 2001 Conference 114293September 2000No
Federation of Family History Societies Help with Research129333September 2004No
Federation of FamIly History Societies News48351March 2006No
Federation of Family·History Societies 2lst Anniversary, 1995 ..........................93233September 1994No
Federation Publication Company is Moving97292June 2000No
Fernie Free Press148263September 1997No
Fernie. B.C. Residents Index73242June 1995No
Fiche and Film Readers in (BCGS) Library100233September 1994No
Fiche Report, January 199917281March 1999No
FINDERS - SEEKERS7513Spring 1972Yes
FINDERS - SEEKERS8114Summer 1972Yes
FINDERS - SEEKERS1412Winter 1971/72Yes
Finders - Seekers3324August 1973Yes
FINDERS - SEEKERS2122February 1973Yes
FINDERS - SEEKERS2621November 1972Yes
Finders - Seekers532February 1974Yes
FINDERS SEEKERS (Readers Queries)1011Fall 1971Yes
Finders-Seekers334August 1974Yes
Finders-Seekers933May 1974Yes
Finders-Seekers631November 1973Yes
Finders-Seekers235November 1974Yes
Finders-Seekers2841Winter 1975Yes
Fireman's Benefit Association of Vancouver, 1925139234December 1994No
First Nations Interest Group164334December 2004No
Five Generation Pedigree Chart Information935November 1974Yes
Following Clues79302June 2001No
Forest Grove Cemetery2032February 1974Yes
Forest View Cemetery, Pender Harbour5573 , 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
Forest View Cemetery, Pender Harbour, B.C.564Winter 1977Yes
Forgotten Veterans, Sunnyside Cemetery, Surrey, B.C69352June 2006No
Formation of a New Genealogical Society for German Genealogy In Poland & Western Ukraine (Volhynia)104282June 1999No
Former Vancouver Resident Dies In "Frisco"— ROBERTS, 192947351March 2006No
Found - One Aunt14261March 1997No
Found at the Library116353September 2006No
Found in Old Newspapers18111Spring 1982Yes
Fowler Family Bible.138244December 1995No
Francis/Liddell Family Bible57132June 1984Yes
Fraser Acres Cemetery, Boston Bar, B.C.99302June 2001No
Fred Nagle at Alexandria, B.C., 1865114164September 1987No
Fred Nagle on the CaribooWagon Road, 1865142154December 1986No
Frederick G. Thulin and Charles A. Thulin90272June 1998No
Frederick William Laing The Man and the Monument351Spring 1976Yes
Frederick William Laing The Man and the Monument: Part II152Summer 1976Yes
French Canadian Records77212June 1992No
From Lomma, Sweden to North America26351March 2006No
From our Library22322June 2003No
From the Australian Family Tree Connections November 200363332June 2004No
From the Delta Diggers’ Files: James Cyril PERRATON161344December 2005No
From the Editor’s Corner7171March 1988No
From the files . . . .of the Delta Diggers, Sointula on Malcolm Island189284December 1999No
From the files ... of the Delta Diggers, The Railway at Port Guichon 124303September 2001No
From the files ... of the Delta Diggers, Unlocking Family Stories from Old Photos74312June 2002No
From the files of the Delta Diggers257321March 2003No
From the Files of the Delta Diggers by Dorothy Graham122313September 2002No
From the Files of the Delta Diggers    -The Canadian Pacific Lumber Company43291March 2000No
From the files of the Delta Diggers, More than a Letter/S.S. Empress of Ireland May 29, 1914 110293September 2000No
From the Files of the Delta Diggers, Salt Lake City Gen. Conference 6301March 2001No
From the files of the Delta Diggers, The Cemetery re Florence James Abercrombie167304December 2001No
From the files of the Delta Digger-The Cemetery 31311March 2002No
From the files. .of the Delta Diggers - DNA. .a genealogist’s cutting edge84292June 2000No
From the files.. ..of the Delta Diggers110282June 1999No
From the files.....of the Delta Diggers - The Lilac Letter ..101302June 2001No
From the files....of the Delta Diggers, *From the Ladner Optimist 1951, *Searching for B.C. Birth Registrations films158283September 1999No
From the National Archives of Canada97262June 1997No
From the New Editors Desk16351March 2006No
From Woodward's Beacon, Vancouver area, 1953155344December 2005No
Fun and Games, Not So Long Ago74103Autumn 1981Yes
Fund Raising Subcommittee Report20341March 2005No
Further miscellany2764Winter 1977Yes
Further on the Census46322June 2003No
Further Strays110342June 2005No
Gail Yip honoured224321March 2003No
Gem Unearthed at Salt Lake82233September 1994No
Genealogical Events32351March 2006No
Genealogical Events - B.C174344December 2005No
Genealogical Events Elsewhere82332June 2004No
Genealogical Events, B.C.G.S. Education133353September 2006No
Genealogical Extracts from History of The Presbyterian Church in Ireland27431975Yes
Genealogical Indexing Projects in B.C.- Census 1911 & Passenger Lists195344December 2005No
Genealogical Jottings by Lilian Pickering9201March 1991No
Genealogical Resources in the West Kootenays26122June 1983Yes
Genealogical Resources: An Occasional Newsletter of the History and Government DivisIon, VPL15341March 2005No
Genealogical Resources: Simon Fraser University, BC98343September 2005No
Genealogical Societies around B.C141353September 2006No
Genealogical Tree of the Draycot Families (a part thereof).30251March 1996No
Genealogical Websites 159303September 2001No
Genealogical Workshop - Vancouver Public Library 151303September 2001No
Genealogies in the Library of Congress 41301March 2001No
Genealogy and Internet98262June 1997No
Genealogy and other items of interest of Peter A, Loewen431November 1973Yes
Genealogy Around B.C.—Bulkley Valley Genealogical Society95352June 2006No
Genealogy By Mail54132June 1984Yes
Genealogy Can be Habit-forming32251March 1996No
Genealogy Courses (Advertisement)147224December 1993No
Genealogy Favourites On-line163344December 2005No
Genealogy in the News119353September 2006No
Genealogy Made Easy58174December 1988No
Genealogy of KI-AP-A-LA-NO106124December 1983Yes
Genealogy on the "Radio"39351March 2006No
Genealogy Quiz142353September 2006No
Genealogy Summer Institute 2001 23301March 2001No
Genealogy Workshop - B.C. Historical Federation99272June 1998No
Genealogy: For the Fun of It38162June 1987No
General Info - 1981 Surname Index Additions and Corrections.....{1982/11/1}
General Info - A Calendar of Saints' Days.....{1982/11/1}
General Info - A Canadian Armorial?.....{1978/7/ 1/2}
General Info - A Disastrous Marriage (*).....{1984/13/4}
General Info - A Legacy in cardboard (Using Postcards in Genealogical Research.....{1981/10/4}
General Info - A Long Term Query!.....{1978/7/ 3/4}
General Info - A Note of Encouragement.....{1972/2/1}
General Info - A Visit With Our Eldest Member.....{1976/512}
General Info - A word about Spanish Names (*).....{1984/13/2}
General Info - Ancestor Table - Kenneth W. Totten.....{1978/7/ 1/2}
General Info - Company Rules of an Office - 1850.....{1976/5/1}
General Info - Dewey Decimal System - 929.....{1975/4/1}
General Info - Diary of a Journey - Lanarkshire to San Francisco 1891.....{1981/10/1,2,3,4}  {1982/11/1,2}
General Info - Diary of Anne Jane Meharg McMaster (*).....{1984/13/1}
General Info - Gremlins? Spirits? or Leprechauns?.....{1980/9/2}
General Info - Here's How - How to fill in Forms.....{1972/1/3}
General Info - Here's How - The Gathering of Information.....{1971/1/1}
General Info - Lost in the Mists of Time.....{1978/7/ 3/4}
General Info - Medical Genealogy.....{1979/8/2}
General Info - Names for Foundlings.....{1980/9/2}
General Info - Photography and Genealogy.....{1976/5/4}
General Info - Queries ARE Effective (*).....{1984/13/4}
General Info - Ramblings of an Amateur Genealogist.....{1972/3/1}
General Info - Reminiscences of a Seignioral Manor (*).....{1984/13/3}
General Info - Scottish Strays in British Columbia.....{1982/11/2}
General Info - Ten Commandments for Genealogy.....{1974/3/4}
General Info - Thoughts on Unusual Names.....{1982/11/2}
General Info - Using Tombstones as Family Documents.....{1972/1/3}
General Info - Various Forms of Spelling the Name Draycot.....{1973/2/4}
General Info - What is the Best Way to Preserve Old Photographs?.....{1976/5/1}
General Info - What Was a "Corn Store" in England in 1850?.....{1976/5/1}
General Info - Where It's At.....{1975/4/2}
General Register Office News Bulletin69302June 2001No
Genes Expose Secrets of Sex on the Side104342June 2005No
George London, London, England d. 1713141263September 1997No
German Archival Collection in the Ukraine58222June 1993No
Gibson Family Cemetery Update 208294December 2000No
Gladys Evelyn Margaret "Nadine" Dagan132234December 1994No
Glasgow Churches, 181631122June 1983Yes
Glenn/Guthrie Family Bible67123September 1983Yes
Glimpses from our Library28323September 2003No
Glimpses into books at the Walter Draycott Library81332June 2004No
Gold and Steam Engines - Note from the Past, Part 135241March 1995No
Gold and Steam Engines-Notes from the Past, Part II.56242June 1995No
Golden Wedding Anniversary, 1945—MCEACHERN, MCLANE80352June 2006No
Goldstueck - Middlesex, England104272June 1998No
Good . Cheer . Birthday . Book6221March 1993No
Gordon A. Watts on the 1911 Census143343September 2005No
Gordon Watts Awarded 16311March 2002No
Grace Matthew Soutar REED90292June 2000No
Grand Forks Electoral District - 1903-4.128244December 1995No
GRANITE CREEK CEMETERY by Maureen Hyde311Fall 1971Yes
GRANITE CREEK, B.C. by Joanne Hughes211Fall 1971Yes
Great Grimsby (Eng.) Petitioners, 181584143September 1985No
Gremlins? Spirits? or Leprechauns?4492Summer 1980Yes
Guide to Genealogical Research in the Central. Archives of the United Church ....of Canada, Victoria University, Toronto, Ontario164Winter 1977Yes
H.B.C. School Competition, 1920137353September 2006No
Hall (James) Family Bible94243September 1995No
Harnessing the Tide by Glenna Metchette13202June 1991No
Hart (Rogers) Family Bible153244December 1995No
HAUTIER Family Cemetery Update85352June 2006No
HAUTIER Family Cemetery, Lylton, B.C182344December 2005No
HBC Census, SK, 1871-72, Seen at the BCGS Library71352June 2006No
Head Hunting149194December 1990No
Head Hunting149214December 1992No
Heber Leonidas Hart, KC, LLB, 1865-194865262June 1997No
Hedley Cenotaph633May 1974Yes
Hedley, British Columbia, Hedley Cemetery2151Spring 1976Yes
Help on the 1906 Census245321March 2003No
Help Wanted: Assistant Cataloguer of Books73312June 2002No
Henry W. Robinson & wife Margaret Nolan133234December 1994No
HERE’S HOW·· by James Douglas Anderson5713Spring 1972Yes
HERES HOW - Genealogy for Beginners by Jim Anderson711Fall 1971Yes
Heritage Week - Feb. 21 & 22, 2003 Richmond Centre161314December 2002No
Heritage Week in Canada - February 20/21, 200452331March 2004No
Heritage Week in Richmond33341March 2005No
Heritage Week in Richmond Centre Mall in Richmond, B.C 49301March 2001No
Hey, Irish Researchers191304December 2001No
Hiking Through History (Index)74242June 1995No
Historical Maps of Vancouver Island2941Winter 1975Yes
History of the B.C.G.S. Resource Library192344December 2005No
History of the Moravian Church21172June 1988No
History of the Moravian Church34173September 1988No
Hockey on the Ice, Vancouver, 1899 —ARNOLD, BIRCHELL, FLOOD, HUNT, MCDONALD, PICKERING, QUIGLEY56352June 2006No
Holiday & Snow Closures-BCGS Resource Centre176344December 2005No
Holy Cross Cemetery, Lang Bay, B; C.2435November 1974Yes
Holy Matrimony in The Scotland of Yesteryear105343September 2005No
Hong Kong (mini-report)864Winter 1977Yes
Honounng Robert G. MCBEATH, 1897-192291352June 2006No
Horace Munro Robert Dagan & wife Margaret Robinson132234December 1994No
Horse Somersaults, Vancouver, 1920 MYERS, ROBERTS,SCANLON, WARREN124353September 2006No
Hospitality 1997 Annual Report33271March 1998No
House Genealogy with James Johnstone122353September 2006No
How Authentic Can You Get? (Elliott/Eliot)84253September 1996No
How Did Early Vancouver Businessmen Make Their Money?168314December 2002No
How I Started; How I Finished.151344December 2005No
How Reliable is Census Information?47132June 1984Yes
Hudson Bay Company Descendants 2005 Reunion (Red River)67312June 2002No
Hugh Caldwell and wife Louise89272June 1998No
Hugs51291March 2000No
Hulls - Seeking a Portrait74242June 1995No
Ian Schiedel - Former Member187274December 1998No
In Memodam—BANKS, GRANT69352June 2006No
In Memonam, Kathleen Irene Williams15322June 2003No
In Memoriam167334December 2004No
In Memoriam162344December 2005No
In Memoriam140353September 2006No
In Memoriam - Barbara Dubbetley51322June 2003No
In Memoriam - Eileen Bohart122313September 2002No
In Memoriam - GOUGH38232June 1994No
In Memoriam - Merle Smith183304December 2001No
In Memoriam - Milton Rubincam203264December 1997No
In Memoriam Thomas Warren McKenzie, Past President Joseph Anthony Lavin, Past President33261March 1997No
In Memoriam 159303September 2001No
In Memoriam, Diane D. Russell57312June 2002No
In Memoriam, Irene Studer5322June 2003No
In Memorian - Mary Hodgson248321March 2003No
In Memorium - Dr. Robert Clifton Westbury 1936-2004102333September 2004No
In Memorlam—HANNAY56352June 2006No
In the BCGS Resource Centre182264December 1997No
In The Corridors, Vancouver, 1906—CARRINGTON, MCDONALD, MAITLAND, PATCH63352June 2006No
Incoming Mail Processor194304December 2001No
Index of Burnaby Municipality Map, l90015441975Yes
Index of School Masters and Mistresses40271March 1998No
Indexing a Genealogy or Family History56152June 1986No
Indexing the 1901 Federal Census of British Columbia61252June 1996No
Information3651Spring 1976Yes
Instructions Given to Enumerator187264December 1997No
Internet117263September 1997No
Internet Access - Early Ontario Records154283September 1999No
Internet Info84253September 1996No
Internet Links200264December 1997No
Internet sites of Interest 14301March 2001No
Internet Sites of Interest 42323September 2003No
Internet Websites of Genealogical Interest95292June 2000No
Intestate Estates in B.C., 1868 - 1876: An Index76143September 1985No
Introducing New Composit Indexes to Birth and Marriage Records in the Old Parochial Registers of Scotland2204December 1991No
Ireland Anyone!!17281March 1999No
Ireland Family Record107153September 1986No
Irish Canadians167284December 1999No
Irish L and Tenure and The Land Bill of 18702824August 1973Yes
Irish Land Records by J. McLaren68194December 1990No
Irish Land Records II by J. McLaren4201March 1991No
Irish Presentation to BCGS - April 24, 2003249321March 2003No
Irving Family of New Westminster103223September 1993No
It's a Small World148194December 1990No
It's a Small World148214December 1992No
It's a Small World Again67312June 2002No
It's Here... (PAF)93262June 1997No
James Bain THOMSON93292June 2000No
James Clark Palmer89272June 1998No
James Thomson's First Impressions of B,C,, 188941152June 1986No
Japanese Canadian National Museum 116293September 2000No
John EMS and wife Hannah MURRAY93292June 2000No
John MURRAY and wife Jane92292June 2000No
John Nock Bagnall of West Bromich, Eng.133224December 1993No
John Pearson by Linda Whitford58194December 1990No
John Perkins PARROTT and wife Florence May ENGLAND92292June 2000No
John Scott McDONELL93292June 2000No
Jones - Weston - Ferry from Wribbenhall Registers23421975Yes
Journals 2002 Year End Report212321March 2003No
Kamloops Family History Society Seminar75222June 1993No
Kelowna & District Genealogical Seminar14341March 2005No
Ken Aitken Seminars, March 2006160344December 2005No
Ken Aitken Visits Vancouver179334December 2004No
Kenneth Aitken Seminars, March 200649351March 2006No
Kleindale Cemetery, Pender Harbour, B.C.764Winter 1977Yes
Lac La Hache Cemetery Register & Plat Map2232February 1974Yes
Lac La Hache Tombstone Recordings2832February 1974Yes
Lace Maker62232June 1994No
Ladner Family Genealogy - Corrections178264December 1997No
Ladner Family Reunion137263September 1997No
Lakeview Memorial Park Cemetery, Ellison, B.C 141303September 2001No
Land Pre-emption Records, New Westminster District (1872-75): An Index .....41142June 1985No
Land Transaction, Ontario, 1860113223September 1993No
Langley Centennial Museum6593Autumn 1980Yes
Lansdowne Cemetery, Armstrong, B.C.3392Summer 1980Yes
Lansdowne Cemetery, Armstrong, B.C. .691Spring 1980Yes
Largest Families in B.C. in 1925112282June 1999No
L'Assn, des Familles Ouellet/te du que. Inc.1333May 1974Yes
Laura Jane Millman Letters2202June 1991No
Laura Jane Millman Letters2203September 1991No
LDS Press Release16281March 1999No
LDS Tri-State Seminar - Surrey, B.C 158303September 2001No
Let's Network Together36211March 1992No
Letter from Fraser’s River58113Autumn 1982Yes
Letter re family emblems from Public Archives433May 1974Yes
LETTER RE: CAWSTON, B.C.421November 1972Yes
Letters to the Editor100223September 1993No
Libiary Acquisitions - Aug/Sept. ‘98 - Non-Circulating Material184274December 1998No
Librarian’s Report76342June 2005No
Library Acquisitions194264December 1997No
Library Acquisitions135263September 1997No
Library Acquisitions90282June 1999No
Library Acquisitions66292June 2000No
Library Acquisitions - Aug./Sept. 98 - Circulating Material183274December 1998No
Library Acquisitions - Circulating Material54212June 1992No
Library Acquisitions - July 1998 - Circulating Material124273September 1998No
Library Acquisitions - March 1998 - Circulating Material82272June 1998No
Library Acquisitions - March 1998 - Non-Circulating Material                          82272June 1998No
Library Acquisitions - May/June 1 998 - Circulating Material121273September 1998No
Library Acquisitions - Non-Circulating Material55212June 1992No
Library Acquisitions - Nov. 17, 19998291March 2000No
Library Acquisitions - Sept. 1992/Oct. 1992 Circulating Material .146194December 1990No
Library Acquisitions - Sept. 1992/Oct. 1992 Circulating Material ........146214December 1992No
Library Acquisitions - Sept. 1992/Oct. 1992 Non Circulating Material145194December 1990No
Library Acquisitions - Sept. 1992/Oct. 1992 Non Circulating Material ..............145214December 1992No
Library Acquisitions - Walter Draycot Library, May 200275312June 2002No
Library Acquisitions at the BCGS Resource Center141283September 1999No
Library Acquisitions in the B.C. Resource Centre94262June 1997No
Library Acquisitions July 1998 - Non-circulating Material131273September 1998No
Library Acquisitions May/June 1 998 - Non-circulating Material125273September 1998No
Library Acquisitions 190294December 2000No
Library Acquisitions 116293September 2000No
Library Annual Report9341March 2005No
Library Clippings37211March 1992No
Library Closures-Holidays & Snow143353September 2006No
LIBRARY NEWS by Mrs. Joanne Hughes3712Winter 1971/72Yes
Library Open House212321March 2003No
LIBRARY REPORT1411Fall 1971Yes
LIBRARY REPORT2163Fall 1977Yes
Library Report29271March 1998No
Library Report156344December 2005No
Library Report for 20032331March 2004No
Life At Rocky Mountain Portage Fort During the Winter of 18064211March 1992No
Liquor Licensees, Victoria, 18686161March 1987No
List of Graduates from Provincial Normal School, 1934133234December 1994No
List of Letters Awaiting Pickup - Victoria Post Office8231March 1994No
List of LettersAwaiting Pickup - Victoria Post Office50222June 1993No
Liverpool Directory 17748484Winter 1979Yes
Lloyd Family Reunion 6323September 2003No
lnternet Sites of Interest68312June 2002No
Log Cabin Notes4181March 1989No
LOG OF BARQUE "NORMAN MORISON" by Mrs. Alice Marwood5613Spring 1972Yes
London Farm153263September 1997No
London's Churches118124December 1983Yes
Lone Butte Cemetery, Lone Butte, B.C.1353Autumn 1976Yes
Look up for Boal Chapel Gardens144273September 1998No
Looking Up Grandpa in the Klondike..8184Winter 1979Yes
lost & Found - Cloverdale Library 158303September 2001No
Lost in the Colonies102233September 1994No
Lost in the Mists of Time6373 , 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
Lost on 1881 Census149334December 2004No
Loyalist Sources152224December 1993No
Lucy - The Only One in the Book46112Summer 1982Yes
Lundy Family Record139164September 1987No
Mail 1997 Report34271March 1998No
Mainland Guardian Index1891Spring 1980Yes
Major Renovations at Ville de Montreal17231March 1994No
Make an Effort, Eh89292June 2000No
Man Finds He’s DEAD, Vancouver 1945 — KUZEK, STETCHISHIN86352June 2006No
Maple Cemetery, East Arrow Park30122June 1983Yes
Maple Ridge - Pitt Meadows Cenotaph, Haney, B.C.1834August 1974Yes
Maps - Burnaby Municipal Map, 900 - Index.....{1975/4/4}
Maps - Lake District (Vancouver Island) Official Map, 1862 (index only).....{1975/4/1}
Maps - Metchosin District (Vancouver Island) Official Map,1858 (index only).....{1975/4/1}
Maps - North Saanich (Vancouver Island) official Map, 1859 ( index only).....{1975/4/1}
Maps - South Saanich Official Map,1859 (index only).....{1915/4/1}
Maps in BCGS Library99233September 1994No
Marking Our  Past" Program76342June 2005No
MARRAIGES - ST. JOHN THE DIVINE CHURCH by Gay Curran Husband ... .9314Summer 1972Yes
Marriage in B.C., 187778113Autumn 1982Yes
Material at U.B.C2323September 2003No
Matric Class at King Edward High School, 1921129283September 1999No
McBride/Lavigne Connections61242June 1995No
McKee Family Bible22151March 1986No
Medical Genealogy3582Summer 1979Yes
Meet the Pioneers ... from the Pioneer Registry, Pioneer: Thomas WILSON & wife Jessie Robertson MELVILLE…56312June 2002No
Meet the Pioneers ... from the Pioneer Registry,       Pioneer:Paul (Paolo) Medana & wife Catherine, Pioneer: William Sinclair & wife Jemina Eloise KITTSON54312June 2002No
Meet the Pioneers ... from the Pioneer Registry, Pioneer: Henry JESPERSON & wife Andrea MICHOLSON55312June 2002No
Meet the pioneers .... from the Pioneer Register,       Pioneer: Neil BELL and his wife Jess JAMISON191304December 2001No
Meet the pioneers .... from the Pioneer Register,        Pioneer:-Archibald Renfrew KIER and wife lsobel WALLACE and wife Mary Jane TOWERS, Pioneer:-George Albert KIER and wife Florence Sara MONK, Pioneer:-Annie BROWN and husband Alfred MONK193304December 2001No
Meet the pioneers .... from the Pioneer Register,        Pioneer:-James EVANS and wife Margaret EVANS and wife Mattie VIAN SELLIER192304December 2001No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register103333September 2004No
Meet the pioneers FROM THE PIONEER REGISTER30341March 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register101343September 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register - CHURCHLAND90223September 1993No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTER - HALLIDAY18231March 1994No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register - Herbert SMITH55222June 1993No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register - Hugh MAGEE56222June 1993No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register - John E.MARTIN57222June 1993No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register - JONES92223September 1993No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register - LAFFERE90223September 1993No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register - ROBERT J. KELLY141224December 1993No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register - WHALEN91223September 1993No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register REAGH85233September 1994No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER   Frederick Butler and wife Lydia Jane Emery16291March 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER   -Robert Butler and wife Ann Jane Bates15291March 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER, John Herald Stoney and wife Ethel Ada Medd19291March 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register,            John Ralph Michell, David Blair Nickerson & wife Catherine Margaret Michell, Catherine Frances Alice (McGraw) Farquharson253321March 2003No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register, Alexander McNeil & wife Annie Robertson255321March 2003No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register, James Henry Nickerson & wife Sarah Frances Botsford, Clarence Duncan Ogilvie & wife Cleo Nye Hodges254321March 2003No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register, John McGraw & wife Catherine Penington, George Thomas Michell & wife Eliza Pennington McGraw252321March 2003No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer Albert Otis THOMSON190344December 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer Arthur R. THOMSON190344December 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer David Horace Robert DAYAN and Margaret ROBINSON187344December 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer Estalno Joseph BITTANCOURT and Mary ROBINSON189344December 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer Evans Pemer ANTISELL187344December 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer George Stuart SIMPSON185344December 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer Helen Vandeleur HOLMES185344December 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER, Pioneer Henry SMITH & wife Katherine Clement STEVENS, Pioneer: William Andrew STARRET~ & wife Clara Prudence SMITH11324December 2003No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer Henry W. ROBINSON and Margaret NOLAN186344December 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer James Murray YALE185344December 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer John NORTON and Annie ROBINSON188344December 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer KETTLE45351March 2006No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer MAHON46351March 2006No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer Mildred Elizabeth THOMSON190344December 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer REBBECK.47351March 2006No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer Thomas Edgar THOMSON190344December 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER, Pioneer Thomas HEMBROUGH & wife ELIZA POPPLEWELL, Pioneer David Johnstone ARCHIBALD & wife Margaret HILL13324December 2003No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer Thomas OVENS185344December 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer William LEIGH185344December 2005No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register, Pioneer: DEMPSTER46351March 2006No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER, Pioneer: Fred ADAMS, Pioneer: Alphonse BROWN & wife Rebecca Alice WARD16331March 2004No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER, Pioneer: Frederick ADAMS, Pioneer: George ADAMS, Pioneer: William ADAMS15331March 2004No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER, Pioneer: Henry Clayton BRADLEY, Pioneers: George & Peter McRAE, Pioneers: Charles & William KNIGHT13331March 2004No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTER, Pioneer: James POLLOCK, Pioneer: Isaac Matheson MacLEAN & wife Janet “Jennie” McFartan KENT, Pioneer: Elisa Evelyn MacLEAN & husband Philip BROWN157314December 2002No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTER, Pioneer: Joseph GOLDSWORTHY & wife Isobel McGREGOR154314December 2002No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER, Pioneer: Peter Francis Wright, Pioneer: Reginald Heber PIDCOCK & wife Alice GUILLOD10324December 2003No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTER, Pioneer: Robert POLLOCK & Agnes Allan WEIR156314December 2002No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTER, Pioneer: Thomas Alexander WILSON & wife Belle HOLLAND158314December 2002No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER, Pioneer: William MIDDLETON & wife Emily HULBERT12324December 2003No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTER, Pioneer: William POLLOCK & wife Ann Munro WEIR155314December 2002No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER, -Thomas Augustus Stoney and wife Mary Beatrice Knott20291March 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER,  William Medd and wife Ann Forsyth Holding21291March 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER,   William MacDonald and wife Margaret McKenzie, William Charles MacDonald18291March 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER,   Richard Henry Holding and wife Isobella Guest22291March 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register, Charles Thulin & wife Marie Josephine Johansson256321March 2003No
Meet the Pioneers from THE PIONEER REGISTER,, John Emery and wife Salome Marie Bean, Job Davis and wife Louisa B. Babcock17291March 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register:- James DUNN and wife Jane SARGEANT53252June 1996No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register:- R.A.C. DEWAR and wife Martha Mary GRIMMER57252June 1996No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register:-.James GRIMMER and wife Mary Ann OLIVER56252June 1996No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register:-Abraham HUCK and wife Nancy GENTRY54252June 1996No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register:-Alexander McLENNAN and wife Elizabeth DUNN55252June 1996No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register:-James HARVEY and wife Louisa Cumming BUTLER58252June 1996No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register:-Lancelot GRIMMER and wifeMartha HUCK56252June 1996No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register:-Thomas Henry BUTLER and wife Clara WASHER58252June 1996No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register:-William George HARVEY and wife Florence GABRIEL58252June 1996No
Meet the Pioneers from The Pioneer Register—THE KILBYS57352June 2006No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry150273September 1998No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry.292June 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry *George Kilby & wife Elizabeth Ann Armstrong, *Frederick Kilby28281March 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry *Howard Ludwig DeBeck27281March 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry *Alexander Colin Munro33281March 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry *Asael Munro, *Nicholas Redmond Munro, *Asael Casselman, *Edwin Allan Munro31281March 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry *Franklin "Frank" Benjamin ELLISON & wife Cecilia "Celia"  E. FISH77282June 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry *George Walter PAYNE & wife Mattie Carrie "Caroline"  ELLISON78282June 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry *Gilbert Munro30281March 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry *James Munro32281March 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry *Janet Stewart Kerr, *Robert Duncan Kerr29281March 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry *Otis Willis ELLISON, *Edwin Fletcher WALTON79282June 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry *Pioneer Edward SMITH156283September 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry *Pioneer George Alfred RAE/WRAY & wife Sarah Jane BROCK ....155283September 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry *Thomas Cunningham26281March 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry *William Joseph POWER & wife Mary Eileen GORMAN80282June 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry Correction from Vol. 28, No. 2, June 1999, *Pioneer Gerald William Power154283September 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry*Pioneer Howard Parnell TRUDGEON & wife Emma Richmond SMITH, *Pioneer Israel TRUDGEON/TRUDGIAN157283September 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, Pioneer: Waiter Weatherly BEAL120303September 2001No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY,   Pioneer. Joseph Charles BISHOP and wife Mary Adelaide SAGE 26311March 2002No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY,    Pioneer: Alexander MacCALLUM and wife Grace GLOVER,  Pioneer: James THORBURN and wife Bessie PAYNE 28311March 2002No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY,    Pioneer: Henry 'Harry' John PAINTER and wife Annie M. PETCHELL 29311March 2002No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY,    Pioneer: Waiter Branson BISHOP and wife Alice Maud GRIFFITH 27311March 2002No
Meet the Pioneers From the Pioneer Registry,       Charles Jay BECKER and his wife Amelia WANSBROUGH 168294December 2000No
Meet the Pioneers From the Pioneer Registry,          Francis "Frank" Jones BECKER 169294December 2000No
Meet the Pioneers From the Pioneer Registry,           Jay Charles BECKER,   Lillian Prudence Wansbrough BECKER,  Anna Caroline Bettina (HAAK) UNTERBRINK CLINTON 170294December 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry,            Pioneer: George John Perrier & wife Susan Chititlat, Pioneer: George John Perrier & wife Alice Agnes Davis ......103302June 2001No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, *Joseph Irwin, Thomas Walbanke Grahame,*Fred "Faw" Grahame, *Charles B. Grahame178284December 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, *Marcus "Mac" Servius McDowell, *Thomas Francis McDowell180284December 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, *Nelson Carter25281March 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, Pioneer Andrew NOBLE Jr. & wife Eleanor M. McNAUGHTON32322June 2003No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, Pioneer John LAMONT & wife Annie ROBINSON, Pioneer Arthur ROBINSON & wife Emille Annie BAETHKE30322June 2003No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, Pioneer Samuel ROBINSON, Pioneer Andrew NOBLE Sr. & wife Mary Jane WATSON31322June 2003No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY,    Amram Reeves & his wife Frances 'Fanny' Price 142293September 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY,  Esther Gertrude Reeves, husband Henry 'Harry' Reed, Sgt. William McColl 143293September 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY,  W.E. 'William Emerson" & his wife Barbara McFerran,   J.W. 'John Waiter' Berry, Joseph Charles Bishop, wife and son 140293September 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY,  Waiter Branson Bishop 141293September 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY,   Andrew William Scoullar,   George Turner 147293September 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY,   William McColl, Jr,  Mary Ann McColl ,  Helen McColl and her husband Edwin Sayre Scoullar 145293September 2000No
Meet the Pioneers From the Pioneer Registry,          Henry Jurgen EHMKE and his wife Magdalena Katherine HAACK 171294December 2000No
Meet the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry,*Henry Woodward and wife Deborah Griffin177284December 1999No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY.....Elspeth McKay GRANT141244December 1995No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY.....James PAYETTE and wife Emma ROWLEY141244December 1995No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY....John A. THOMPSON and wife Harriet MacDONALD141244December 1995No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY....Joseph CUFFALO and wife Anneta SABOLA141244December 1995No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY...Angel Margaret CHARLIE and husband Ferry Alvin FATTEN142244December 1995No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY...James McKENNEL and his wife Janet MITCHELL .140244December 1995No
Meet the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY...John WILLIAMS and wife Janet McKENNELL140244December 1995No
Meet the Pioneers....Charles Wilfred Paulin, wife Mary Ann Paulin113243September 1995No
Meet the Pioneers....Frederick Paulin, wife Mary Cutler & family.111243September 1995No
Meet the Pioneers....George Henry Paulin, wife Edith Emily (Nickells) & family112243September 1995No
Meet the Pioneers....James Hannan, wife Annie Monaghan, sons John & William.113243September 1995No
Meet the Pioneers....John Thomson, wife Mary & family.110243September 1995No
Meet the Pioneers...John Nickells & wife Mary Ann Jones & family114243September 1995No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register149263September 1997No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register - KELLS96213September 1992No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register - KEMP7221March 1993No
Meeting the pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTER Pioneer Alexander DUNSMORE & wife Janet ANDERSON .121254December 1996No
Meeting the pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTER Pioneer David George PORTER122254December 1996No
Meeting the pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTER Pioneer James Piret McKAY & wife Annie ENO120254December 1996No
Meeting the pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTER Pioneer Joseph LIVESLEY & wife Jessie WILSON120254December 1996No
Meeting the pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTER Pioneer Robert DUNSMORE & wife Elizabeth McKAY121254December 1996No
Meeting the pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTER Pioneer William Hill DAVIDSON & wife Grace McKAY122254December 1996No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register:- Joseph DUBBERLEY and wife Mary Ann MURPHY84253September 1996No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register:- Julius Frazelle GALBRAITH and wife Sarah Ann DRIVER85253September 1996No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Register:- Waiter Maitland DUBBERLEY and wife Margaret SUTHERLAND .84253September 1996No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry89272June 1998No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry169334December 2004No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry - BAYNES111213September 1992No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry ...Thomas Benson GODFREY & wife Lizzie ROWELL....Fred Harold GODFREY & wife Edna Mary JAMES .....Harry Rowell GODFREY & wife Viroqua English BONSER ....Arthur Benson GODFREY & wife Marjorie Belle Rutherford M33261March 1997No
Meeting the PIONEERS from the Pioneer Registry George Heatherbell and wife Annie Matilda Graham190274December 1998No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry Henry HENLEY and family.9251March 1996No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry James G. NICOLL and family9251March 1996No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry James LEWIS and family9251March 1996No
Meeting the PIONEERS from the Pioneer Registry John GRAHAM and wife Mary Ann McFARLAN191274December 1998No
Meeting the PIONEERS from the Pioneer Registry Magnus EDGAR, George EDGAR and wife Mary Ann ALEXCEE, Mark EDGAR and wife Lilian JONES, Peter JONES and wife Matilda Ruth RANEY, John WRAY and family188274December 1998No
Meeting the PIONEERS from the Pioneer Registry Robert Judson DEANE and wife Mary Elizabeth PIELOU193274December 1998No
Meeting the PIONEERS from the Pioneer Registry William HEATHERBELL and wile Mary Theresa HAWTIN191274December 1998No
Meeting the PIONEERS from the Pioneer Registry William HOLMES194274December 1998No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry William Morris HILBERTand family9251March 1996No
Meeting the PIONEERS from the Pioneer Registry William SUTTON and wife Emily MUNT192274December 1998No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, Andrew KELLY & wife Elizabeth HASTIE , Peter TOY & wife Malvina Jane GEORGE 64332June 2004No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, James URIN 65332June 2004No
Meeting the pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, Pioneer: Christopher Beer HARRIS & wife Emily Maria BROWNE 39323September 2003No
Meeting the pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, Pioneer: Daniel DOCKSTEADER41323September 2003No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, Pioneer: John Black McKilligan 43301March 2001No
Meeting the pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, Pioneer: Joseph DOBINSON & wife Sophia HAWKINS40323September 2003No
Meeting the pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, Pioneer: Josiah KENDRICK & wife Elizabeth 41323September 2003No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, Pioneer: Thomas Bennett & Family 44301March 2001No
Meeting the Pioneers from the Pioneer Registry, William LIVINGSTONE , James Alexander “Sandy” LOCKE 66332June 2004No
Meeting the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY.....William George MILLS & wife Emma Jane McKENNELLEY87262June 1997No
Meeting the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY....Thomas Coate McKENELLEY & wife Mary Eliza McLELLAN88262June 1997No
Meeting the Pioneers from the PIONEER REGISTRY...Clarrassa Tillie McKENELLEY & husband Hugh H. PHILLIPS88262June 1997No
Meeting the PIONEERS from the PIONEER REGISTRY…7271March 1998No
Meeting the PIONEERS from the Pioneer RegistryCatherine McFarlane nee MAGUIRE192274December 1998No
Melton Junius Embree Family Bible86223September 1993No
Member to Member6324December 2003No
Members of 13th Canadian Field Ambulance964Winter 1977Yes
Membership Additions and Renewals3034August 1974Yes
MEMBERSHIP LIST4212Winter 1971/72Yes
MEMBERSHIP LIST2921November 1972Yes
Membership List of B.C.G.S., 1973/742831November 1973Yes
Membership Report30271March 1998No
Membership Report for 199535251March 1996No
Membership Report for 199836281March 1999No
Memories of The Past and My Grandmother Locke17211March 1992No
Mennonite Migrations3692Summer 1980Yes
Metis Forum22231March 1994No
Microfiche Holdings in Resource Centre43261March 1997No
Microfiche in Walter Draycott Library6331March 2004No
Microfilm Recorder Needed 85332June 2004No
Midway Cemetery, Midway, B.C.2682Summer 1979Yes
Migration, Cholera and a Mystery by David Howlett5203September 1991No
Military Equipment as an Aid to Family History Research103144December 1985No
Military Records191264December 1997No
Military Records - Canadian Expeditionary Force, France,1917 (1st Canadian Mounted Rifles).....{1978/7/ 1/2}
Military Records - David Porter's Comrades - S.S.Tunisian, 1902.....{1979/8/4}
Military Records - Members of 13th Canadian Field Ambulance, (Victoria) 1916.....{1977/6/4}
Military Records - Royal Irish Fusileers of Canada (Vancouver Regiment), 1912/13.....{1978/7/ 3/4}
Military Website112282June 1999No
Mill Bay United - Mill Bay (British Columbia)81312June 2002No
Mill Bay United Church Cemetery1541Winter 1975Yes
Miscellaneous and advertising.2235November 1974Yes
Miscellany3024August 1973Yes
MISCELLANY422February 1973Yes
MISCELLANY522February 1973Yes
MISCELLANY1623May 1973Yes
MISCELLANY2363Fall 1977Yes
Miscellany49291March 2000No
Miscellany - From B.C. Newspapers105262June 1997No
Miscellany 45311March 2002No
Missing Books 197294December 2000No
Mongolia Reverts to Surnames160273September 1998No
Monument - Stanley Park, Vancouver, B. C.1333May 1974Yes
Monumental Inscriptions Collection47324December 2003No
Monumental Inscriptions, Salt Lake City "City Cemetery", Canadian Legion Post 97 by Joan D. Moore6204December 1991No
Monumental Inscriptions, St. Peter's, Bengeworth, Worcestershire .12161March 1987No
More Internet Sites28271March 1998No
More lnternet Sites 213294December 2000No
MORE MISCELLANY2022February 1973Yes
More on Simon Fraser University - Special Collections61232June 1994No
More Walter Draycott Gleanings130333September 2004No
Mount Cartier Cemetery.1913 - 196622421975Yes
MOUNTAIN VIEW BURIAL REGISTER, (a continuation).1221November 1972Yes
Mountain View Cemetery News122333September 2004No
Mountain View Cemetery Tour28251March 1996No
Mountain View Cemetery Tours191264December 1997No
Mountain View Cemetery Update83282June 1999No
Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, B.C., Update190264December 1997No
Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, BC Update195284December 1999No
MOUNTAIN VIEW. BURIAL REGISTER (a continuation)1022February 1973Yes
Mountain Wave - Additional Passengers25421975Yes
MOURTAIN VIEW CEMETERY, Vancouver, B.C.1211Fall 1971Yes
Municipal Cemetery, Coldstream, B.C.6693Autumn 1980Yes
Municipality of Delta5283Fall 1979Yes
Municipality of Surrey5383Fall 1979Yes
Museum Reports - Campbell River District Museums.....{1984/13/2}
Museum Reports - Delta Museum & Archives, Ladner. B.C......{1979/8/4}
Museum Reports - Langley Centennial Museum.....{1980/9/3}
Museum Reports - Sooke Region Museum (*).....{1983/12/4}
Museum Reports - Sooke Region Museum Genealogical charts (*).....{1983/12/4}
Museum Reports - Surrey Museum & Archives.....{1980/9/1}
Museum Reports - Wells Centennial Museum & Archives, Chilliwack, B.C......{1980/9/4}
Mutual Fire Insurance Company of British Columbia131263September 1997No
My Adventures In Queensland, Australia64352June 2006No
My First Experience Using the new B.C. Vital Statistics83262June 1997No
My Genealogical Year.152344December 2005No
My Irish Travels by Emily Sturmer41193September 1990No
My Little List45311March 2002No
My Loyalist Quest94213September 1992No
My Search for Auldcathie24341March 2005No
Mysteries Column8171March 1988No
Mystery Lovers Delight119333September 2004No
Mystery Monument70262June 1997No
Names for Foundlings4092Summer 1980Yes
Nanaimo Coal Mine Disaster45183September 1989No
Nanaimo Pioneer Cemetery43122June 1983Yes
Nanaimo Pioneer Cemetery80123September 1983Yes
NARA Revised Fee Schedule 211294December 2000No
Narrow Escape, North Bend, 1920125353September 2006No
National Archives & Records Administration (USA)40281March 1999No
National Archives Move60232June 1994No
National Archives of Canada Free Database157273September 1998No
Native Genealogical Research in B.C.41232June 1994No
Near Ready Book-"Pipe, Dare, Parbury"73242June 1995No
Never Give up or Never Late than Never60302June 2001No
Never Judge a Book By Its Cover...Al Liberto51232June 1994No
New “Directions” for the Boutique138343September 2005No
New Acquisitions at Cloverdale Library 34311March 2002No
New Acquisitions at the Waiter Draycott Ubrary19351March 2006No
New Acquisitions in the Walter Draycott Library96342June 2005No
New Acquisitions, B.C.G.S. Walter Draycott Library144353September 2006No
New Address79272June 1998No
New addresses, new emails, corrections, etc223321March 2003No
New at Cloverdale99262June 1997No
New at Cloverdale155263September 1997No
New at Cloverdale110272June 1998No
New at Cloverdale156273September 1998No
New B.C.G.S. Board Members106353September 2006No
New B.C.G.S. Cemetery Publications: Kitsumgallum & Ocean View15351March 2006No
New B.C.G.S. Members41351March 2006No
New B.C.G.S. Members139353September 2006No
New BCGS Members87352June 2006No
New Coordinator of Book Reviews55324December 2003No
New Editions to Cloverdale Genealogical Collection, Surrey PublicLibrary System19281March 1999No
New Fiche in the Walter Draycott Library105342June 2005No
New Fiche in the Walter Draycott Library150334December 2004No
New Fiche in Walter Draycott Library4323September 2003No
New Fiche in Walter Draycott Library131343September 2005No
NEW MEMBERS7813Spring 1972Yes
New Members180284December 1999No
New Members121283September 1999No
New Members62292June 2000No
New Members6291March 2000No
New Members50312June 2002No
New Members15322June 2003No
New Members220321March 2003No
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NEW MEMBERS & RENEWALS3422February 1973Yes
New Members (email & address changes, renewals, etc.) 137303September 2001No
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New Members, changes of address, etc.160314December 2002No
New Members, Changes of Addresses, etc106333September 2004No
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New Members, etc90302June 2001No
New Members, etc99313September 2002No
New Members, Members Rejoining, Changes of Address, email, etc.... 173294December 2000No
New Members, New Addresses, etc2323September 2003No
New Members, Renewals & New Exchanges3424August 1973Yes
New Members, Renewals, & New Exchanges3132February 1974Yes
New Members, Renewals, Corrections, etc 25301March 2001No
New Microfiche at Walter Draycott Library 70332June 2004No
New Microfiche in the Wafter Draycott Library19322June 2003No
New Microfiche in the Wafter Draycott Library4322June 2003No
New Microfiche in the Walter Draycott Library108333September 2004No
New Parish Registers at the Walter Draycott Library66342June 2005No
New Publication.61342June 2005No
New Release - A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Lithuania143343September 2005No
New to the B.C.G.S. Website162344December 2005No
New Websites to Try 153293September 2000No
New Westminster as Capital16221March 1993No
New Westminster Library, B.C.'s First Library - 130 Years Old .137244December 1995No
New Westminster May Queens, 1870 - 19551264Winter 1977Yes
New Years Babies...January 2, 195933251March 1996No
New! 1901 Census Index - British Columbia130343September 2005No
News Alert117263September 1997No
News and Announcements2934August 1974Yes
News from The Daily News Advertiser, August, 1906162334December 2004No
News from the Walter Draycott Library165334December 2004No
News from the Walter Draycott Library114333September 2004No
Newspaper Collection on Microfilm at Simon Fraser University59232June 1994No
Newspaper Entries.117243September 1995No
Newspaper Extracts - Daily British Colonist. Victoria, Extracts. 1860.....{1982/11/1}
Newspaper Extracts - Extract. Quebec Gazette, 1770.....{1977/6/4}
Newspaper Extracts - Extracts from the Nanaimo Free Press, 1879.....1974/3/5} {1976/5/2}
Newspaper Extracts - Mainland Guardian (New Westminster) Index, Month of Jan1870.....{1980/9/1}
Newspaper Extracts - Newspaper Gleanings of the Akenheads of Nanaimo.....{1972/1/3}
Newspaper Extracts - The Chilliwack Progress. 1892, B, M. D......{1980/9/4}
Newspaper Extracts - Vancouver Daily Province - Buried at Boundry (sic) Line 1902 (Corp'l Saxby).....{1980/9/3}
Newspaper Extracts - Vancouver Daily Province - Expeditionary Force Casualties, 1915.....{1979/6/1}
Newspaper Extracts - Vancouver Sun - Chiefs of Police 1907-1914.....{1915/4/4}
Newspaper Extracts - Vancouver Sun - New City Council, School Board,1932.....{1975/413}
Newspaper Extracts - Vancouver Sun - Parks Board, 1932.....{1975/4/3}
Newspaper Extracts - Vancouver Sun - Past Presidents of Vancouver Board of Trade, 1920-33.....{1975/4/4}
Newspaper Extracts - Vancouver Sun - Police Commissioners,1933.....{1975/414}
Newspaper Extracts - Vancouver Sun - Tombstones Censored: Dead Leave.....{1978/7/ 3/4}
Newspaper Extracts - Victoria Colonist - 1862, random B, M, D.....{1977/6/1}
Newspaper Extracts - Victoria Colonist - Death Summons Many Yukoners, 1919.....{1981/10/2}
Newspaper Extracts - Victoria Colonist - Yukon News (Death Notices, 1919).....{1981/10/2}
Newspaper Extracts - Yukon / Klondike - Looking Up Grandpa in the Klondike.....{1979/8/4}
Newspaper Extracts - Yukon / Klondike - The Perils of the Stikine Trail.....{1981/10/3}
NEWSPAPER GLEANINGS by Mrs. Alice Marwood6913Spring 1972Yes
Newspaper lndexing Program-SEARBY142244December 1995No
Newspaper Research at the National Library of Canada13261March 1997No
Newspapers in the Vancouver City Archives1634August 1974Yes
NEWSPAPERS ON MICROFILM, VAN. PUB, LIB by Mrs. Alice Marwood7313Spring 1972Yes
Nicknames134164September 1987No
North Vancouver Voters, 189747152June 1986No
Northern England Interests105233September 1994No
Norwegian Ladies in Vancouver 1920—PLATOU, THOROLDSON130353September 2006No
Norwich Central library, England100233September 1994No
Notes on George Craft140194December 1990No
Notes on George Craft140214December 1992No
Notice for Members143263September 1997No
Notice of Annual General Meeting166274December 1998No
Notice of Annual General Meeting166304December 2001No
Notice of Annual General Meeting138334December 2004No
Notice of Annual General Meeting2324December 2003No
Notice of Annual General Meeting & Nominations.149344December 2005No
Notice of Annual General Meeting 158294December 2000No
Notice of Annual General Meeting, BCGS166284December 1999No
Notice of  Annual General meeting146314December 2002No
NSDAR & NSSAR Presentation at BCGS  October Meeting171314December 2002No
Numbering The Survivors, reprinted Book Report29251March 1996No
Nurses’ Taxi, Vancouver, 1945148353September 2006No
Obituaries148194December 1990No
Obituaries148214December 1992No
Oblate Cemetery, Mission, B. C.1053Autumn 1976Yes
OBLATE GEOGRAPHIC NAMES IN BRITISH COLUMBIA..........................123May 1973Yes
OCAPG 2005 Essay Contest: Ontario Genealogy166344December 2005No
Oddfellows’ Decoration day, Kamloops, B.C. 1908149353September 2006No
Old Documents Deposited in Archives Office132224December 1993No
Old Photographs for Sale the Willow Antique Mall142263September 1997No
OLIVER·CEMETERY, Oliver, B.C.1862Summer 1977Yes
On the Lighter Side1851Spring 1976Yes
Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) Seminar 2000 - Family History Competition152283September 1999No
Ontario Searching, Location of Resource Contacts2954Winter 1976Yes
Ontario Vital Statistics Bulletin #465232June 1994No
Ontario Vital Statistics TRANSFERRED30211March 1992No
Organizing Your Family History (Lecture - Feb. 20/99)40281March 1999No
ORIGINAL CROWN GRANTS EXTANT FOR DENMAN & HORNBY .....ISLAND,B.C. ( In the Quest for McFarlan History, A Continuation from Volume 6, No, 2 - BCG )163Fall 1977Yes
Original Sources122234December 1994No
OSOYOOS CEMETERY by Mrs. Pamla Field5813Spring 1972Yes
Our Facilities in Picture115272June 1998No
Our Nenr Identification Symbol & Miscellany1341Winter 1975Yes
Our Old Journal and Newsletters now on disk197274December 1998No
Our Tenth Birthday - February 19812101Spring 1981Yes
Out on a Limb (a poem)102262June 1997No
Out-of-Province Info - A Mid-Argyll Contract of Fosterage, 1655.....{1982/11/4}
Out-of-Province Info - A Quebec Miscellany.....{1977/6/4}
Out-of-Province Info - A Scottish Baptism.....{1980/9/1}
Out-of-Province Info - Abbotts / Manns in East Bergholt (Suffolk) Parish Register, England.....{1978/7/ 1/2}
Out-of-Province Info - Abbotts in East Berqholt (Suffolk) Burial Register.....{1975/4/4}
Out-of-Province Info - Canadian Strays in Australia (*).....{1983/12/2}
Out-of-Province Info - Canadian Strays in Scotland (*).....{1983/12/5}
Out-of-Province Info - Czernawa School, Calder, Saskatchewan, 1936.....{1975/4/4}
Out-of-Province Info - Did Grandpa Own a Dog? (Dog Licences, Boissevain, Manitoba, 1899).....{1979/8/2}
Out-of-Province Info - Dublin Directory 1791 (Ireland) A - Bryan, P......{1971/1/4} {1972/1,2,3,4}
Out-of-Province Info - English Comedy in the Scottish Coalfields?.....{1979/8/1}
Out-of-Province Info - Fun & Games, Not So Long Ago (Weyburn, Sask).....{1981/10/3}
Out-of-Province Info - Glasgow Churches, 1816 (*).....{1983/12/2}
Out-of-Province Info - History of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (Extracts).....{1975/4/3}
Out-of-Province Info - Hong Kong - A Mini Report.....{1977/6/4}
Out-of-Province Info - Irish Land Tenure and the Land Bill of 1870.....{1973/2/4}
Out-of-Province Info - Jones / Weston / Perry in Wribbenhall Registers (Worcs. England).....{1975/4/2}
Out-of-Province Info - Liverpool Directory (England) 1774 (poor quality).....{1979/8/4}
Out-of-Province Info - London's Churches (*).....{1983/12/4}
Out-of-Province Info - MacLennens in St. Andrew's Church Register, Williamstown, Ontario.....{1978/7/ 1/2}
Out-of-Province Info - Sheffield United Church, N.B......{1977/6/4}
Overseas Queries113282June 1999No
Pam's Tips193304December 2001No
Pam's Tips195304December 2001No
Pam's Tips57312June 2002No
Pam's Tips101313September 2002No
Pam's Tips 25311March 2002No
Parbury Datebook105243September 1995No
PARISH REGISTER OF ST. JOHN THE DIVINE by Mrs.Gay Curran Husband2112Winter 1971/72Yes
Parksville Roll of Honour1124August 1973Yes
Parson's Family Bible46252June 1996No
Passenger List - Sierra Nevada1032February 1974Yes
Passenger List - the "Pacific", 18624692Summer 1980Yes
PASSENGER LIST - The Barque "Harpooner" (1849) by Alice Marwood..811Fall 1971Yes
Passenger List, R.M.S. Empress of Ireland, 19112453Autumn 1976Yes
Passenger List: T.S.S. Missanabie2952Summer 1976Yes
PASSENGER LISTS - California - Aug 1815 (to Nanaimo).....{1975/4/3}
PASSENGER LISTS - Cyclone - Oct 1862 (to Sydney, Australia).....{1981/10/1}
PASSENGER LISTS - Empress of Ireland - Apr 1907 (to Saint John, N.B.).....{1974/3/5}
PASSENGER LISTS - Empress of Ireland - Jan 1911 (to Saint John, N.B.).....{1976/5/3}
PASSENGER LISTS - Grace Darling - Mar 1878 (to San Francisco).....{1975/4/3}
PASSENGER LISTS - Lake Manitoba - Apr 1911 (to Saint John, N.B.).....{1977/8/1}
PASSENGER LISTS - Missanabie - May 1915 (to Quebec & Montreal).....{1976/5/2}
PASSENGER LISTS - Santa Cruz - Dec 1660 (to San Francisco).....{1980/9/4}
PASSENGER LISTS - Scandinavian - Apr 1919 (to Saint John, N.B.).....{1977/6/2}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Brother Jonathan - Oct 1860.....{1982/11/2}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - California - Dec 1860.....{1980/9/3}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Cortes - Apr 1861.....{1982/11/3}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Cortes - Aug 1860.....{1981/10/4}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Cowliti - 1849.....{1971/1/1}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Cowlitz - 1650, 1851, 1853.....{1971/1/2}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Cyclone - Sept 1862.....{1973/3/1}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Devastation - July 1862.....{1979/8/3}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Goseiza - Nov 1859.....{1982/11/4}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Harpooner - 1849.....{1971/1/1}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Lockett - Sept 1862.....{1973/2/2}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Mountain Wave - Sept 1862.....{1974/3/4} {1975/4/2}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Norman Morison - Aug 1852.....{1972/1/3}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Norman Morison - Mar 1850.....{1971/1/1}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Norman Morison - May 1851.....{1972/2/1}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Oregon - Feb 1861.....{1982/11/2}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Oregon - Mar 1862.....{1979/8/3}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Oregon - Sept 1862.....{1973/2/3}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Pacific - Apr 1882.....{1979/8/3}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Pacific - Aug 1862.....{1974/3/3}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Pacific - Nov 1862.....{1980/9/2}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Pacific - Sept 1862.....{1973/2/3}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Princess Royal - Jan 1861.....{1982/11/2}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Princess Royal / Recovery - June 1854.....{1973/2/2}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Santa Cruz - Dec 1860.....{1981/10/1}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Seamans Bride - Sept 1862.....{1973/2/4}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Severn - Feb 1866.....{1973/2/2}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Sierra Nevada - Aug 1862.....{1974/3/2}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Sierra Nevada - July 1862.....{1979/8/3}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Thames - Sept 1862.....{1973/2/2}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Tory - June 1851.....{1972/1/4}
PASSENGER LISTS (to Victoria) - Tynemouth - Sep 1862.....{1974/3/3}
Passenger Lists: Sierra Nevada, Oregon, Devastation and Pacific, 18626783Fall 1979Yes
Passengers on the Bark Heather Bell51232June 1994No
Passengers on the Ship Almatia51232June 1994No
Passengers on the Steamer Brother Jonathan, San Francisco-Portland-Victoria .139224December 1993No
Passport Found76242June 1995No
Past Presidents of the Vancouver Board of Trade3441975Yes
Patients in B,C, Hospitals, 1878: An Index58123September 1983Yes
Pegg Family Bible16121March 1983Yes
Penington Family Record63162June 1987No
Pennier Family100213September 1992No
Peter Taylor McCALLUM and wife Elizabeth McEWING91292June 2000No
Petitioners of Nanaimo & Comox Constituencies, 18842161March 1987No
Photographs96262June 1997No
Photography and Genealogy3554Winter 1976Yes
PhotoList2201March 1991No
Picture Identification Needed92233September 1994No
Pictures Found at Thrift Shop in Ladner168314December 2002No
Pioneer Park Cemetery, Vernon, B C271 , 2Spring & Summer 1978Yes
Pioneer Register, Second Edition124254December 1996No
Pioneer Register, Second Edition64252June 1996No
Pioneer: Clarence Perceival FOOT 122303September 2001No
Pioneer: Hans Jordan Uirich Ludwig Michael Dazat PETERSON . 121303September 2001No
Pioneer: Hector OUELETTE 122303September 2001No
Pioneer: John Matthew WALKER 122303September 2001No
Pioneer: Waiter Alien BEALL 123303September 2001No
Pioneers of Denman Island6173 , 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
Poetry in theChurchyard145263September 1997No
Port Essington Hotel Registrants65292June 2000No
Positions in our Society 214294December 2000No
Post 1901 Census - Election Called93332June 2004No
Post 1901 Census - Seeking Access to the Census Records.45322June 2003No
Post 1901 Census News75312June 2002No
Postcard from the Principality of Hutt River102233September 1994No
Postcard-The Loyal Protestant Orphan Asylum of Detroit 138293September 2000No
Powell River and District Cenotaph131November 1973Yes
Powell River news64242June 1995No
Pre-1760 Sources For Family History in Quebec15151March 1986No
Preparations for the first expedition into new Caledonia82213September 1992No
Preparing Now for Salt Lake26271March 1998No
Preserving Photographic Memories48322June 2003No
PRESIDENTS911Fall 1971Yes
PRESIDENTS by Alan Barnard3612Winter 1971/72Yes
President's Message241Winter 1975Yes
Presidents Message.59342June 2005No
Press Release - Whatcom Gen. Society132February 1974Yes
Presumption of Death Denied—LANE, 192947351March 2006No
Preview: Special Spring Seminar with Hank Jones, Jr47324December 2003No
Princess Louise Passenger List 2301March 2001No
Private Book Collections234August 1974Yes
Problems, with the 1911 Canadian Census173274December 1998No
Profiles of B.C.G.S. Members - HUSBAND and BURGESS19231March 1994No
Promotion (Travel Kit) Year End Report32271March 1998No
Promotion 137293September 2000No
Providence St. Genevieve School98342June 2005No
Public Record Office - England79262June 1997No
Publication Announcement - The Descendants of Edmund & Jane (Webb) Price464Winter 1977Yes
Publication Committee Report. Year End 2002211321March 2003No
Publication for Sale146343September 2005No
Publications Available2471 & 2Spring & Summer 1978Yes
Publications Committee Annual Report 199410341March 2005No
Publications Committee Annual Report 20035331March 2004No
Publications Committee Year End Report 199755271March 1998No
Publications of Interest11221March 1993No
Publishing My Family History about the Malbons of Cheshire, England37351March 2006No
Quebec Family History122333September 2004No
Quebec Gazette, Oct. 4, 1770 - extracts1664Winter 1977Yes
Quebec Miscellany - Parishes, Villages, Townships1164Winter 1977Yes
Quebec Pilot Project38211March 1992No
Queries2853Autumn 1976Yes
Queries3451Spring 1976Yes
Queries3352Summer 1976Yes
Queries3754Winter 1976Yes
Queries2463Fall 1977Yes
Queries2161Spring 1977Yes
Queries1362Summer 1977Yes
Queries1364Winter 1977Yes
Queries8573 , 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
Queries4071 , 2Spring & Summer 1978Yes
Queries6983Fall 1979Yes
Queries1981Spring 1979Yes
Queries4482Summer 1979Yes
Queries9384Winter 1979Yes
Queries7393Autumn 1980Yes
Queries2491Spring 1980Yes
Queries4792Summer 1980Yes
Queries9794Winter 1980Yes
Queries51103Autumn 1981Yes
Queries21101Spring 1981Yes
Queries51102Summer 1981Yes
Queries102104Winter 1981Yes
Queries79113Autumn 1982Yes
Queries110114December 1982Yes
Queries23111Spring 1982Yes
Queries54112Summer 1982Yes
Queries120124December 1983Yes
Queries52122June 1983Yes
Queries22121March 1983Yes
Queries86123September 1983Yes
Queries131134December 1984Yes
Queries63132June 1984Yes
Queries32131March 1984Yes
Queries100133September 1984Yes
Queries116144December 1985No
Queries60142June 1985No
Queries28141March 1985No
Queries88143September 1985No
Queries168154December 1986No
Queries73152June 1986No
Queries28151March 1986No
Queries119153September 1986No
Queries69162June 1987No
Queries34161March 1987No
Queries106163September 1987No
Queries150164September 1987No
Queries66174December 1988No
Queries30172June 1988No
Queries12171March 1988No
Queries50173September 1988No
Queries65184December 1989No
Queries24182June 1989No
Queries11181March 1989No
Queries46183September 1989No
Queries70194December 1990No
Queries136194December 1990No
Queries29192June 1990No
Queries15191March 1990No
Queries45193September 1990No
Queries40204December 1991No
Queries15202June 1991No
Queries18201March 1991No
Queries25203September 1991No
Queries136214December 1992No
Queries74212June 1992No
Queries34211March 1992No
Queries107213September 1992No
Queries140224December 1993No
Queries62222June 1993No
Queries8221March 1993No
Queries98223September 1993No
Queries136234December 1994No
Queries33232June 1994No
Queries76233September 1994No
Queries148244December 1995No
Queries62242June 1995No
Queries26241March 1995No
Queries102243September 1995No
Queries109254December 1996No
Queries59252June 1996No
Queries80253September 1996No
Queries183264December 1997No
Queries71262June 1997No
Queries10261March 1997No
Queries118263September 1997No
Queries171274December 1998No
Queries96272June 1998No
Queries40271March 1998No
Queries132273September 1998No
Queries171284December 1999No
Queries100282June 1999No
Queries49281March 1999No
Queries130283September 1999No
Queries82292June 2000No
Queries24291March 2000No
Queries170304December 2001No
Queries83302June 2001No
Queries32301March 2001No
Queries47324December 2003No
Queries64312June 2002No
Queries35322June 2003No
Queries237321March 2003No
Queries123313September 2002No
Queries7323September 2003No
Queries163334December 2004No
Queries63332June 2004No
Queries118333September 2004No
Queries11341March 2005No
QUERIES166314December 2002No
Queries72342June 2005No
Queries104343September 2005No
Queries ARE effective130134December 1984Yes
Queries 205294December 2000No
Queries 130293September 2000No
Queries 17311March 2002No
Queries.24251March 1996No
Queries: ARNOLD, BROOKES, DAVIS, FINNIE, WHEELER115353September 2006No
Questions Answered1951Spring 1976Yes
QUIPS & QUIRKS6813Spring 1972Yes
QUIPS & QUIRKS10514Summer 1972Yes
QUIPS & QUIRKS512Winter 1971/72Yes
QUIPS and QUIRKS511Fall 1971Yes
R.M.S. "Canada" Passenger List - Montreal & Quebec to Liverpool93223September 1993No
R.M.S. "Empress of ·Ireland" Second Cabin ·Passenger List535November 1974Yes
R.M.S. SCANDINAVIAN162Summer 1977Yes
Rabbitt Family Cemetery1024August 1973Yes
Radden/Laskey/Davis Family Bible29122June 1983Yes
Ramblings of an Amateur Genealogist1831November 1973Yes
Re BiII-S1829341March 2005No
Read Island School Teacher -1926 Style106114December 1982Yes
Reader-printer185264December 1997No
Reading On or About the Web132353September 2006No
Recap of Post 1901 Census Problem35291March 2000No
Recent Acquisitions at the Cloverdate Library of Genealogical Interest 131293September 2000No
Recent Acquisitions at the Wafter Draycott Library72352June 2006No
Recent Additions To Library2263Fall 1977Yes
Recent B.C. Books of Genealogical Interest18351March 2006No
Recent British Columbia Books of Genealogical Interest123353September 2006No
Recent British Columbia Books of Genealogical lnterest157344December 2005No
Recent Editions to Cloverdale Genealogical Collection, Surrey Public Library122283September 1999No
Recharting the Course Between R.M. Portage and McLeod Lake .17221March 1993No
Recommended Reading104114December 1982Yes
Recommended Reading47122June 1983Yes
Record of Pupils, Czernawa School, Calder, Sask.8441975Yes
Recorded Cemeteries in British Columbia June 19806193Autumn 1980Yes
Recording Cousins the Quick Way23231March 1994No
Rector or Vicar?17331March 2004No
Reeves 1880 - 19565783Fall 1979Yes
Regular Monthly Meeting Schedule123313September 2002No
Reinventing the Wheel: A Review Article55232June 1994No
Release of the 1911 & Later Censuses46322June 2003No
Remembering One of Vernon’s Tragedies134283September 1999No
Reminder of Dues 212294December 2000No
Reminder of Year End Reports 159294December 2000No
Reminder to all Committee Heads141334December 2004No
Reminder to all Committee Heads 5324December 2003No
Reminder to all Committee Heads.150344December 2005No
Reminiscences of a Seignioral Manor70133September 1984Yes
Removals to Revelstoke Cemeteries1581Spring 1979Yes
Renewals223321March 2003No
Renewals, New Members and New Exchanges3033May 1974Yes
Report on the BCGS Survey of June 2002 Issue98313September 2002No
Report on the Journal Mailout 53322June 2003No
Reprint from B.C.G.S. Newsletter, Vol. 7, No. 5, pp. 5 & 6103262June 1997No
Research Aids - 17th Century Handwriting (*).....{1984/13/4}
Research Aids - 920 and CS are fine, But Where Do You Go From there?.....{1975/4/2}
Research Aids - Aids for German-Russian Research.....{1980/9/3}
Research Aids - Aids to Scottish Research (*).....{1984/13/4}
Research Aids - Assistance for Researchers of the B.C. 1881 Census.....{1981/10/4}
Research Aids - Canadian Newspapers on Microfilm.....{1976/5/1}
Research Aids - Central Archives of the United Church, Toronto.....{1977/6/4}
Research Aids - Citizenship Records: An Alternate Source (*).....{1984/13/1}
Research Aids - Crossing the Atlantic.....{1976/5/1}
Research Aids - Family History Resources: Western Canada (*).....{1983/12/ 1,2,3,4}
Research Aids - Genealogical Resources in the West Kootenays (*).....{1983/12/2}
Research Aids - Genealogy by Mail (*).....{1984/13/2}
Research Aids - Historic Atlases of Ontario (in Vancouver Public Library).....{1973/2/3}
Research Aids - How Reliable Is Census Information? (*).....{1984/13/2}
Research Aids - Lucy - The Only One in the Book (Phonebook search technique).....{1982/11/2}
Research Aids - Mennonite Migrations.....{1980/9/2}
Research Aids - Microfilm Resources, Simon Fraser University - Newspapers (partial. to 1971).....{1971/1/2}
Research Aids - Newspapers in the Vancouver City Archives.....{1974/3/4}
Research Aids - Newspapers of the united Kingdom & Ireland in Microform.....{1976/5/4}
Research Aids - Newspapers on Microfilm - Northwest Room. Vancouver Public Library (partial).....{1972/1/3}
Research Aids - Ontario Census accords.....{1972/2/1}
Research Aids - Ontario Searching - Location of Resource Contacts.....{1976/5/4}
Research Aids - Research Aids - Books Available at U.B.C Library.....{1973/2/3/4}
Research Aids - Research Centre (England).....{1976/5/2}
Research Aids - Tips for Ontario Census Research (*).....{1983,12/1}
Research Aids - United States pre-Statehood, Territorial & State Census.....{1976/5/2}
Research Aids - Vancouver City Archives - Information for Researchers.....{1972/1/4}
Research Aids - Wills.....{1977/6/3}
Research Queries-Queries Report 199472242June 1995No
Researching Cemeteries and Granite Creek Revisited1941Winter 1975Yes
Researching Female Ancestors in Western Canada15341March 2005No
Researching In Scotland? Seen at the Library25351March 2006No
Residents of Alert Bay, 19348273 , 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
Resignation of Tom Steele4341March 2005No
Resource Centre84282June 1999No
Resource Centre - Help Needed97272June 1998No
Resource Centre Resources72272June 1998No
Restoration of an Old Cemetery10181March 1989No
Returning110272June 1998No
Reunions, Home comings & Local History4282Summer 1979Yes
Reunions, Homecomings & Local History1681Spring 1979Yes
Rev. William Calder130234December 1994No
RICHMOND2222February 1973Yes
Richmond * Delta * Surrey l879 - 1979 Map5083Fall 1979Yes
Richmond B.C. Archives - Some Available Material103292June 2000No
Richmond Genealogy Club17261March 1997No
Richmond Heritage Days2291March 2000No
Richmond Municipality5183Fall 1979Yes
RIVERBEND CEMETERY, Alberni, B.C,763Fall 1977Yes
Robert Anderson - A Man of Many Parts(Mostly Foreign)69242June 1995No
Robert Dunsmuir - An Exercise in Genealogical Reconstruction26102Summer 1981Yes
Robert Morrison (1823 - 1917)108223September 1993No
Robert Samuel Cavin and wife Mary Bennie McLay91272June 1998No
Roots Around the World 2003 - October 25 in Abbotsford27323September 2003No
Rootsweb Mailing List for Genealogy or History of Women in B.C.44324December 2003No
Royal Gazette, Nova Scotia24271March 1998No
Royal Irish Fusileers, 1912-19134773 , 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
Royal Welch Fusiliers Memorial60162June 1987No
Royal Westminster Regiment Museum142263September 1997No
Rub! Rub! 1929 —HANSEN, BERNEY, HOEY11351March 2006No
Rufus Kimpton of Windermere, B.C. -The Man Who Stole a Church54162June 1987No
Ruminations on Finding a New Connection139313September 2002No
Sally WILLIAMS gravestone, 1836124353September 2006No
Salt Lake City Trips, October-November 2006106353September 2006No
Salt LakeTrip-Nov.2-9, 200344324December 2003No
Samon Leaps Into Boat, 1929 —CHAMBERLIN, ANDERSON, MCFADDEN4351March 2006No
Savona Cemetery533May 1974Yes
Scam Alert119333September 2004No
Scot at 95 Still Able to Dance Reels, Vancouver 1929 — MCMILLAN44351March 2006No
Scottish Interest Group - April 1999 meeting . .16281March 1999No
Scottish Marriages by Ian Maclaren, reprint/Chilliwack Progress/190698292June 2000No
Scottish Marriages 157303September 2001No
Scottish Rite Membership List 19222231November 1973Yes
Scottish Strays in British Columbia35112Summer 1982Yes
Scottish Strays, The Scottish Marriage Index29322June 2003No
Scottish Vital Records - Now Online98272June 1998No
Scottish-Irish Interrelations138283September 1999No
Sea Island Heritage Society169314December 2002No
Sea Island History Book191304December 2001No
Sea Islanders65292June 2000No
SEARCHER'S CHOICE.5513Spring 1972Yes
SEARCHERS·CHOICE (Book Reviews)611Fall 1971Yes
Searching for a WW I Soldier15251March 1996No
Searching for Barbara Fairman51331March 2004No
Searching for Palmers & Smiths154344December 2005No
Seaview Cemetery, Gibsons, B,C.7994Winter 1980Yes
Seaview Cemetery, Gibsons, B.C. (continued)11101Spring 1981Yes
Sechelt Memorial Cemetery1931November 1973Yes
Second Leg of Simon Fraser’s First Journey58184December 1989No
Senior Lotteries Report34251March 1996No
Seniors Lottery121273September 1998No
Seniors’ Foundation of B.C100282June 1999No
Serendipity in Salt Lake190304December 2001No
Series of Prisions Reports from B.C. Sessional Papers, 1884 (continued) ..21211March 1992No
Series of Prisions Reports From B.C. Sessional Papers, 1884 (continued) ..........48212June 1992No
Series of Prisons Reports from B.C. Sessional Papers, 1884 (continued) ...........103213September 1992No
Series of Prisons Reports from B.C. Sessional Papers. 1884 .(continued from September 1992 issue)122214December 1992No
Series of Reports from B.C. Sessional Papers, 188466194December 1990No
Series of Reports from B.C. Sessional Papers, 1884 (continued)9204December 1991No
Series of Reports from B.C. Sessional Papers, 1884 (continued)10201March 1991No
Series of Reports from B.C. Sessional Papers, 1884 (continued)9203September 1991No
Setting the Record Straight124234December 1994No
Seven Royal Marine Graves54174December 1988No
Shawnigan Lake Cemetery3154Winter 1976Yes
Ship List - "California"7293Autumn 1980Yes
Ship List, "Santa, Cruz"9194Winter 1980Yes
Ship Passengers - Bark Princess Royal13221March 1993No
Ship Passengers - Steamer Panama15221March 1993No
Ship Passengers List- Steamer Northerner48222June 1993No
Ship’s List: "Cortes"77113Autumn 1982Yes
Ship’s Lists: "Oregon"37112Summer 1982Yes
Ship’s Lists:."Brother Jonathen"40112Summer 1982Yes
Ship’s Lists:."Princess Royal"40112Summer 1982Yes
Ships and Their Passengers105272June 1998No
Ship's List - "Mountain Wave"2534August 1974Yes
SHIP'S LIST - "PRINCESS ROYAL"3322February 1973Yes
Ship's List - "Tynemouth"1133May 1974Yes
Ships List - Cortes, 186089104Winter 1981Yes
Ship's List - Cyclone1631November 1973Yes
Ship's List - Steamer "Pacific"333May 1974Yes
Ship's List "Seamens Bride"2724August 1973Yes
Ship's List: "Gomelza"97114December 1982Yes
Ship's Lists, "Cyclone"10101Spring 1981Yes
Ship's Lists, "Santa Cruz"18101Spring 1981Yes
Ships Passenger List- Bark Leonesa37232June 1994No
Ships Passenger List- Steamer Pacific37232June 1994No
Ships Passenger Lists109282June 1999No
Shivaree Researcher146343September 2005No
Simon Fraser Genealogists Discovered2181March 1989No
Simon Fraser News43252June 1996No
Simon Fraser News-further52252June 1996No
SIMON FRASER UNIV. MICROFILM RESOURCES by Mrs Rosemary Ramby412Winter 1971/72Yes
Simon Fraser, Explorer: The Early Years18182June 1989No
Simon Fraser: Early Years in the Fur Trade36183September 1989No
Simon Fraser’s Years on the Peace River by Barbara Rogers2191March 1990No
Skipper Roberson - the legend was true147244December 1995No
Small Treasures Along the Roads—CLAYTON, CLEGG, JOHNSTONE, ROBINSON, STEWART, TRIMBLE62352June 2006No
SMITHERS, B.C.1662Summer 1977Yes
So You Found a Soldier in your Tree by Captain (Rt’d) Erik A Gray .4202June 1991No
Society of Civil War Surgeons, Inc9324December 2003No
Society of Genealogists’ News Release101292June 2000No
Soldiers and Their Wives of Long Ago Captain (Rt’d) Erik A Gray6202June 1991No
Some Acknowledgments of Deeds of Married Women in England104223September 1993No
Some Aids to Scottish Research123134December 1984Yes
Some Births Marriages Deaths Found in the West Briton Newspaper: ..Cornwall England, 1858, October 29 Issue127263September 1997No
Some Choice Sites for Canadians on the Internet160283September 1999No
Some Corrections to the Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver BC 205294December 2000No
Some Early Richmond, B.C. Landowners 148293September 2000No
Some Immigrants to B,C. in 187324141March 1985No
Some Interesting Internet Sites199274December 1998No
Some Notes on Gabriola Island3092Summer 1980Yes
Some Oblate Souvenirs in British Columbia1524August 1973Yes
Some of Richmond's Pioneers2322February 1973Yes
Some Pioneers of Kamloops (1876-1900 Cemetery)731November 1973Yes
Some Thoughts on Publishing a Family History22161March 1987No
Sook Sias of the Laichkwiltach to be reinterred 83332June 2004No
Sooke Harbour Memorial Plaque by Joan D. Moore5204December 1991No
Sooke Harbour, Vancouver Island: A Brief Sketch90124December 1983Yes
Sooke Region Museum102124December 1983Yes
Sooke Region Museum Genealogical Charts103124December 1983Yes
Sorbie clan hold family gathering31323September 2003No
Sources for Genealogical Research in Vancouver133154December 1986No
Sources for the Twenty First Century, No.3 by J.A. Lavin38193September 1990No
Sources for the Twenty-first Century No.2 by J.A Lavin14191March 1990No
Sources for the Twenty-first Century, No. 164184December 1989No
Speaker at our August 12 Meeting157273September 1998No
Special Projects Report196274December 1998No
Special Projects Report87272June 1998No
Special Projects Report192284December 1999No
Special Projects Report51281March 1999No
Special Projects Report159283September 1999No
Special Projects Report48291March 2000No
Special Projects Report105302June 2001No
Special Projects Report182314December 2002No
Special Projects Report *1901 Census Indexing Project81282June 1999No
Special Projects Report *Was your family in British Columbia before 1900???, *Researching in British Columbia, *New Projects83282June 1999No
Special Projects Report for 2002207321March 2003No
Special Projects Report for December 2000 207294December 2000No
Special Projects Report for December 2001218304December 2001No
Special Projects Report for June 200094292June 2000No
Special Projects Report for March, 2001 45301March 2001No
Special Projects Report for September 2001 156303September 2001No
Special Projects Report for September, 2000 139293September 2000No
Special Projects Report 32323September 2003No
Special Projects Status Report150263September 1997No
Special Projects Status Reports185264December 1997No
Special Projects Status Reports84262June 1997No
Special Projects Status Reports39261March 1997No
Special Projects Status Reports47271March 1998No
Special Projects Status Reports 1901 Indexing Project123254December 1996No
Special Projects, B.C. Research52252June 1996No
Spoonemore Family70342June 2005No
Spring Fayre 44311March 2002No
St Andrew's Church Register471 , 2Spring & Summer 1978Yes
St Luke's Anglican Church, Cedar Hill Crossroad, Victoria, B. C.(the continuation)1135November 1974Yes
St Mary's Cemetery, Sorrento, B C4873 , 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
St. Andrews Anglican Church Cemetery, Cowichan, B. C4441975Yes
St. Andrew's Anglican Church, Langley, B. C.2431975Yes
St. Dunstan's Review179264December 1997No
St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church (Mill Bay, B.C.)1433May 1974Yes
St. George-in-the East Parish Church, London, England146224December 1993No
St. Johns Anglican Church, Cobble Hill, Brass Plaques80312June 2002No
St. Luke's Anglican Church, Cedar Hill Crossroad, Victoria, B.C.(to be continued in next issue)434August 1974Yes
St. Oswald's Anglican Church Cemetery, Port Kells, B.C.23431975Yes
St. Patrick’s Day Parade Review76342June 2005No
St. Patrick's Day & the Vancouver CeltlcFest 2006164344December 2005No
St. Raphael's Church31251March 1996No
Stanyer Family Picnic73312June 2002No
State Census2552Summer 1976Yes
Statement of Financial Position35271March 1998No
Statement of Operations34271March 1998No
Status Report- 1901 Census Indexing Report86253September 1996No
Stay of Execution for Ontario Land Registry Documents4204December 1991No
Steamer Pacific85282June 1999No
Stork Wins Races, Vancouver, 1929 — PETERSON, CHRISTENSEN42351March 2006No
Stray Births, Marriages & Deaths Index for BC Research32322June 2003No
Strays103213September 1992No
Strays from the OGS102272June 1998No
Strays.60342June 2005No
Summary of Education Session "Using Libraries" given by Pat Cook40193September 1990No
Sunnyside Cemetery & Hazelmere Cemetery Surrey B.C.89233September 1994No
Surname Book 200042291March 2000No
Surname Book 200450331March 2004No
Surname Book 2004 for Sale148334December 2004No
Surname Index Additions and Corrections17111Spring 1982Yes
Surrey - Dates in our History,5583Fall 1979Yes
Surrey Museum and Archives ..1491Spring 1980Yes
Surrey Parish Records & Wills Index (England)103282June 1999No
Surrey Public Library Genealogy Programs127333September 2004No
Surrey Public Library New Additions to the Genealogy Collection 24301March 2001No
Swart Family Cemetery, Lillooet Dist., B.C81312June 2002No
SwedGenTour Lectures & Workshop70342June 2005No
Swedish Family Trees92352June 2006No
T.S.S. Lake Manitoba1061Spring 1977Yes
Tappen Cemetery19421975Yes
Tay Valley Family History Society Fair66342June 2005No
Ten Commandments for Genealogy134August 1974Yes
That Bargelye Knave139263September 1997No
The "Montreal" Catastrophe79292June 2000No
The "Over 80 Club" in the Ladner Optimist52271March 1998No
The 1911 Controversy53281March 1999No
The Annual Salt Lake Trip14281March 1999No
The Association 39th Reg't., N.J. Vols140313September 2002No
The B Tradition by Katherine Williams25192June 1990No
The B.C. Provincial Museum - Material of Use to Genealogical .Researchers109144December 1985No
The B.C. Provincial Police (1858 - 1950)19101Spring 1981Yes
The Bark Sea Nymph85282June 1999No
The Barrett Register64222June 1993No
The BCGS Board Needs Your Help167334December 2004No
The BCGS Boutique77342June 2005No
The Birkenhead Saga.97243September 1995No
The Box Car Children12261March 1997No
The Bridge River Valley133May 1974Yes
The British Columbia Genealogical Society Research Centre2252Summer 1976Yes
The British Columbia Genealogist - Index of Articles27141March 1985No
The British Influence281Spring 1979Yes
The British Influence7484Winter 1979Yes
The British Influence291Spring 1980Yes
The Canada Gazette as a Genealogical Source150194December 1990No
The Canada Gazette as a Genealogical Source150214December 1992No
The Canadian Letters and Images Project 210294December 2000No
The Cariboo1132February 1974Yes
The case of the Seaman’s Bride18172June 1988No
The Circle of Life132343September 2005No
The Cornish Mining Index87233September 1994No
The Daily Columbian....December 12, 189927251March 1996No
The Date and Place of Robert Dunsmuir's Birth95104Winter 1981Yes
The Delta Times-Hotel Registers84233September 1994No
THE DIRECTORIES OF BRITISH COLUMBIA First Victoria Directory254Winter 1976Yes
The Directories of British Columbia B.C. Telephone Company .1553Autumn 1976Yes
The Family Castle (Cambie/Otway)124283September 1999No
The Find of The Century13211March 1992No
The First Christmas in New Westminster 1859142334December 2004No
The Founding of New California by Barbara Rogers16204December 1991No
The Future of Genealogy2322June 2003No
The Halifax Gazette Canadian Newspapers in Microform1351Spring 1976Yes
The Happy Huguenots-ROUBEL169344December 2005No
The Haskell Family Society147263September 1997No
The History of Sea Island46291March 2000No
The History of the Brudergemeine (MoravianChurch) in Poland: 1800-1945168284December 1999No
The Huscrofts of Creston Valley2951Spring 1976Yes
The Importance of Quarterly Magazines78292June 2000No
The Indiaman Magazine & Families in British India Society90332June 2004No
The Irish Times and Benjamin Burr142234December 1994No
The Irish Times, Copy held on microfilm in Dublin, Ireland, Feb. 4, 1869 ...........81262June 1997No
The Joys of a "One Name Study"83233September 1994No
The Kells Family in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand12231March 1994No
The King’s England120353September 2006No
The Lyford Family of Berkshire41173September 1988No
The memory Project178314December 2002No
The Michaud Family: B.C. Francophone Pioneers89153September 1986No
THE MOYIE CEMETERY by Mrs. Mirth Hall312Winter 1971/72Yes
The National Archives-Pacific Northwest Region144263September 1997No
The Newspapers of the United Kingdom and Ireland in Microform3254Winter 1976Yes
The North-Easterner109282June 1999No
The Ongoing Post 1901 Census Campaign139313September 2002No
The Oregon Trail Project103233September 1994No
The Parish Churches of Essex (Review)145334December 2004No
The Past Very Much in the Present72252June 1996No
The Perils of the Stikine Trail56103Autumn 1981Yes
The Pioneer Ports Family50142June 1985No
The Pioneer Registry, 3rd Edition23331March 2004No
The Pioneer Registry, 3rd Edition 94332June 2004No
The Rabbitt Family24241March 1995No
The Reading Hour141313September 2002No
The Registration of Births, Deaths and Marriages Act British Columbia, 1872,2854Winter 1976Yes
The Richmond Library82253September 1996No
The Richmond Retrievers45291March 2000No
The Royal Hospital, Victoria - First 21 Deaths108124December 1983Yes
The Scots in Lviv105213September 1992No
The Scottish Archive Network2341March 2005No
The Scottish Association of Family History Societies103272June 1998No
The Search for Ada Philomena DOWLING111353September 2006No
The Search for the Tynemouth Women125164September 1987No
The Smith Family199274December 1998No
The Titanic and Other Disasters133333September 2004No
The Twelfth Family History in Wales Course106272June 1998No
The Use of Spreadsheets in Genealogy113254December 1996No
The Vancouver - van Coeverden Controversy341Winter 1975Yes
The Vancouver - Van Couvorden Controversy, Part Two3421975Yes
The Vancouver International Airport3441975Yes
The Vancouver-Van Couverden Controversy, Part Three9431975Yes
The Victoria Police Department, 190286114December 1982Yes
The Weekly Optimist, Ladner, B.C.126254December 1996No
The Worthies of Sussex50261March 1997No
There is a Heaven for Volunteers188284December 1999No
There is a Knox at my Door40291March 2000No
Thomas Muir, 1765-1799225321March 2003No
Thomas Penn Bible5873 , 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
Thoughts on Unusual Names38112Summer 1982Yes
Threatening Letters147263September 1997No
Tidbits from the research of Eleanor Dempster58282June 1999No
Tilleadh Chlann lle, the 2004 Islay, Scotland Gathering146334December 2004No
Tips for Ontario Census Research18121March 1983Yes
Tips: 172294December 2000No
Tiree Heritage Society96292June 2000No
Tom Follows Up55324December 2003No
Tombstones Censored : Dead Leave6073 , 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
Totten Ancestor Table2571 , 2Spring & Summer 1978Yes
Tracing a B.C.Pioneer by Lorraine Irving10202June 1991No
Tracing Ancestors in British Columbia124254December 1996No
Tracing Ancestors in British Columbia64252June 1996No
Tracing Ancestors in British Columbia Report87253September 1996No
Tracing your Ancestors through Will and Bible Records54184December 1989No
Tracing Your Ancestors Through Will and Bible Records by Vona E. DeWitt Smith9191March 1990No
Transportation to the Colonies21322June 2003No
Treasurer’s Year-End Report for the year 2002207321March 2003No
Treasures in the Society’s Clipping Files 77332June 2004No
Trimble Family Cemetery, Cache Creek, BC80312June 2002No
Trip to Northern Ireland196284December 1999No
Tulameen Public Cemetery1324August 1973Yes
Turner Indexes89312June 2002No
Two Separate B.C. Land Transactions114223September 1993No
Two Small Books found in Used Book Stores2323September 2003No
U.B.C. Gleanings47212June 1992No
U.S. Land Records26231March 1994No
Ucluelet Cemetery3124August 1973Yes
Union City and Colliery, 18897373 , 4Fall & Winter 1978Yes
United Kingdom Census Release9331March 2004No
United Kingdom Publications5341March 2005No
University of Cambridge Study17241March 1995No
Unsung Heros 129293September 2000No
Unwanted Certificates179264December 1997No
Up Coming Events - Alberta96262June 1997No
Upcoming Events69272June 1998No
Upcoming Events37271March 1998No
Upcoming Events138273September 1998No
Upcoming Tours for BCGS34291March 2000No
Update on Norwich England Library98292June 2000No
Update on Norwich Library, England127263September 1997No
Update on the BCGS “Boutique”107333September 2004No
Update on the post 1901 Census Issue127333September 2004No
USING TOMBSTONES AS FAMILY DOCUMENTS by Mrs. Joanne Hughes...4513Spring 1972Yes
Vancouver 100 Years AGO: Part I2151March 1986No
Vancouver 100 Years Ago: Part II34152June 1986No
Vancouver 100 Years Ago: Part III78153September 1986No
Vancouver 100 Years Ago: Part IV126154December 1986No
Vancouver CelticFest5351March 2006No
Vancouver Island Pioneers, 192950351March 2006No
Vancouver Library Presents: Workshops90312June 2002No
Vancouver Public Library Gleanings113333September 2004No
Vancouver Public Library News Bulletin165334December 2004No
Vancouver Public Library Resources128333September 2004No
Vancouver Public Library Update126263September 1997No
Vancouver Voters 1886 (continued)101254December 1996No
Vancouver Voters 1886 (partial list - to be continued next issue)18251March 1996No
Vancouver Voters, 1886156244December 1995No
Vancouver Voters, 1886 (continuation)64252June 1996No
Vancouver Voters, 1886 (update)114234December 1994No
Vancouver Voters. 1886 Book on Sale!131353September 2006No
Vancouver Votes, 188635241March 1995No
Vancouver, B.C. 1910 Family Home. LOUGHEED, PAULL70352June 2006No
Vancouver’s Marine Disaster, 1945127353September 2006No
VancouverVoters, 188674233September 1994No
Various Forms of Spelling the name "Draycot"2524August 1973Yes
Veteran Bosun to Quit Sea, 1929 —MCEWAN13351March 2006No
VICTORIA CEMETERIES, continued, by Mrs. Joanne Hughes4913Spring 1972Yes
VICTORIA CEMETERIES, PT I by Mrs. Joanne Hughes812Winter 1971/72Yes
Victoria Cross Recipients89332June 2004No
Victoria Marriages, 188664113Autumn 1982Yes
Victoria P.O. - List of Letters41112Summer 1982Yes
Violets at Snowline, North Vancouver, 1906 MARRION119353September 2006No
Visit of Richard and Marjorie Moore, SOG158273September 1998No
Vital Statistics Go to Ontario Archives4204December 1991No
Voices from the Past17251March 1996No
Volunteers Needed63332June 2004No
Wafter Draycot Library Closures for the year6291March 2000No
Wafter Draycott Ubrary Acquisitions, Continuation Aug. 200275322June 2003No
Waiter Draycot Acquisitions-Waiter Draycot Library129293September 2000No
Waiter Draycot Christmas Closing Dates194304December 2001No
Waiter Draycot library - Parking 157303September 2001No
Waiter Draycot Library Acquisitions 16301March 2001No
Waiter Draycot Library Acquisitions 143303September 2001No
Waiter Draycot Library Acquisitons 37311March 2002No
Waiter Draycot Library Tour, Beginners Questions & Answer Class115303September 2001No
Wales Research - Postal Service158273September 1998No
Walter Draycot Library Acquisitions196304December 2001No
Walter Draycot Library Acquisitions61302June 2001No
Walter Draycot Library Acquisitions – August 2002 183314December 2002No
Walter Draycot Library Christmas Holiday Schedule 208294December 2000No
Walter Draycot Library Volunteers Needed77292June 2000No
Walter Draycot Memorial Library193284December 1999No
Walter Draycott Accession List (updates) 71332June 2004No
Walter Draycott Library Acquisitions102313September 2002No
Walter Draycott Library Acquisitions180334December 2004No
Walter Draycott Library Acquisitions August 2002212321March 2003No
Walter Draycott Library Acquisitions List Update113343September 2005No
Walter Draycott Library Acquisitions Updates23331March 2004No
Walter Draycott Library Gleanings112333September 2004No
Walter Draycott Library Information:- Browsing in the Library17324December 2003No
Walter Draycott Library Information:- Four New Titles on our Library Shelves44324December 2003No
Walter Draycott Library Information:- New Acquisitions19324December 2003No
Walter Draycott Library Information:- New Fiche at Walter Draycott Library42324December 2003No
Walter Draycott Library New Acquisitions10323September 2003No
Walter Draycott Library Volunteers124313September 2002No
Walter Draycott Ubrary New Microfiche Entries249321March 2003No
Walter MacKay Draycott by Walter MacKay Draycott22192June 1990No
WANTED - DEAD OR ALIVE822February 1973Yes
Wanted - Duty Volunteers and Typists for the Library153334December 2004No
War Brides to Canada, W.W. II136353September 2006No
War Literature with Canadian Content166334December 2004No
War Memorial is Unveiled, Vernon, B.C., 1924159344December 2005No
Was Your Ancestor a Freemason9241March 1995No
Watch Those Little Details22341March 2005No
We Are Looking for Articles with Genealogical Interest97342June 2005No
We Had A Party! 42301March 2001No
We Welcome192264December 1997No
We Welcome180274December 1998No
We Welcome107272June 1998No
We Welcome49271March 1998No
We Welcome154273September 1998No
We Welcome (NewMembers)153263September 1997No
We Welcome...90262June 1997No
We Will Miss Dolly!27341March 2005No
We’ve Lost a Mayor!!! Can Anybody Help? (New Westminster)136283September 1999No
Websites of Interest183314December 2002No
Websites of Interest15324December 2003No
Websites of Interest220321March 2003No
Websites of Interest98313September 2002No
Websites of Interest192334December 2004No
Websites of Interest119333September 2004No
Websites to Visit194284December 1999No
Websites You May Love41291March 2000No
Welcome Wall - Australia107272June 1998No
Wells Centennial Museum & Archives, Chilliwack, B.C.7894Winter 1980Yes
Welsh Miners in B.C.27182June 1989No
Were My Ancestors First Nations?25341March 2005No
Were your ancestors German by Lilliane Tunstill3203September 1991No
Westminster Abbey Cemetery ~ Bowen Island Cenotaph.1424August 1973Yes
Whales Blowing, 1924, Vancouver, B.C.-CHILDS, LEA178344December 2005No
What are you looking at? 9324December 2003No
What Do These Numbers Mean...?71242June 1995No
What is a Native Daughter of British Columbia?113213September 1992No
What is an Heirloom by Barbara Logan8203September 1991No
Where in the world was Old Fort Ranch68242June 1995No
Where It's At24421975Yes
White Rock Museum & Archives Saturday Seminars, Sept. 28/2002-June 2003137313September 2002No
Whitlocks of Prussia135214December 1992No
Whitlocks of Victoria, B.C. 1849101282June 1999No
Who’s Who in 1901134273September 1998No
Who's Who in 190177272June 1998No
Why Did They Change Their Surname, Anyway?157154December 1986No
Why Look at Witnesses?? 115293September 2000No
Why Query?...My Query!!!50252June 1996No
Wiggins/Briggs Family Record63152June 1986No
Wild Times in Kootenay West53281March 1999No
Will Your Records Last? by AR. Morris46193September 1990No
William (Billy) Barker of Barkersville14251March 1996No
William Chandler Smith & wife Anne Jane (Cathers)131234December 1994No
William Eppes Cormack14221March 1993No
William S. Udy & wife Margaret Ellen (Janes)131234December 1994No
William Seidelman and wife Esther Pearlman90272June 1998No
WILLS, Text of Address to the B.C.Genealogical Society, Dec, 14, 1977363Fall 1977Yes
Wiltshire to Canada in 1836160273September 1998No
Windsor House, Vancouver, B.C. 1900 DAVIS, MCCANNELL107353September 2006No
Winter Carnival, Rossland, B.C138353September 2006No
With a Little Help from my Friends138194December 1990No
With a Little Help from my Friends138214December 1992No
Women’s History Network of B.C. Conference126333September 2004No
Word Search179344December 2005No
YALE CEMETERY221November 1972Yes
Yale Schoolhouse Monthly Attendance Roll, 188654222June 1993No
Yales Assizes112254December 1996No
Year End Report - Library206321March 2003No
Year End Reports105282June 1999No
Year End Reports29291March 2000No
Year End Reports:- B.C. Research Report 5311March 2002No
Year End Reports:- Cemetery Committee Report 8311March 2002No
Year End Reports:- Fundraising Report, Hospitality Report 4311March 2002No
Year End Reports:- Library Report,  Special Projects Report 6311March 2002No
Year End Reports:- President's Report 2311March 2002No
Year End Reports:- Publications Committee Report 7311March 2002No
Year End Reports:- Treasurer's Report, Mail Coordinator's Report  3311March 2002No
Year End Reports:- Website & Email Report 9311March 2002No
Year End Special Project Report31271March 1998No
Zichydorf Village Association106302June 2001No
Notice of Annual General Meeting & Board Nominations.157354December 2006No
Reminder to Committee Heads158354December 2006No
Scothsh Certificates for BMD 1855-2005159354December 2006No
Interested in Blacksmiths?160354December 2006No
Meet the B.C. Pioneers—CAMERON, PRITCHARD161354December 2006No
Christmas Greetings, Victoria, B.C. 1908—OLIVE163354December 2006No
Found at the B.C.G.S. Library165354December 2006No
Floral Tributes and Bouquets166354December 2006No
A Missed Opportunity167354December 2006No
B.C.G.S. Promotion Events, Spring 2007167354December 2006No
Genealogy in the News168354December 2006No
Pioneers of Western Canada169354December 2006No
Genealogy and the Hunt169354December 2006No
New Year's Day, Near the Falkland Islands, 1708170354December 2006No
Computer Programmes, Add-ons, Services170354December 2006No
No Canadians in Canada, 1923171354December 2006No
Guests Combined Ages 2732, Kamloops, 1923171354December 2006No
Recent B.C. Books172354December 2006No
Salt Lake City, Fall 2006173354December 2006No
Book Reviews175354December 2006No
Fur Trade Stories.ca176354December 2006No
Favourite Websites177354December 2006No
A Nameless Pauper’s Grave, LEE In Folkestone, England178354December 2006No
B.C.G.S. Renewals178354December 2006No
Prairie Man’s Joumey Interrupted, Victoria, 1907 ANDERSON179354December 2006No
Winter Reading180354December 2006No
Genealogical Research at a University Library181354December 2006No
Turkey Dinner on Grouse Mountain, 1927182354December 2006No
Christmas A Century Ago BOYNTON, MCINTOSH, MUTCH, QUICK183354December 2006No
Genealogical Events & Education184354December 2006No
Wishing All A Happy New Year, Vancouver 1907—ALLEN, FERGUSON187354December 2006No
B.C.G.S.Website188354December 2006No
New B.C.G.S. Members188354December 2006No
In Memoriam FOWLE, KITCHEN, THORP, VINE HALL, TAYLOR189354December 2006No
How Important Are Tombstones? GORDON, MCCALLUM, MCMINN191354December 2006No
Three Years in Lumber Camps, 1931 CORAK, PRPICH192354December 2006No
B.C.G.S. Library Holiday & Snow Closures192354December 2006No
B.C.G.S. Library Acquisitions193354December 2006No
Soldier-Farmer, Vancouver, 1920—HESS198354December 2006No
Sailor Risks Life, Ucluelet, 1931 GALLIGER, HILLIER, MOLL199354December 2006No
Advertising199354December 2006No
B.C.G.S. Library Information203354December 2006No
Christening Bell Project-Esquimalt, B.C.4361March 2007No
Book Reviews6361March 2007No
Roots Around the World in Abbotsford , April, 20079361March 2007No
B.C.G.S. Publications and Cemetery Report, 200610361March 2007No
The Province, Vancouver, B.C. Early Subscribers12361March 2007No
Pluck and Heroism—ASHBURN, FARRAR13361March 2007No
B.C.G.S. Membership Services: www.bcgs.ca14361March 2007No
Barnardo Butter, 188914361March 2007No
Seen at the B.C.G.S. Library15361March 2007No
B.C.G.S. Library Report, 200616361March 2007No
Genealogy in the News17361March 2007No
Follow the Title First...?— EAMITH, PERRIER18361March 2007No
Sharing Your Photographs20361March 2007No
Genealogical Definitions20361March 2007No
B.C.G.S. Boutique Report, 200621361March 2007No
PAISLEY OF Chilliwack in Ontario, 190221361March 2007No
B.C.G.S. Fundraising Report, 200622361March 2007No
Notes from the Coast, 1903—WILLIAMS23361March 2007No
Genealogy Events & Activities & B.C.G.S. Education24361March 2007No
B.C.G.S. Special Interest Group Facilitators25361March 2007No
Genealogical Legacy, Genealogical Codicils26361March 2007No
New Acquisitions at the Walter Draycott Library27361March 2007No
Renewals?28361March 2007No
Old Grammar School, Coventry, England—PLUMB29361March 2007No
New B.C.G.S. Members30361March 2007No
The Most Improved Genealogy Contest, 200631361March 2007No
Researching Six Sets of Families and More—MCINNIS, MONK, MACDONALD, WHITE31361March 2007No
Finding Dorothy—BARKE, DAVIS, THORNE34361March 2007No
ARK WRIGHT & MEADOW of Lancashire38361March 2007No
Frustration, then Luck!—DRATH, KERN39361March 2007No
Circus to tour B.C. 1920—BULLER40361March 2007No
Recent B.C. Books of Genealogical Interest41361March 2007No
Some Bella Coola Passengers, 191242361March 2007No
Advertising42361March 2007No
B.C.G.S. Library Information46361March 2007No
Always Together50362June 2007No
Summer Cemetery Recording: Photo Tips51362June 2007No
Book Reviews53362June 2007No
Gleanings from the Walter Draycott Library58362June 2007No
Hotel Arrivals, Rossland, 190159362June 2007No
B.C. Historical Federation60362June 2007No
New Cousin Found — BURNE, SEED, TAYLOR61362June 2007No
Vancouver Guest Register, 1907- FRASER63362June 2007No
Henry DRAPER Arrested, Northampton, England, 139264362June 2007No
B.C. Wills Indexing Project65362June 2007No
Genealogical Events, B.C.G.S. Education66362June 2007No
Arrested at Fernie, 1908—ERBES, ROBERT69362June 2007No
The Ireland Monument Project, Vancouver, B.C69362June 2007No
New Acquisitions, B.C.G.S. Walter Draycott Library70362June 2007No
Biographies of B.C. Postcard Photographers73362June 2007No
New B.C.G.S. Members75362June 2007No
You Know You’re Addicted75362June 2007No
Ma’s Father-In Law—”The Judge”76362June 2007No
DAR Certificate—PENCE77362June 2007No
DNA Testing: The ROSE Family78362June 2007No
‘No Kill’ JACKSON82362June 2007No
Queries—CLAY, ORCUTT, YATES83362June 2007No
Genealogy Around B.C.— Mission Genealogical Club84362June 2007No
A Month of Sundays84362June 2007No
In Memoriam — AITKEN85362June 2007No
Dismantled Bridge — HORNER, WHITE85362June 2007No
Genealogy in the News87362June 2007No
Recent B.C. Books88362June 2007No
Advertising90362June 2007No
B.C.G.S. Library Information93362June 2007No
Our Barbados Connection — HOLLINGSWORTH, TOMPSON94363Sept 2007No
B.C.G.S.. 2008 Membership Renewals96363Sept 2007No
Book Reviews97363Sept 2007No
Employees at Beaver Cannery, B.C., 193798363Sept 2007No
Gleanings from the B.C.G.S. Walter Draycott Library99363Sept 2007No
North Vancouver City Centennial History100363Sept 2007No
First Mayor & Father, City of North Vancouver — KEALY 1907106363Sept 2007No
City of North Vancouver Mayors 1906-107363Sept 2007No
Memories of the North Vancouver Lawn Bowling Club108363Sept 2007No
Current Generations in Scotland — CAMERON, LESLIE, PIRIE,SIMPSON, TORRIE113363Sept 2007No
B.C. Books of Genealogical Interest115363Sept 2007No
B.C.G.S. Library — King’s England Update116363Sept 2007No
Mary ELLIS, died 1609, Leigh On Sea, Essex, England116363Sept 2007No
B.C.G.S. Education & Events117-120363Sept 2007No
B.C.G.S. Salt Lake City Trip120363Sept 2007No
Labour Day, British Columbia, 1898121363Sept 2007No
Iron Moulders, British Columbia, 1901123363Sept 2007No
Never Give Up Hope — BRIGHT, TEGG, WATTS125363Sept 2007No
James Bay Football Club, Victoria, 1888126363Sept 2007No
Coming Up in The British Columbia Genealogist126363Sept 2007No
New Acquisitions B.C.G.S. Walter Draycott Library127363Sept 2007No
B.C.G.S. Library Holiday & Snow Closures130363Sept 2007No
Tappen, B.C. Cemetery, 2006131363Sept 2007No
A Genealogy Puzzle132363Sept 2007No
New B.C.G.S. Members133363Sept 2007No
In Memoriam: CHRISTENSEN, KITCHEN, STEELE134363Sept 2007No
Dear Ancestor135363Sept 2007No
Wedding Photograph, Unknown?136363Sept 2007No
Evelyn BRADLEY Photograph, Vancouver, 1929136363Sept 2007No
Yale Cemetery, B.C., 2007137363Sept 2007No
Census Takers, California, U.S.A. 1910139363Sept 2007No
Birth at Sea, July 1885 — PETROVICK140363Sept 2007No
Missing Relatives, Canada 1907 — CAFFIN, CAMERON,GARRETT, HINCKES, POOLE141363Sept 2007No
Advertising141363Sept 2007No
B.C.G.S. Library Information144363Sept 2007No
Notice of AGM, 12 March, 2008 & Nominations145-146364December, 2007No
Christmas 60 Years Ago in New Westminster, 1859—CLARKSON, ELLARD, MARTIN, ROBSON, SHEEPSHANKS, WHITE, WOODMAN147364December, 2007No
British Columbia’s 150th Anniversary, 2008150364December, 2007No
Recommended Website—Doukhobor Genealogy150364December, 2007No
Merry Christmas to Troms?Norway, 1905—ERIKSSEN, ROHR151364December, 2007No
Book Reviews152364December, 2007No
B.C. Red Cross Fund Donors, 1915156364December, 2007No
B.C.G.S. Salt Lake City Trip, 2007157364December, 2007No
A Simple Business Transaction—CARLAW, STEELE159364December, 2007No
Genealogy Jokes Aren’t New, Vernon, B.C., 1911160364December, 2007No
Walter Draycott Library Report and British Columbia Strays161364December, 2007No
Horse Race, Duncan, 1921—PRICE, STAPLES, WALDY161364December, 2007No
Goldstream and New Westminster, 1909—DIXON, MACKENZIE, MILLER, WALKER162364December, 2007No
Smuggling Case in York, Canada, 1821—ALLAN, ARTHURS, JOHNSTON, SILVERTHORN163364December, 2007No
B.C.G.S. Membership Renewals163364December, 2007No
B.C. Books of Genealogical Interest165364December, 2007No
Canadian Soldiers, Chilliwack, 1941—WOOD166364December, 2007No
Volunteers Needed for Events166364December, 2007No
B.C.G.S. Education & Events167-171364December, 2007No
B.C.G.S. Library Holiday & Snow Closures169364December, 2007No
The Hero in World War I—DRAYCOTT172364December, 2007No
A Warm Welcome to the Website of Walter DRAYCOTT174364December, 2007No
From the Archives of the B.C.G.S., 1977175364December, 2007No
New Acquisitions, B.C.G.S. Waiter Draycott Library176364December, 2007No
Search for the First Black Baby Born in New Westminster, 1859— BROWNING, KENNEDY, SULLIVAN, THOMSEN, WHITE, WOODMAN180364December, 2007No
New B.C.G.S. Members182364December, 2007No
In Memoriam— KLOSTERMAN185364December, 2007No
Flying Officer James Arthur MACDONALD, R.C.A.F., 1941186364December, 2007No
Death at Los Angeles, California, 1911— FLEMING, JACQUES191364December, 2007No
Ox-Eye Canon, Barkerville, 1887— FERGUSON, PERKINS191364December, 2007No
Advertising begins192364December, 2007No
B.C.G.S. Library Information195364December, 2007No
Oh, it was hard -- the 1918 flu — CRYDERMAN, HANLAN, MCAMMOND4371March, 2008No
Salt Lake City Research Trip, 20086371March, 2008No
B.C. G.S. British Columbia Research Report — 20077371March, 2008No
Book Reviews8371March, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Cemetery and Publications Report — 20079371March, 2008No
World’s Youngest Exhibitors to Win, Kamloops, 1950 — ARMSTRONG, DEVICK, PHILLIPS10371March, 2008No
Most Improved Genealogist Contest, 200711371March, 2008No
It’s All In The Name — BAUGH, JANES, SAINSBURY, SIMS, SMALL,TURNER11371March, 2008No
Ivan FELLEGI Retires13371March, 2008No
Final Resting Places? Scotland — DORIAN, LEES, WATT14371March, 2008No
Detective Work — CHARLIE, HALL, PAUL, PENNIER16371March, 2008No
‘Family Tree Maker, 2008’18371March, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Computer Raffle, 200819371March, 2008No
War Brides, PERRY, Vancouver, 195019371March, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Library Report — 200720371March, 2008No
Gleanings from the B.C.G.S. Library20371March, 2008No
Queries — ALLATT, SMITH, TOWNSEND22371March, 2008No
GRANT Reunion, Glengarry County, Ontario22371March, 2008No
B.C. and Beyond — Genealogical Events23-24371March, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Education25-26371March, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Public Relations Report — 200727371March, 2008No
St. Patrick’s Day in the Mornin — LAMPARD28371March, 2008No
Organizing Digital Photographs28371March, 2008No
Creating Your Own Family Tree Website — CHALCRAFT, FERRER, MILES, TANNER29371March, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Members in Print — CHAMBERS, GALE, RENDELL31371March, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Education Report — 200732371March, 2008No
Found — CLARK Photo Album, Vancouver32371March, 2008No
Big Tree, Stanley Park, 1907 — ELSON, KERR, KIRKUP37371March, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Renewal Notice38371March, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Membership Report — 200738371March, 2008No
New B.C.G.S. Members39371March, 2008No
In Memoriam — SHANE, YOUNG41371March, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Boutique Report — 200742371March, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Hospitality Report — 200743371March, 2008No
Advertising44371March, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Library Information46371March, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Meeting Dates, 200846371March, 2008No
Discovery in a Trunk—HAYASHI, UJIMOTO47372June 2008no
Takeko (HAYASHI) UJIMOTO’s Story49372June 2008no
A Machine That Hunts Treasure — SMITH, VAN BREMNER50372June 2008no
Book Reviews51372June 2008no
Marine Workers, Vancouver, 192656372June 2008no
BCGS BC Archives Visit, 200857372June 2008no
J.H. Todd & Sons, Employees & Fishermen, Rivers Inlet, 193758372June 2008no
Royal Engineers Families Project60372June 2008no
BCGS Walter Draycott Library, New Acquisitions63372June 2008no
Editor’s Note66372June 2008no
BCGS Walter Draycott Library, Some B.C. Resources67372June 2008no
Korean War Memorial, Central Park, Burnaby68372June 2008no
BC and Beyond: Genealogical Events and Activities70-71372June 2008no
BCGS Salt Lake City Trips, Fall 200871372June 2008no
BCGS Education72-73372June 2008no
59 Mile House, Account Ledger 1911-1913 — RYDER74372June 2008no
Pioneers of the Boundary Country of B.C. — JOHNSTON, WALLACE79372June 2008no
Spruce Creek Lament — DONNER, 189982372June 2008no
A Sailor Takes A Trip — DAVIS, WALTON, WILLIAMS—BCGS MOST IMPROVED83372June 2008no
Cover Photographs88372June 2008no
New B.C.G.S. Members90372June 2008no
In Memoriam — MARLATT, MASKELL91372June 2008no
Growing the Big Red Apple in BC — BEALBY, Nelson, 191092372June 2008no
Advertising begins93372June 2008no
Walter Draycott Library Family History Research Week95372June 2008no
B.C.G.S. Library Information97372June 2008no
B.C.G.S. Meeting Dates, 200897372June 2008no
Robert Grenville/Granville McKamey, 1836-189698373Sept 2008No
Salt Lake City Trips99373Sept 2008No
BC’s 150th Birthday Crossword100373Sept 2008No
Meet the Pioneers — GENELLE, GOUPILL101373Sept 2008No
Fraser River News, 1850s — O’BRIEN102373Sept 2008No
Province Subscribers, 1929 — Part 2103373Sept 2008No
GLOVER, Fernie, BC?105373Sept 2008No
Editor’s Note105373Sept 2008No
Diary of Rev. Edward White, 1822-1872106373Sept 2008No
Most Improved Contest112373Sept 2008No
Book Reviews113373Sept 2008No
New Acquisitions at the BCGS Library115373Sept 2008No
Additions and Corrections119373Sept 2008No
Foundlings’ Names, Vancouver120373Sept 2008No
BC Genealogical Events & Activities121373Sept 2008No
BCGS Education123-4373Sept 2008No
BC Mining Accidents125373Sept 2008No
Seven Miners Killed, Michel, BC 1904130373Sept 2008No
Cemeteries of Hope131373Sept 2008No
Gleanings from the BCGS Library132373Sept 2008No
Plumper Bay Petition, 1890133373Sept 2008No
Daniel Stanley of Masset, Death 1911134373Sept 2008No
Volunteering at the BCGS Library, REIFFENBERG / RIPENBURG / RITENBURG135373Sept 2008No
Images of Army Life, World War I — BAXTER139373Sept 2008No
New Members140373Sept 2008No
In Memoriam — COEN, STEEL141373Sept 2008No
Cover Photographs142373Sept 2008No
BC First To Microfilm Legal Records, 1943142373Sept 2008No
Vancouver Business Woman, Victoria too, 1929 -30143373Sept 2008No
Advertising begins146373Sept 2008No
B.C.G.S. Library Information148373Sept 2008No
B.C.G.S. Meeting Dates, 2008148373Sept 2008No
BCGS—Annual General Meeting & Nominations149374December, 2008No
Reverend Edward WHITE’s Grave Found151374December, 2008No
BCGS Most Improved Contest—2009153374December, 2008No
Holiday & Snow Closures, BCGS Walter Draycott Library & Resource Centre.154374December, 2008No
Frank Russell BAKER Memorial, Fort St. James, BC155374December, 2008No
Recent BC Books of Genealogical Interest156374December, 2008No
Greek Soldiers Off To War, 1912 -1913, BC — COKKINS, DAPOULOS, GREGORY, GREGORIAN, MACARONIS157374December, 2008No
Pembroke, Ontario’s Long, Lost, Forgotten Cemetery158374December, 2008No
Riel Rebellion Veteran is Dead—MCKEEN, 1924, Vancouver, BC160374December, 2008No
Roll of Honor, American Can Co. Ltd. Vancouver, BC161374December, 2008No
Chilliwack, BC High School Reunion, 1942-1982163374December, 2008No
BCGS E-mail List163374December, 2008No
New Acquisitions — BCGS Walter Draycott Library164374December, 2008No
BCGS Walter Draycott Library166374December, 2008No
Gleanings from the BCGS Walter Draycott Library167374December, 2008No
Cover Photographs, MOORE, Alberta, 1909168374December, 2008No
Queen’s Avenue United Church, New Westminster — 2009 Anniversary169374December, 2008No
What Soldiers Want For Christmas, 1945 — CHRISTIE, HALL, MONROE, SCOTT169374December, 2008No
BC Genealogical Events & Activities170374December, 2008No
BCGS Education172374December, 2008No
Canadian World War I War Medals174374December, 2008No
War Veteran Proves He Was Not Murdered, 1924 — HOLDER175374December, 2008No
New BCGS Privacy Officer Appointed175374December, 2008No
Thoughts that inspire—BC Poets, 1 930s176374December, 2008No
Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak Seminar, March 2009177374December, 2008No
BCGS Salt Lake City Research Trips, 2008178374December, 2008No
Christmas Postcard — LOUGHEED, New Westminster, 1909179374December, 2008No
In Quarantine: Life and Death on Grosse IIe180374December, 2008No
BCGS—2009 Membership Fees181374December, 2008No
Queries182374December, 2008No
District News — Moberly Lake, BC, 1944 —CAMERON, GAINEY, GUNTER, NEEDLES, NEYES, RISSLING, WATSON, WIGEN182374December, 2008No
Old Occupations Index, Family Tree, UK183374December, 2008No
Leaves Wife and Babies, Enters Canadian Army, 1915, Michigan, USA — BERGEN184374December, 2008No
Coming up in The British Columbia Genealogist184374December, 2008No
New BCGS Members185374December, 2008No
In Memoriam187374December, 2008No
Logan Lake Cemetery Inscriptions, BC188374December, 2008No
Modern Emergency Communication, Vancouver, 1914 — CLARKE, TURNER .192374December, 2008No
Advertising193374December, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Library Information195374December, 2008No
B.C.G.S. Meeting Dates, 2009195374December, 2008No
BCGS Most Improved contest Winners — 20084381March 2009No
Nock, Nock, and Nock Again — JENKS, NAYLOR, NOCK, PATRICK, PRUDENT, SMITH, TUFFERY5381March 2009No
BCGS Archives Report — 200820381March 2009No
Genealogical Quotation — BRENNER20381March 2009No
Gleanings from the BCGS Walter Draycott Library21381March 2009No
BCGS Education Report — 200822381March 2009No
BC Genealogical Events & Activities23-24381March 2009No
BCGS Education25-26381March 2009No
BCGS BC Research Report — 200827381March 2009No
Cover Photographs — BOWEN, WARD27381March 2009No
The Veterans Cemetery, Esquimalt, BC28381March 2009No
Rock Creek Cemetery, Rock Creek, BC, Canada29381March 2009No
BCGS Publications and Cemeteries Report — 200830381March 2009No
Robinson Memorial Park Cemetery, Coquitlam, BC, Canada — MOORE, MCGILLVRAY, ROBINSON31381March 2009No
New Acquisitions — BCGS Walter Draycott Library33381March 2009No
Information Wanted, Victoria, Vancouver Island, 1858 — BOUCHER, LACOME, MONTRENCY33381March 2009No
Royal Canadian Legion: Military Service Recognition Books34381March 2009No
BCGS Boutique Report — 200835381March 2009No
New BCGS Members36381March 2009No
BCGS Membership Report — 200838381March 2009No
BCGS Members’ Anniversaries, 2008 — MCINTOSH, SHIER38381March 2009No
BCGS Hospitality Report — 200840381March 2009No
Recent BC Books of Genealogical Interest41381March 2009No
BCGS Public Relations Report — 200842381March 2009No
BCGS Walter Draycott Library Report — 200843381March 2009No
Advertising44381March 2009No
B.C.G.S. Library Information46381March 2009No
B.C.G.S. Meeting Dates, 200946381March 2009No
Treasured Memories, Rolla, BC — BRYAN, CLAY, FINNS, TAYLOR, TREMBLEY,WILLIAMS47382June 2009No
Old Occupations Index, Family Tree62382June 2009No
Cornwall to Canada — BROWNING, DYER, EVANS, GODWARD, LYNE, ORCHARD, WHITE63382June 2009No
Cover Photographs — HINDLE, Kaslo; TERRY, Greenwood, BC, 190767382June 2009No
Genealogical Events & Activities68382June 2009No
BCGS Education70-71382June 2009No
St. James Church, Vancouver, BC — DA/Y, Victoria, 190872382June 2009No
A Name Marvelously Changed — UDELL73382June 2009No
Book Reviews80382June 2009No
Gleanings from the BCGS Walter Draycott Library81382June 2009No
New Acquisitions at the BCGS Library82382June 2009No
New BCGS Members85382June 2009No
New BCGS Membership Benefit86382June 2009No
In Memoriam — PICKERING87382June 2009No
Kelowna BC War Wedding, 1939 — BROWN, COE87382June 2009No
BCGS Fraser Cemetery Project, New Westminster, Summer 200987382June 2009No
How I Came To Be On Graham Island, BC, 191288382June 2009No
Applications for Old Age Pensions, BC, 192789382June 2009No
BCGS Walter Draycott Library Open House & Library Week90382June 2009No
Advertisingbegins 91382June 2009No
BCGS Library Information93382June 2009No
BCGS Meeting Dates, 200993382June 2009No
BCGS Contact informationsee Inside & Back Covers382June 2009No
Joyce HARDING — Found94383Sept, 2009No
From the BCGS Archives, 197196383Sept, 2009No
New BCGS Members98383Sept, 2009No
Donations to the BCGS99383Sept, 2009No
French Relief Fund Contributors, BC, 1871100383Sept, 2009No
Editor’s Note — CARSTAIRS, DAVY, MONTGOMERY, SHERWOOD103383Sept, 2009No
Gleanings from the BCGS Walter Draycott Library104383Sept, 2009No
Sports Issue, December 2009105383Sept, 2009No
Girls at Boeing Aircraft, Sea Island, 1941-1943 — EGILSON, MACDONALD, WILSON106383Sept, 2009No
Valencia Disaster Memorial Stone, Seattle, 1906109383Sept, 2009No
The Quarterly, RCMP Veterans’ Association110383Sept, 2009No
Dr. John S. MCGUIRE, Clinton, BC, 1884110383Sept, 2009No
ET Phones Home—TURNBULL111383Sept, 2009No
Shetland Hamefarin113383Sept, 2009No
BCGS November Meeting —Date Change113383Sept, 2009No
BCGS Most Improved Contest115383Sept, 2009No
BCGS Scandinavian Group at Midsummer116383Sept, 2009No
Prize Cabbage, Galiano, 1893 — CHAPMAN116383Sept, 2009No
Genealogical Events & Activities117-118383Sept, 2009No
New — BCGS MAC Users Group118383Sept, 2009No
BCGS Education119-120383Sept, 2009No
Alan Barnard — Then and Now121383Sept, 2009No
Vandalism at Ross Bay Cemetery, 2009122383Sept, 2009No
Recent BC Books of Genealogical Interest123383Sept, 2009No
New Acquisitions at the Walter Draycott Library124383Sept, 2009No
Mountain View Cemetery131383Sept, 2009No
BCGS Membership Renewals131383Sept, 2009No
Found in the Parish Register, Flore, Northamptonshire, England132383Sept, 2009No
How To Name The Girls132383Sept, 2009No
Book Reviews133383Sept, 2009No
Cover Photographs136383Sept, 2009No
Occupations Card File, BCGS Library136383Sept, 2009No
BCGS Volunteer Opportunities137383Sept, 2009No
Legion Magazine137383Sept, 2009No
Not An Exclusive Family137383Sept, 2009No
Genealogy Around BC — Galiano and South Cariboo Groups138383Sept, 2009No
BCGS Boutique—Entertainment Books139383Sept, 2009No
The Agnes Street Cemetery, New Westminster140383Sept, 2009No
Advertising142383Sept, 2009No
BCGS Library Information144383Sept, 2009No
BCGS Meeting Dates, 2009144383Sept, 2009No
The Season’s Greetings, Vancouver, 1918 — SIVWRIGHT145384December, 2009No
BCGS AGM & Nominations 2010146-147384December, 2009No
Reminder to Committee Heads147384December, 2009No
Lionel E. Yorke, Lacrosse — COCKWELL, YORKE148384December, 2009No
Our National Sport—Lacrosse?149384December, 2009No
New BCGS Members150384December, 2009No
In Memoriam — ROBERTSON151384December, 2009No
Baseball in the Fifties, Merritt, BC152384December, 2009No
BCGS Renewals, 2010154384December, 2009No
Gleanings from the BCGS Walter Draycott Library155384December, 2009No
A Honeymoon Awheel, Nanaimo, BC, 1896 — BETT, CHARLETON, KING, SHARP156384December, 2009No
Tommy PHILLIPS, Hockey Player157384December, 2009No
George ELLEY, Stanley Park Race Winner, Vancouver, BC, 1905158384December, 2009No
Writing Your Family History160384December, 2009No
Vancouver Ball Players, c,1909-1916 — BOLIVAR162384December, 2009No
Manitoba Reunions, Vancouver, 1910 — for Cardale, Neepawa, Newdale163384December, 2009No
Editor’s Note384December, 2009No
Eleanor MCKENZIE and Ron MILLER — Olympic Athletes167384December, 2009No
Genealogical Events & Activities168-169384December, 2009No
BCGS Education170-171384December, 2009No
Vancouver YMCA and Harriers — George GRAHAM172384December, 2009No
National Institute of Genealogical Studies, 10th Anniversary, 2009173384December, 2009No
New Acquisitions at the Walter Draycott Library175384December, 2009No
Holiday and Snow Closures, BCGS Walter Draycott Library180384December, 2009No
1911 Census Solves Old Family Mystery — CHALMER, DAVIES, DOGGETT, PALMER181384December, 2009No
Record in Marriages, Vancouver, 1904 — BALLARD, BENNETT, WELL, SLARK; GOTCH, MCLEOD183384December, 2009No
Mountaineering Photographs, BC — CLAYTON184384December, 2009No
British History Illustrated, Index185384December, 2009No
Cover Photographs186384December, 2009No
New Websites for British Columbia Research and Travel186384December, 2009No
Dawson Creek Ladies Curling Club Cookbook, BC187384December, 2009No
Genealogy Around BC—South Peace Roots Group189384December, 2009No
Salt Lake City—You Should Have Been There190384December, 2009No
The Granny Smith Story—Salt Lake City Success192384December, 2009No
BCGS Library Information195384December, 2009No
BCGS Meeting Dates, 2010195384December, 2009No
Sea Island Heritage Society 4391March, 2010No
BC Historical Federation Book Fair, May 2010 6391March, 2010No
BCGS Boutique Committee Report—2009 7391March, 2010No
Stephen P. Morse Seminar, March 28, 2010 8391March, 2010No
New BCGS Members 9391March, 2010No
In Memoriam—MIDDLETON, PETERS, SMITH 11391March, 2010No
BCGS Membership Report—2009 11391March, 2010No
2010—Canada’s Year of the British Home Child 12391March, 2010No
Association of Personal Historians 13391March, 2010No
Gleanings from the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 14391March, 2010No
ROBSON Tale 15391March, 2010No
The Our Family Roots Website 18391March, 2010No
BCGS Publications and Cemetery Committee Report—2009 20391March, 2010No
British History Illustrated—Index Continued22391March, 2010No
Genealogical Events & Activities 23391March, 2010No
Meet the Pioneers—ROBERTSON, TAYLOR 27391March, 2010No
Naturalization, New Westminster, BC, 1927—FLETCHER, HEDLAND, JOSOK, LAUMAILLET, NICOLA, ROBB, RYPDAL, STANOSKI 28391March, 2010No
BCGS Library & Resource Centre Report—2009 29391March, 2010No
New Acquisitions at the Walter Draycott Library 30391March, 2010No
BCGS Education Committee Report—2009 33391March, 2010No
BCGS 40th Anniversary Heritage Cookbook Project 34391March, 2010No
Canadian Army Staff, Washington, DC, USA, 1946 35391March, 2010No
Book Reviews 36391March, 2010No
Quesnel, BC - Hospital X-Ray Fund Contributors, 1924-1925 38391March, 2010No
Cariboo Observer On-line, 1908-1967 39391March, 2010No
Burials at Weekly, Northamptonshire, England—BROWNING, FLEXMAN39391March, 2010No
BCGS BC Research Committee Report—2009 40391March, 2010No
The Memory Project, Canada’s Stories of WW II 40391March, 2010No
Cover Photographs 41391March, 2010No
BCGS Hospitality Report—2009 41391March, 2010No
Fernie, BC, 1900—Volunteers for the BC Contingent to South Africa—ANNAND, CREE, GEE, HENDERSON, KASTNER, MACLENNAN, WARD, WILMOT 42391March, 2010No
BCGS Public Relations Committee Report—2009 44391March, 2010No
My 2010 Olympic Experience 4747392June, 2010No
First South Vancouver, BC Girl Guides 4949392June, 2010No
BCGS Walter Draycott Library—FamilySearch Affiliation 5151392June, 2010No
New BCGS Members 5252392June, 2010No
In Memoriam—CHEQUER, MAXWELL, NICHOLSON 5555392June, 2010No
Westminster Abbey Registers—BAGNALL, BRUCE, DOBBS, WILLETT56392June, 2010No
Gleanings from the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 5757392June, 2010No
The Tramp Who Keeps A Diary—MILLER, SLINGER, WILLISTON59392June, 2010No
Queries—CORKILL, HANEY 61392June, 2010No
An Up To Date Campaign, Prince Rupert, 1910—STORK 61392June, 2010No
The Many Names of Isabel DUETT LORING 62392June, 2010No
Resources for Singapore Genealogy 64392June, 2010No
Genealogical Events & Activities 66392June, 2010No
BCGS 40th Anniversary Heritage Cookbook Project 67392June, 2010No
BCGS European Group Facilitator 67392June, 2010No
BCGS Education 68392June, 2010No
Ninth Folk Festival, Vancouver, 1941 70392June, 2010No
BCGS Walter Draycott Library Open House & Library Week 72392June, 2010No
New Acquisitions at the Walter Draycott Library 73392June, 2010No
Death in Northamptonshire, 1780—BUTLIN, DUNN 76392June, 2010No
BCGS Members E-mail List 77392June, 2010No
Skiers Fabricate Best Cakes, Vancouver, 1930—CASTILLOU, DEFLEUX, GRIMMER, LESLIE, MANSELL, MANLEY,POOLE, REED, SMITH, WATSON, WUNACH 77392June, 2010No
Famous Names in the Family—COURTENAY 78392June, 2010No
Correction 78392June, 2010No
Book Reviews 79392June, 2010No
Letters Held, Victoria, 1884 80392June, 2010No
Deserters & Stowaways, Vancouver, 1900 81392June, 2010No
Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver 83392June, 2010No
Cover Photographs 84392June, 2010No
British History Illustrated Index 85392June, 2010No
Wedding Postcard—HUNTER and WALL 86392June, 2010No
Cover Photographs 87392June, 2010No
The Scottish Experience—BCGS 2010 Tour 90393September, 2010No
BCGS Heritage Recipe Book 97393September, 2010No
Honoured in Places, Mounties in BC 98393September, 2010No
Sunday Shooting Notice, Comox Valley, BC, 1898 100393September, 2010No
COOK Bay, and the COOK Creeks 101393September, 2010No
BC Books of Genealogical Interest 102393September, 2010No
New BCGS Members 103393September, 2010No
BCGS Boutique—Entertainment Books 103393September, 2010No
Gleanings from the BCGS Library 104393September, 2010No
Epitaph—John and Hannah TAYLOR, 1815 105393September, 2010No
Queries—HAIGH, Emigration - Yorkshire to Canada 106393September, 2010No
Schools of the Boundary—GILLIS, PITMAN 107393September, 2010No
John D. Reid Seminar, September 18, 2010 110393September, 2010No
BC Genealogical Events 111393September, 2010No
BCGS Volunteers Needed 112393September, 2010No
BCGS Education begins 113393September, 2010No
Tenth Folk Festival, Vancouver, 1942 115393September, 2010No
BCGS Walter Draycott Library 117393September, 2010No
New Acquisitions at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 118393September, 2010No
Canadian National Railway Baby, 1936 121393September, 2010No
Deaths of US Citizens, BC, 1862—EVES, FERRIS, HUTCH, SMITH122393September, 2010No
Cover Photographs 124393September, 2010No
Perfection Lodge, No. 75, (Masons), New Westminster, BC, 1962125393September, 2010No
Book Reviews 126393September, 2010No
Meet the BC Pioneers—BUTTON, SIMPSON 128393September, 2010No
British History Illustrated Index 130393September, 2010No
BCGS Renewals 132393September, 2010No
BC War Memorials 133393September, 2010No
Little Budapest Restaurant, Vancouver—Merry Christmas and Happy New Year137394December, 2010No
BCGS AGM Notice and Nominations 138394December, 2010No
BCGS 2010 Most Improved Genealogy Contest 139394December, 2010No
Edgar and Ethel—BJERKEG, BLANKENSHIP, BROCKMAN, POWELLl139394December, 2010No
Thirteen Loyalists and Four Generations of Descendants—DELL, FOUNTAIN 147394December, 2010No
Searching for Great Uncle Willy and Cousin Gerald 151394December, 2010No
The Beaver Magazine Index, part 1 154394December, 2010No
The Travelling Book Store 156394December, 2010No
BC Genealogical Events 158394December, 2010No
Vintage Family Pet Photos Needed 159394December, 2010No
BCGS Education begins 160394December, 2010No
Hillcrest Mine Explosion, 1914, Alberta 162394December, 2010No
BCGS Renewals 165394December, 2010No
Friends of the City of Vancouver Archives 166394December, 2010No
New Acquisitions at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 167394December, 2010No
Holiday and Snow Closures—BCGS Walter Draycott Library 169394December, 2010No
The Puzzled Census Man 170394December, 2010No
BC Books of Genealogical Interest 171394December, 2010No
Cover Photographs 172394December, 2010No
Year End Report Reminder, Committee Heads 172394December, 2010No
Gleanings from the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 173394December, 2010No
Salt Lake City Research Trip Report, 2010 175394December, 2010No
New BCGS Members 176394December, 2010No
In Memoriam—DAVIS, SVENDSEN 177394December, 2010No
BCGS Heritage Recipe Book—Deadline 178394December, 2010No
Colonists to Topolobampo, Mexico, 1894—BEHRENT, REDDING, WILLIAMS 178394December, 2010No
First Lutheran Church, Vancouver, BC—Baptisms, 1892-1895 179394December, 2010No
Documents Reunited With A Family—BRIDGES, RAULY, SLIDDERS, STENHOUSE, STEVENS 4401March, 2011No
BCGS Scandinavian Group 6401March, 2011No
BCGS Presidents, 1971-2011 7401March, 2011No
Vancouver, BC Post Office War Memorial Plaque 8401March, 2011No
BC Rolls of Honour, World War I—from The Gold Stripe 12401March, 2011No
Langley, BC War Memorials 14401March, 2011No
Carved in Oak— New Book, East Anglia, England 22401March, 2011No
Yearbooks & Annuals, BCGS Walter Draycott Library 23401March, 2011No
BC Research Report, 2010 24401March, 2011No
Vancouver Leatherworkers Union, 1903—BRAYNE, CARL, CASSELMAN, GLOVER, JACKSON, LENNOX, LITTLE, SHEEDY 24401March, 2011No
Genealogical Events, BC & Beyond 25-26401March, 2011No
BCGS Education 27-28401March, 2011No
Book Reviews29401March, 2011No
BCGS Publication-Cemetery Committee Report, 2010 31401March, 2011No
New Acquisitions at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 34401March, 2011No
Editor’s Note 35401March, 2011No
BCGS Hospitality Report, 2010 36401March, 2011No
BCGS Book Sale, Christmas Social, 2010 36401March, 2011No
BCGS Archives Report, 2010 37401March, 2011No
BCGS Boutique Report, 2010 38401March, 2011No
Gleanings from the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 40401March, 2011No
BCGS Walter Draycott Library Report, 2010 42401March, 2011No
New BCGS Members 44401March, 2011No
BCGS Mail Co-ordinators, 1971-2011 45401March, 2011No
Cover Photographs—BEWS, Revelstoke, BC 46401March, 2011No
BCGS Heritage Recipe Book 46401March, 2011No
For The Bite Of A Mad Dog—GLEAVE, Cheshire, England 47401March, 2011No
Vancouver Pioneer Society, Founding Members, 1894 51402June, 2011No
Vancouver Old-Timers Association 53402June, 2011No
Henry Metcalfe TOMPSON—From Cambridge to BC, 1898 55402June, 2011No
BCGS Library Administrators, 1971-2011 58402June, 2011No
Vancouver’s Coat of Arms Artist, James BLOMFIELD 59402June, 2011No
Vancouver 6-Yr Olds—FITZSIMMONS, SAKARIASSEN 60402June, 2011No
Vancouver Women’s Auxiliary, Pioneer Association of Vancouver 61402June, 2011No
Summer Reading 62402June, 2011No
BC Musical Competition, Vancouver, 1930 63402June, 2011No
Vancouver: A Brief Guide to Genealogical Sources65402June, 2011No
Before Books—Early Days at the Walter Draycott Library 69402June, 2011No
From the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 70402June, 2011No
BCGS Library Week, July 17-23, 2011 71402June, 2011No
Genealogical Events 72-73402June, 2011No
BCGS Education 74-75402June, 2011No
Book Reviews 76402June, 2011No
Burial, 1726, Northamptonshire, England—COLES 77402June, 2011No
The Cemetery Seekers of the North Peace 78402June, 2011No
Editor’s Note 79402June, 2011No
Best of British Columbia History Contest 80402June, 2011No
New Acquisitions at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 81402June, 2011No
What Are The Chances—MCINNIS, MCLEAN 83402June, 2011No
Cover Photographs 84402June, 2011No
Boeing Beam—Where Are They?? 85402June, 2011No
Who’s Who in Genealogy at Local Libraries 86402June, 2011No
Gleanings from the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 87402June, 2011No
Genealogy Anagram Contest 90402June, 2011No
New BCGS Members 91402June, 2011No
In Memoriam—HALL 92402June, 2011No
BCGS Members’ Surname Interests and Queries 92402June, 2011No
BCGS Education Report—2010 93402June, 2011No
Vancouver, Canada’s Evergreen Playground, 1947—MEYERS 98403September, 2011No
Honor Roll, First Congregational Church, Vancouver, 1917 100403September, 2011No
BCGS Family History Book Awards, 2010 102403September, 2011No
BCGS T-shirt Logos, 1980s 104403September, 2011No
Postcards and Genealogy 105403September, 2011No
BCGS Library—New journals, FamilySearch films 109403September, 2011No
In Loving Memory, Walter Gilbert WHALLEY, 1918 110403September, 2011No
BCGS 2012 Renewals 111403September, 2011No
The Beaver Index Continued 112403September, 2011No
Bench Memorial Plaques—New BCGS Project 116403September, 2011No
Genealogical Events 117-118403September, 2011No
Entertainment Books—BCGS Fundraiser 118403September, 2011No
BCGS Education 119-120403September, 2011No
Book Reviews 121403September, 2011No
BCGS Book Review Co-ordinators 122403September, 2011No
New Acquisitions at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 123403September, 2011No
FREEMAN, Northamptonshire, 1814 125403September, 2011No
BCGS Library Week, 2011 126403September, 2011No
Genealogy Webinars 127403September, 2011No
Gleanings from the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 128403September, 2011No
New BCGS Members 132403September, 2011No
BCGS Members’ Interest Updates 133403September, 2011No
In Memoriam—BEHNISH 134403September, 2011No
Cover Photographs—Vancouver, BC 134403September, 2011No
First 100 New Red Cross Members, Vancouver, 1917 135403September, 2011No
Puzzling 137403September, 2011No
Genealogy in the Classroom 137403September, 2011No
Greetings at Xmas, 1916—DARLING, HONDA 141404December, 2011No
BCGS AGM & Nominations, 2012 142404December, 2011No
Remembering Harry, James and Archie—MACKENZIE, MACDONALD, KIRKWOOD 143404December, 2011No
BCGS Walter Draycott Library Snow & Holiday Closures 150404December, 2011No
BCGS Salt Lake City Trekkers, 2011 151404December, 2011No
BCGS Family History Book Awards, 2012 154404December, 2011No
The Beaver Index Continued 155404December, 2011No
Reminder to BCGS Committee Heads 156404December, 2011No
Queries—ANDREASSEN, JOHNSSON, MOQUIST 157404December, 2011No
Printing Large Descendent Charts 158404December, 2011No
BC Books of Genealogical Interest 159404December, 2011No
Genealogical Events 160404December, 2011No
BCGS Education 164404December, 2011No
Book Reviews 164404December, 2011No
Editor’s Note 165404December, 2011No
New Acquisitions at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 166404December, 2011No
Friday 13th...Day Not Unlucky For Local CPR Employees, 1931 168404December, 2011No
BCGS’s Most Improved Genealogists, 2004-2010 169404December, 2011No
Breaking News—Ancestry LE—BCGS Walter Draycott Library 170404December, 2011No
Gleanings from the BCGS Walter Draycott Library171404December, 2011No
New BCGS Members 174404December, 2011No
In Memoriam—BROWN, CAVE-BROWN-CAVE, TODHUNTER 175404December, 2011No
Cover Photographs 175404December, 2011No
David Porter’s Comrades, SS Tunisian, 1902 176404December, 2011No
BCGS Membership Renewals 181404December, 2011No
BCGS Most Improved Genealogists—20114411March, 2012No
The Story of the Pictures—CLAY, HANEY, HOLT, ROWLAND4411March, 2012No
Who will you be looking for in the 1940 US Census?11411March, 2012No
A Jamaican Family Adventure—WEBB12411March, 2012No
My Relatives in New York (that I Didn’t Know I had!)—JONES, HUNTER19411March, 2012No
My Loyalist Ancestors—CANBY, FOWLER, HATHEWAY, RULOFSON21411March, 2012No
BCGS Seminar with Dave Obee22411March, 2012No
Genealogical Events 23-24411March, 2012No
BCGS Education25-26411March, 2012No
Book Reviews 27411March, 2012No
BCGS Boutique Report—2011 28411March, 2012No
New Acquisitions at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 29411March, 2012No
1903 Sointula Relief Fund Contributors 31411March, 2012No
BCGS BC Research Report—2011 32411March, 2012No
A Ring Lost 32411March, 2012No
BCGS Public Relations Committee Report—2011 33411March, 2012No
New Website—West Vancouver History 33411March, 2012No
Gleanings from the BCGS Walter Draycott Library 34411March, 2012No
BCGS Membership Report—2011 36411March, 2012No
Burnaby Heritage Schools36411March, 2012No
New BCGS Members 37411March, 2012No
BCGS Members’ Interests 38411March, 2012No
Cover Photographs—POCOCK, TUCKEY 39411March, 2012No
BCGS Website Report—2011 39411March, 2012No
BCGS Walter Draycott Library Report—2011 40411March, 2012No
Genealogy on Facebook 40411March, 2012No
Penny’s Recommendations for Scanning Slides 41411March, 2012No
BCGS Hospitality Report—2011 42411March, 2012No
Queries—EASTON, GARDNER 42411March, 2012No
BCGS Publications—Cemetery Committee Report—2011 43411March, 2012No


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