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BCGS School Photo Identification Project

If you can identify anyone in these photographs, or if you have a photo to add, please contact the BCGS webmaster: These photographs are being published in our journal, The British Columbia Genealogist and with permission from those involved we will be adding them here and updating the information given.

Click on the photos to see larger versions.

Columbia College - graduation class 1903

Jenny Geraldine Violet LATHAM, a graduate of Columbia College (in photo, at left, wearing high-collared black dress). Photograph property of Janet WHITE: Columbia College Graduation Class 1902-03.

McKenzie School - Vancouver - 1926-7

Alexander McKenzie School, 1926-27 The iittle boy in the center, front row, is believed to be David Joseph Rogers, He died in October, 1927.

1901 BC Census Search

BCGS members and volunteer groups have indexed the 1901 census for British Columbia. Watch for a new version of this index on-line soon, along with an abbreviations index for the 1901 census, especially for British Columbia.  A brief explanation of the BCGS 1901 indexing project and a list of the volunteers is on this BCGS Special Projects page.

The 1901 BC census is searchable on-line by surname, given name and birth year,  The full 1901 BC Census Index is available at the BCGS Walter Draycott Library or through the BC Research Committee. The BCGS is pleased to partner with other projects, for example, the vi History website uses this index on its site which focuses on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, .

Vancouver, BC, Canada: A Brief Guide to  Genealogy Research Sources

This guide, originally published in the June 2011 issue of The British Columbia Genealogist, has been revised and updated to include links to many useful sources for Vancouver genealogy and family history research.

Victoria BC Canada: A Brief Guide to Genealogy Reearch Sources

This guide, a revised version of an article from The British Columbia Genealogist, June 2012, includes links to many on-line sources for Victoria BC family history research. .

Victoria, British Columbia Naturalization Index, 1859 –

British Columbia Naturalization documents from the British Columbia Archives are now digitized and available free at for both the Victoria and Cranbrook County Courts, 1859-1926.  This BCGS index is an on-going project for the Victoria Court records which begin with Oaths of Allegiance signed in 1859.

The BC Archives has names of individuals already on-line from the Cranbrook records and FamilySearch has digitized the official Cranbrook index book.

This link goes to the Victoria and Cranbrook County Court digitized naturalization records at 

This link goes to the BC Archives search page if you would like to search for a Cranbrook name in the Cranbrook naturalization applications 1905-1923.

REAYCharles Henry185910
GATSTERAnton Christian August185916
FREEMANThomas Palmer185922
HOBBSGeorge Washington185931
GIBBSMifflin Wistar185937
HANDYJoshua Bridge185940
AUGUSTAFrederick Salinferro185958
SHARPCharles Henry185964
MATTHEWSGeorge Henry185967
MCNEILLWilliam Henry185970
DUNLOPJohn Thomas186082
MURPHYLorenzo Valintine186085
ISAACSWilliam 186088
VAN ALLMENJohn Caspar186091
DOLHOLTJohn 186094
GRAHAMEJames A.1860100
LANGLEYJames 1860107
LEWISLoren Perry1860110
STEPHENSJames A.1860119
GARDNERWilliam 1860122
UPSHAWJohn 1860125
MONETMathias Frederick1860128
WHITE William Charles1861131
RICHARDSAdolph Calamandus1861134
CHRISTOPHER Augustus1861137
PERRIN James 1861140
DEASJohn Sullivan1861143
BARTONJohn William1861149
ANTHONYJohn 1861152
WILLIAMSWilliam 1861155
LEWISJohn Christmas1861161
SCOTTWilliam Alexander?1861164
DYERWilliam Henry1861167
BROWNHenry Holley1861170
TOLESONSeth Bennet1861181
SCOTTCharles Humphrey1861187
MOSSCharles 1861190
MILLERWilliam 1861193
RICHARD Fortune1861196
BROWNWilliam 1861205
JOHNSONIsaac Briton1861208
BESSELLENCharles Kelly1861214
ANDERSONGeorge Henry1861217

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