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Geoff Doherty

The British Columbia Genealogical Society’s May 31, 2014 all day seminar with  speakers from England and Australia –  Audrey Collins from England and Geoff and Marg Doherty from Australia – was a great success.

Watch for news of our 2015 Seminar soon.

Topics were:

  • The National Archives of the UK – Audrey Collins. Researching English and Welsh records from a distance, including those records for Scotland and Ireland held at the National Archives
  • The London Gazette – Audrey Collins. What is the value of this resource, and how to access from a distance.
  • Finding Your Australian Cousins –Geoff Doherty. A Guide to Online Sources that can assist. Not all your ancestor’s brothers and sisters came to Canada and the USA with them. Some went to places like Australia maybe because they wanted to, but many came unwillingly, but with a free ticket from the Government, as Convicts. However they got to Australia, they mostly all stayed, because it is a hard place to get to anywhere else from, and had many descendants. This talk will highlight online Australian sources at both National and State level that can help you find your missing ‘Cousins’.

Audrey Collins from London, England, has been a Family History Records Specialist at The National Archives United Kingdom (TNA) since 2002.  She’s Scottish and has been researching her own family for 20 years, but she’s an expert at English genealogy research – and she’s an engaging speaker.  Have a look at The Family Recorder, Audrey Collin’s own website:

Geoff and Marg Doherty are from Brisbane, Australia. Geoff is a retired, mature-age student, who ‘found’ family history when he married Margaret 20 years ago. She also found the flyer that began his university studies, which are now progressing towards completing a PhD. So blame her. Geoff is a member of the Australian Historical Association, the Professional Historians Association Queensland and the Genealogical Society of Queensland. As a social historian he is interested not just in the significant dates attached to a person’s life, but the whys and wherefores that made them take the actions and decisions they did. His interests mainly centre on Military, Family and Convict social history.

Questions about 2015 Seminar? Please e-mail Eunice Robinson, BCGS Education Chair: or call 604 596 2811.

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  1. Hi, I am a member of BCGS. I see that the seminar registration is now closed. Does that mean there are no more seats available


    June Gauntley #5012

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