The British Columbia Genealogist

Cover of the first British Columbia Genealogical Society journal, 1971

The first issue of the then unnamed, The British Columbia Genealogist, Volume 1, #1, 1971.

THE BRITISH COLUMBIA GENEALOGIST, the quarterly journal of the British Columbia Genealogical Society, is published in March, June, September and December each year and distributed to members, libraries and archives and to the many genealogical societies which exchange journals with the BCGS.

Articles are welcomed on a great variety of topics from personal worldwide family research to how to tips and website reviews. News, articles and ideas related to family history research in British Columbia are always welcome.. The British Columbia Genealogist regularly includes book reviews, news about affiliate societies and about the BCGS Walter Draycott Library, members’ surname interests and more. See below for Submission Guidelines.

2018 Editorial Deadlines: Feb 19, May 14, August 13, Nov 12

Coming up in 2018 – articles relating to the Centenary of World War I and the 1918 ‘Spanish Flu’ pandemic.

The June 2017 issue featured WW I related articles, including those related to Vimy.

The September 2017 issue featured articles and research relating to 1867 (anywhere) and to Canada’s 150th anniversary.

December 2016 featured members’ articles on the topic – My Ancestor Was A _________

Special features in the past have included articles for the anniversaries of both the cities of Vancouver (June 2011) and Victoria (June 2012) and for British Columbia’s 150th anniversary (June and September 2008) and for the Centenary of World War I (September and December 2014).

FEATURED OFTEN : Military related articles (September/December issues).
Cover of The British Columbia Genealogist, June 2011


The British Columbia Genealogist has indexes and Tables of Content from 1971. If you are interested in a copy of an issue or an article, please contact the BCGS BC Research Committee if you know the issue needed or the BCGS Editor if you need a search. Copies of article pages are $1.00 each.


BCGS members may submit research queries free for publication in The British Columbia Genealogist. Research queries from non-members may be printed for a charge of $5.00 each. Payment may be paid with PayPal below or mailed c/o the Editor to the BCGS. Please e-mail or mail the query copy or any questions about queries to the BCGS Editor:

Please enter main surname


Articles and queries for publication may be submitted in legibly handwritten, typewritten or computer formats, Word or Open Office preferred. Please contact the Editor regarding other compatible files. Please include a suggested title and send illustrations (separately, if by e-mail) along with suggested captions. Do not send originals. (If you need assistance with scanning, contact the BCGS Editor.) If sending a .pdf file, please forward the same copy in Word or Open Office or consult the Editor.

Always include a cover letter or e-mail with your name, mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address, if applicable. And, please send a brief biography of yourself for use in the journal or for promotional purposes.

The Editor will be happy to review ideas for articles and to discuss topic suitability, format and any copyright or licensing issues. A style guide is available. Copies of manuscripts and files used remain the property of The British Columbia Genealogist.

Contents of The British Columbia Genealogist may not be reprinted without permission.

2018 –

2018 themes will include World War I and the Spanish Flu.

Future issue themes are being considered, including ‘Women’ and ‘Men’ (occupations, voting, organizations, etc.); Occupations; Brickwall Ancestors; Candy and other Sweets (bakers, confectioners, banquets) and Canada – USA Connections. Themes need not be all about BC. If you have material relating to any of these topics, or would like to submit another idea for a theme, please contact the Editor.

2018 Editorial Deadlines: Feb 19, May 14, August 13, Nov 12


We welcome the opportunity to review publications on topics that would be of interest to our members. For a glimpse of past reviews, please see our Recent Reviews page.

Please send review correspondence and publications c/o the BCGS Book Review Co-ordinator to the BCGS mailing address below.


Advertising pertaining to genealogy is eligible for inclusion in The British Columbia Genealogist. Advertising rates are as follows:

Classified advertisements – maximum 25 words (not including name & address), each insertion $4.00, each additional word $0.25.

Block advertisements – black & white only
1/4 page (approximately 12.5 cm. by 3.75 cm.)         $12.00
1/2 page (approximately 12.5 cm. by 9.50 cm.)         $22.00
Full page (approximately 12.5 cm. by 20.0 cm.)        $38.00
Rates are reduced by 15% for four consecutive insertions without changes.

BCGS AD CARD 2017-18  (Save or print .pdf).


Please address all correspondence, articles and advertising inquiries or submissions to The Editor, The British Columbia Genealogist, Box 88054, Lansdowne Mall, Richmond, BC Canada, V6X 3T6 or to the Editor by e-mail:

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