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BCGS Catalogue - June 2018

wdt_ID Reference CallNumber Title Author Sub1 Sub2
1 CIRC 971.133 JOH Legend of Langley JOHNSON, Wellwood R. Langley, British Columbia, Canada - History Langley, British Columbia, Canada - Pioneers
2 CIRC 971.273 DAV Oakland Echoes DAVIDSON, Connie Oakland, Manitoba, Canada - History Manitoba - History Of Community
3 CIRC 974.6 TYL Connecticut Loyalists an Analysis of Loyalist Land Confiscations in Greenwich, Stamford and Norwich TYLER, John W Connecticut, United States - Land Records - Loyalists
4 CIRC 979.2 USO Utah Symphony Orchestra 1954 - 1955 Utah Symphony Orchestra - History
5 CIRC 920 MAC Memoir of Norman McLeod, D.D. MACLEOD, Rev. Donald McLeod, Norman - Biography
6 CIRC 971.133 UBC V28 1945 Totem - 1945, Volume 28 University of British Columbia, Students Yearbooks - University of British Columbia - 1945
7 CIRC 973 GOV PUB Guide to Genealogical Records in The National Archives COLKET, Meredith B.; BRIDGERS, Frank E. United States - Archives - Genealogical Records
8 CIRC 971.133 RHM C 3 A History of The Municipality of Richmond Richmond Museum & Historical Society Richmond, British Columbia, Canada - History
9 CIRC 942.57 GOS Fifield Merrymouth GOSHAWK, Evelyn Merrymouth, England - Church History
10 CIRC 929.2 SMI Dewitt Family SMITH, Vona; PELLETTIER, Carolyn Smith Dewitt Family - Genealogy
Reference CallNumber Title Author Sub1 Sub2